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Steps to cook with a child for therapy and development

Enjoy your fatherhood organizing cooking activities to create a bond with children
Dr. Anastasia Makratzi
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After taking this course you will be able to give realy value while you organize cooking and cook with children and students.
You will know why cooking with children can prevent Space and Time Disorder (STD)
You will know how to use cooking to prevent Space and Time Disorder (STD)
You will know how to use cooking for therapy of Space and Time Disorder (STD)
You will learn how to help your child to be effective and happy in everything he/she is doing

This course will give you the ability to organize cooking with your child/children or student/students.

You will learn the procedure which will transform cooking simple recipes in the home or as an activity in school in a real learning process.

You will learn all the benefits that cooking with children has.

Children will benefit from the ability, information and Knowledge that you will get from the course about the cooking procedure which you will be able to implement instantly.

You will be able to prepare with your child easy recipes like salads, cakes, cookies and other simple recipes, which are not presented in the course. Children will learn the way we think to prepare a meal. This contains a lot of higher thinking activities. The smell with the relationship with the father or mother or the adult who is cooking with them has a positive effect on the development of the brain and for space and time perception.

You will have in hands a tool to prevent and to heal Space and Time Disorder (STD).

Moreover, this course is giving an alternative view and is trying to fill a gap for the acquisition of knowledge.

As all of my courses, there is a lot of space for you to work with yourself.

This is also an ideal course for school administrators for teacher training and counselling centres for their faculty training and clients counselling.

Always think about safety when you cook with a child and do not allow to do something which is not safe for his /her age.

You have nothing to lose there is a money back guarantee.

My name is Anastasia Makratzi and I am a teacher, a counsellor, researcher and a reiki master therapist founder of the anthropocentric Self Communication and Relation approach. I have been working many years now on how to be in full functionality in our everyday life, and how to help our children to be happy, full functional persons, not to be afraid to work in order to accomplish their dreams, desires, and core needs. I have got a specialization (PhD) and I practice counselling and teaching for Space and Time Disorder (STD) prevention, identification and therapy. I also practice male counselling and I have created the Male Counselling Questionnaire, the S.core Questionnaire as well as the S.TeTest Test and specific intervention and online counselling programmes and seminars.

If you want to be in the course  but you cannot afford to pay ask for it with a message to me!

Even if only one person is going to  benefit from this course then it worths the effort.


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