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Stock Market from Scratch for Complete Beginners

The Complete Beginners Guide as to how You can Get Started with Stock Market and Invest Wisely
Jatin Taneja
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You would have good enough knowledge of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and other Investment alternatives
How Stock Market Works and how you can get Started in market
What is Fundamental and Technical analysis and why they are useful
You'll have a basic Know how of Evaluation of stocks.
Choosing a Right Broker.
You'll be able to know and understand about the jargon used by financial Media.
Different Financial Intermediaries and their Impact on the markets.
A bit about Growth and Value Investing
Learn about Different Types of Financial Instruments

Are you Interested in Stock market but don’t know where to start ?

You want to start Trading and Investing but don’t know about the very basic concepts and finding everything Strange, Complex and Irritating ?

Does Words like Fundamentals and Technical Indicators and Valuation seems a bit strange to you ?

Do you watch Business channels but don’t quite understand their Financial language and the Jargon used by Analysts and Anchors?

If your answer is YES to anyone then this course is exactly for you. This course is targeted at the Beginners who know nothing about the stock market but have an urge to know and learn exactly what it is from scratch. In this course you’re gonna learn about the very basics of Finance stuff and Stock Market. It will include all those topics which are necessary for a beginner to learn like –

Q) What is an Equity share ?

Q) What is Stock Market and how it works ?

Q) What are Stock Exchanges ?

Q) Different Investment Alternatives

Q) Basic Evaluation Approaches to analyze stocks

Q) What are Stock Brokers and how to choose them ?

Q) Different Financial Intermediaries and their Impact on Stock Market

Q) What are Regulating Agencies and their Functioning ?

After completing the course you will have good enough knowledge of all the above mentioned concepts and know various stuff about Finance and stock market which now seems complex and strange to you. I’ll be explaining each and everything in this course in the easiest and the best possible way keeping in mind the fact that you’re a beginner and don’t know a heck about Stock Market. Also I will be adding more stuff in the course and will regularly keep on updating with new tutorials so that you can take the maximum advantage out of the course.

Beginner Basics

Introduction to the Course

This Video is just an introduction to the course to give a brief overview about the course to the students.

What is an Investment and why it is Important for you?

This tutorial explains what is investment, inflation and why investment matters

Why Stocks can be good Investments ?*

This Tutorial explains the reasons as to why stocks are good investments.

What exactly stock exchange is ?

This Tutorial explains what a stock exchange is

how do stock exchanges make money?

This tutorial explains how do stock exchange makes money. what are the different sources of income for stock exchanges.

What is an Index ?

Describes about the index on stock exchange

Methodologies of Indexes

It explains about the different methodologies of Indices

A brief introduction of American stock Indices?

A Brief Overview of Top American Indices

What are Assets, Liabilities and Equity ?

This tutorial explains what are assets,liabilities and equity with the help of examples

what is an Equity share?

This tutorial describes what is an equity share, what are the reasons for buying equity share and why they are beneficial ?

What are some different Types of shares ?

It explains about six Different types of Equity shares

What is Debt instrument

This tutorial explains what is debt instrument and some examples

What is a Derivative ?

Explains what exactly derivatives are

What is a Mutual fund?

Explains the functioning of Mutual funds

Review of Section 1

Capital Markets and its functioning

What are Primary and secondary markets ?

A brief explanation of Primary and Capital Markets and what they do

Difference between Primary and Secondary Markets

This lecture tells difference between primary and secondary markets

What is an Initial Public Offer (IPO)?

explains about the different aspects of functioning of ipos

What are the different kinds of issues?

Explains about the different kind of issues a company makes in his lifetime

Why companies go public ?

What is the reason why exactly companies go public. this tutorial explains that stuff

What are Dividends ?

This tutorial explains what are dividends, what are some things to keep in mind while considering dividends and what are some important financial ratios related to dividends.

Why do company pay dividends ?

Why do companies think they need to pay dividends. this tutorial explains that

Financial Ratios about Dividends

explains about the financial ratios about dividend

What is a Stock split ?

explains the functioning of stock split

Why Companies Go for Stock Split ?

This tutorial explains why companies choose to go public

What is Bonus share ?

explains bonus share

Review of Section 2

Let me check what you have learned in Section 2

How to Evaluate Stocks

What are Financial statements?

gives a brief overview about financial statements

What causes stock prices to change?

gives reasons behind what causes stock prices to change

What is Fundamental Analysis ?

explains the technique of fundamental analysis

What is Technical Analysis ?

explains the technique of technical analysis

Main components of Technical Analysis
Assumptions of Technical Analysis
Fundamental Analysis Vs Technical analysis

What differences are in both the techniques

Value Investing?

What is value approach to investing

What is Growth investing?

What is growth approach to investing

How to Find a Growth Stock ?

This tutorial explains how you can find growth stocks

Value + Growth Combination - How to find Growth and Value Stock ?

A basic technique of finding growth and value stocks using screener

How to Use Google Finance Screener for finding growth and value stocks
Review of Section 3

All About Financial Intermediaries

What are Brokers and Brokerage Houses ?

Probably everything you need to know about brokers as a beginner

What are Different Types of Brokers ?

it explains different types of brokers

How to choose a Right Broker ?

How you can choose a right broker

A bit about Demat and Trading A/c

Explains what demat and trading account are

Advantages of Demat & Trading Account

It explains why demat and trading a/c are useful

Financial Intermediaries and How Trading takes place ?

Explanation as to what are financial intermediaries and how exactly trading takes place

Financial Regulation and Goals of Different Regulators ?

It explains about the financial regulation and some common goals of regulating agencies

Different Regulators of Financial Markets

tells about different regulators of financial markets

Why does Securities Markets need Regulating agencies ?

What is the need of regulating agencies

Review of Section 4

Essentials about Online Trading

What are Different Types of Orders - Part 1

It explains What are some different types of orders you place when trading

What are Different Types of Orders - Part 2

explains about different types of orders

Bid and Ask price ?

Explains what is bid and ask price

Basics of Online Trading Software ?

IT explains some essential basics you need to know about online trading

Review of Section 5

Finally -- Last but not the least

Stock Market Terminology

Explains a bunch of daily jargons used by business channels and financial media.

Mistakes a beginner should avoid

Explains most basic mistakes a beginner makes when starting out in the markets.

Things to Consider before investing or entering into stock market

Explains things you should consider before getting started with stock market

Some Challenges beginner Investors face when Getting Started ?

Explains most common challenges that a beginner investor faces and how to avoid them

The Only Stock Market Tools You Will Ever Need

Some Financial tools that you need to get started

Some Final tips for you

it gives tips for beginners as how to approach markts

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