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Stock Market For Beginners – How To Start Investing Today

Investing 101 : Learn The Essentials To Invest Successfully In The Stock Market. Invest With Confidence & Gain Freedom
Jari Roomer
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Be able to invest with confidence TODAY
Find out which investing strategy is perfect for YOU
Learn the top 7 mistakes that most beginning investors make
Learn everything that I wish someone told me when I started investing
Learn the (must-know) essential success principles of the stock market
Learn the do's and don'ts of the stock market (Which most beginners don't know)
Learn how to earn consistent profits in the stock market

Join over 765 students just like you who’re having massive success with Stock Market Investing, using this exact course (and learning to earn a profit right away)

Student Review: ‘I know absolutely zilch about the stock market. And I found this course to be the perfect introduction to it. I learned a lot without ever feeling overwhelmed with too much information. I found the instructor and his slides to be engaging and fun. Perfect first stock market course, IMHO’. – Carol Burns (5/5 Stars) 

Student Review: ‘Really easy to follow and learn from. I feel confident in my learnings. I feel like I CAN do this. I CAN invest wisely.’ – Des Fam (5/5 Stars)


So you want to start investing in the stock market? Great!

I know that starting in the stock market can be very overwhelming and challenging, especially if you go at it alone (I’ve been there myself..)

In the beginning, I just didn’t know where to begin..

When I started, I made mistakes after mistake, costing me thousands of dollars.

It took me years of frustration, hard work and dedication before I finally understood how to become a successful stock market investor.

In others words… I’ve learned the do’s and don’t of the stock market the hard way.

BUT, there’s a much easier way to learn investing.. A way that could’ve saved me thousands of dollars and A LOT of time – if only I wasn’t so stubborn to go at it alone..

If I just decided to learn from other experienced investors, who’ve already achieved what I wanted to achieve.

If I just decided to learn in a couple of hours what they’ve learned in a lifetime.. I would’ve had a much better start to my investing career.  

And that’s exactly the reason I created this course..

So that you can learn in just 2 hours, what I learned in years of investing.


Student Reviews: 

‘It’s very easy to follow and easy to understand.’ – Homanda Thomason

‘Jari taught all the basics, the material moved fast and was engaging. It was really easy to watch and learn in 1 or 2 sittings. He also give advice on finding a broker.’ – Catherine Forbes

‘I haven’t even finished this course yet and it has already taught me more than anything else I’ve used to learn in the past. I will definitely be telling everyone I can to use Udemy. Thank you.’ – Keron Siewdass


With the Stock Market For Beginners course… 

  • I want to give you the tools to get a successful start to your stock market journey.
  • I want to prevent you from making (easy-to-avoid) mistakes, losing thousands of dollars and getting demotivated.
  • I want you to know from day 1 what investment strategy is best for YOU
  • I want to give you the ‘secrets’ of reducing the risks of investing MASSIVELY

In other words..

I want you to learn all the essential lessons that I wish someone told me earlier, so that you can start investing successfully from day 1.


The Stock Market For Beginners course is designed in such a way that it covers EVERYTHING you need to know to get started investing.

From A-Z, we’ll go over the essentials in just 2 hours.

We’ll cover :

  • The basics of stocks
  • How to keep investing simple
  • What investment strategy is best for YOU
  • How to avoid the 7 most made investing mistakes
  • How you can get started investing as soon as possible (even as fast as today!)
  • How to earn a profit in the stock market, consistently 
  • How to reduce risks & avoid unnecessary mistakes
  • The different types of stocks (and which ones SHOULD be a part of your portfolio)
  • What the most successful investors (such as Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch) do to consistently earn a huge profit in the stock market
  • How you can automate your investments entirely (this is really the #1 hack of the wealthy)
  • The #1 secret that all billionaire investors know – and you should too. 

Furthermore, you’ll get : 

  • Support materials (2 Worksheets) 
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – So there is 0 risk involved 
  • The ability to ask me for investment advice or any other question 
  • Discount on my other investing courses

Are you ready to start your journey in the stock market? Enroll now! 

See you on the inside! 

Jari Roomer

Founder GetGo Investing


More Student Reviews: 

‘This is a very good course. I would recommend it to especially the beginners.’ – Xuam Lam

‘Very concise and easy to understand for a beginner like myself.’ – Lillian Williamson

‘The course is very informative! It’s easy to understand and follow along with. I would recommend this course!’ – Mahalia Logan

‘Course is great, easy to follow and understand. I will take more classes.’ – Sheila Basham


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Introduction To The Stock Market

What Are Stocks?
How To Make Money With Stocks
How Do Stock Prices Change?
Different Types of Stocks - Size
Different Types of Stocks - Industry & Sector
Different Types of Stocks - Defensive vs Cyclical
Different Stock Markets
The IPO Process

The Most Important Investment Advice Ever

The Most Important Investment Advice - Compound Interest
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Investing Strategies

Investing Strategy : Value Investing
Greatest Investors : Warren Buffett
Greatest Investors : Warren Buffett Part 2
Investing Strategy : Growth Investing
Greatest Investors : Phillip Fisher
Investing Strategy : GARP Investing
Greatest Investors : Peter Lynch
Investing Strategy : Passive Investing
Greatest Investors : John C. Bogle
Investing Strategy : My Own Investing Strategy
Weekly Free Money, Self-Development and Online Business Advice?

The Basics of Financial Statements

Introduction to Financial Statements
The Balance Sheet - Part 1
The Balance Sheet - Assets
The Balance Sheet - Liabilities and Owners Equity
The Balance Sheet - Recap
The Income Statement
The Income Statement - Part 2
The Income Statement - Recap
The Cash Flow Statement
The Cash Flow Statement - Part 2

Picking A Broker

Picking a Broker
Broker Review Guide

7 Investing Mistakes To Avoid

Mistake 1 : Having A Short-Term Focus
Mistake 2 : Not Looking at the Stock Valuation
Mistake 3 : Looking Too Often At Your Investment Portfolio
Mistake 4 : Selling Stocks at Low Prices
Mistake 5 : Buying Stocks at High Prices
Mistake 6 : Holding On To Losing Stocks
Mistake 7 : Selling Winning Stocks Too Soon

Last Investment Tips

How Much Money Should You Invest In The Stock Market?
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Must Have Resources For Stock Market Investors

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