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Stock Market Investing: Complete High-Profit Low-Risk Guide

Beat the Stock Market with low risk Stocks and Professional Investing Stocks Systems new to most Stock Market Investors
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The #1 Goal of this course is for you to learn to make money on your own in the USA Stock Market, doing it more profitably than 99% of Stock investors (including most professionals), and doing this by assuming as little risk as possible.
The #2 goal of this course is for you to master the Stock Market skills quickly so you can apply them in real life quickly, investing diligently.
How to consistently stay profitable with low risk investing the Stock Market
Gain Full confidence and understanding of your next Stock Market investment
Calculate your expected gains / losses for a given Stock investment
Understand Leverage and how to use it to your advantage when investing in the Stock Market
How to risk the least amount of money for maximum gains when investing in the Stock Market
Compare the various Investments in the Stock Market
Take control over your Stock Market investments and manage your own money
How to place an order to Buy or sell a Stock
Understand the main purpose of the Stock Market and how you can apply that knowledge to become a successful Stock Market investor
How to manage your investments like a Professional Stock Market Investor
Learn how to make several KEY financial calculations that will give you a leg up on your Stock Market investing future
Learn how to actually create Stock Market trade orders with your broker
Learn how to Invest in the Stock Market for Beginners and frustrated Experienced students.

Learn from a **Multi MILLION-DOLLAR** portfolio Stock Market Manager

Why are we all here? To make money investing in the Stock Market with stocks. We want to learn to put our hard-earned money to work by investing it and hopefully become millionaires one day (the sooner the better!). There’s no shame in saying what we want with stocks, after all the sole purpose of a person investing in the stock market is to make money. 

This is what course does: it teaches you about investing your money in the stock market in a way to maximize your profits by taking as little risk possible. Our course teaches you WHAT to do but also HOW to do it.    

We will be learning what to and how to invest in the USA Stock Market by using specialized kinds of ETFs (these trade in the stock market just like any other stock) that are not well known by most investors but we’ll use them in ways that make them one the most profitable and safest investments in the stock market – safer than any individual stock out there. That’s how investing should be.   


The #1 Goal of this course is for you to learn to make money on your own in the USA Stock Market, doing it more profitably than 99% of investors (including most professionals), and doing this by assuming as little risk as possible.   

The #2 goal of this stock market course is for you to MASTER the skills quickly so you can apply them in real life quickly, investing in stocks as soon as possible.   

And it doesn’t end there, this class covers so much more!   

There are many ways to make money in the stock market but we’ll teach you One way that is Easy to learn, fast to apply, and provides great and safe investing results relatively quickly.   

This is a PRACTICAL stock market investing course. While there’s still some theory and informational parts in this course, most of it is practical. We’re not trying to teach you how to pass a law exam or how to get a financial securities License, so most of that fluff knowledge is set aside. This is a course on how to invest in stocks and that means it’s a practical problem, not a theoretical one, investing requires real money, obviously.   

If you’re relatively new to investing, not just in general but also specifically investing in the stock market then this course is for you.   

If you’re the type of investor that has been investing in the Stock Market for a while. Here’s a word for you: I’ve been playing the Piano for 20 years and I’m still terrible at it. Sometimes, just because you’ve done something for a long time doesn’t mean you’re really good at it. If you’re an experienced stock market investor and you still can’t make money consistently when investing (and you’re looking at classes to learn more…), maybe it’s time to scratch what you know and start learning from the beginning, with an open mind, a new method to invest in stocks.   

Learn from us! With over 20 yrs of experience in the stock market and managing a Multi MILLION-DOLLAR stock portfolio, and some of us former securities license holders, we’re sure you’re going to find the class enlightening and entertaining, giving you the right tools and skills to invest successfully with confidence in the stock market. 

Together, we will walk you through the entire process, Step-by-Step.

Please take the class now.   

We appreciate 5-Star ratings!


How to Make the Most out of this Course

Quick advice on the order of sections and lectures you should follow to take this class as well as how to modify sound video size, etc, etc.

What is the Stock Market and Why Invest in it

We take a practical definition of what the stock market is. This is an explanation so you can understand what the market is and it's not just informational. 

If you really understand the basics of any system, you can then know what needs to be done to get the results you want.

You will also understand why the stock market is one of the best places to invest in.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Difficult question to answer because it is dependent on a lot of things, but we'll do our best to explain and show you how some of our investments fared.


Let's summarize what we have learned, make some critiques, and see where we are headed next.

Introduction Quiz

Test Your basic Knowledge!

Understanding The Main Tools


The first tool to understand is Leverage. We will see what leverage is and what it can do to your investments. In later sections, we'll see the various ways to get leverage and which way is the best for the results we want to achieve

Choosing the Correct Type of Security

There are many places we can invest our money in when it comes to things within the stock market. Let's discover the best one.

Portfolio Management

Investments change over time. Some of our investments go up in value and others lose value. What should we do with our portfolio (i.e. the sum of all of our investments) when the investments it contains move differently to each other?


Let's summarize what we have learned, make some critiques, and see where we are headed next.

QUIZ: Understanding The Main Tools

Let's make sure we really understood the main tools

Combining High Profits with Low Risk

High-Profit High-Risk Investments

In previous sections we learned about leverage and the best kind of investments. In this lecture, we'll find securities that combine the best of both worlds. The result is investments that can increase in value x10 within a few years but, can also be very, very Risky when bought in the wrong amount and at the wrong time.

Turning High Risk into Low Risk

Once we've found excellent investments, the problem is they are very risky. How do we make a lot of money without losing our shirts? We find the answer here.

When do you Sell/Buy?

The million dollar question! After learning from the other sections, now we can answer this important question.... Remember NOT to skip any sections!!


Let's summarize what we have learned, make some critiques, and see where we are headed next.

QUIZ: Combining High Profits with Low Risk

Now it's getting serious!

Putting it All Together (Real Life Example)

Selection of Assets

We get into a real life example and of course, the first thing is find out where we're going to be investing our money.

Collection of Data

Great, we found where think we're going to invest but now we need to collect all the data to help us make a better decision.

Analyze the Data

We've got the data, now it's time to crunch the numbers.... Don't think you can invest your money without doing calculations! If it'd be easy to invest without a single calculation everybody would be a millionaire...


And finally, we get to invest.

Bonus #1 - Making a Trade

How to Read a Stock Quote
How to Create a Buy/Sell Order with your Broker
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