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Storytelling for business – “The Scene Method”

The completely new 2018 method invented by me, to help you adapt world-class storytelling to your business.
Igor Orlicki
1,189 students enrolled
How to create stories for business, from beginning to the end.
How to use created stories to create a connection with the audience and by this build trust
Why storytelling is one of the best way to create branding strategy for your product or company
You will get to know plenty of cases where storytelling brought awesome results (like millions of views on Youtube)
You will know "The Scene Method" which will allow you to create business stories
It will give your company an edge because not many companies can handle storytelling well yet
You'll learn how to apply the method in one to one communication and you can also use it on stage

For a long period of time, I couldn’t really understand the value of why storytelling is important for your business. Now I know it is crucial to make your business in a way that allows your leads and customers to connect with your product and brand. 

Storytelling is still something that many companies do not take advantage of therefore by learning this skill you are putting yourself on leading edge of business.

The best like Nike, Apple, Pepsi use power of storytelling in their ads but also in different storytelling projects to get millions of views and give their brand a meaning. They stand for something that their stories represent, not only for their product. 

Implementing storytelling in your company might seem as an abstract idea at first, but that is why I took the time, done research and in the end created a logically structured method that you can use step by step to implement storytelling to your company – either for products or company strategy.
You can do it yourself or do only parts of it; however, knowing the method you will know what are the steps and incidents for powerful storytelling experience for your leads and customers.

The method I’ve created is called “The Scene Method” and it contains step by step formula of creating stories for ads, sales, branding and different business aspects. If you are interested, read more below.

Apply storytelling in your business in order to:

  1. Increase lead generation  better ads attract more views, more views, more leads
  2. Have more sales – more leads, equal more sales, using stories in your face to face communication, public speaking and other communication channels also increases the chances of sale
  3. Get more attention – your product brand can easily get more attention with good usage of stories

In order to make you understand better why The Scene Method product is right for you, consider these answers.

Why listen to this trainer

When I first wanted to understand the power of stories it wasn’t easiest because different sources provided only general ideas. What I wanted, what I needed was A-Z method that would show me how to create stories from scratch. How to create them easily. I needed a method that was comprehensive. I couldn’t really find such and that is why I created one. It is a result of research, learning and experience. I believe it is worth listening to me because I can save you a LOT of time if you consider applying storytelling methods to your business and I will also tell you HOW and WHY to do it.

Why is the product special

1. It is based on reverse engineering of stories that brought broadly understood success to companies. Either in sales, branding, marketing or strategy. 

2. It has a completely new method created by me, called “The Scene Method” which you will not find anywhere else on the web. Knowing it can give you a great advantage in applying storytelling to your business. 

3. I believe in simplicity, I wanted the program to be good for total beginners with the subject but also 

4. The product is full of examples and analysis. You will get not only a theory but also examples how to adapt it and how it was done to get great results.

Why I believe The Scene Method adds great deal of value

1. When I was creating it I wanted it to be comprehensive but also adaptable. So you can use parts of it to create a quick story in 2-3 minutes or you can spend days to polish your business story for the ads.

2. It consists of 5 parts and using all of them allows you to understand what can you do with the story, what options do you have, and also you will get a full structure to follow in creating plots for the story.

3, It can influence your business in a positive way which is my final goal here.

Is it right for you

I believe product can benefit mainly, but not only:

1. marketing teams – learn how to generate world-class video and text ads and of course get more leads. Have better, unique and attractive website content that is focused around story of your brand and company.

2. sales teams – generate more sales, more leads. Learn how to put your ideas out better-using stories. Learn to connect better-using stories. Learn how to tell about your product using storytelling that doesn’t sound like you are selling!

3. branding teams – you will learn how to connect the power of the brand with stories. In the program, you’ll get practical advice how to add stories and increase brand exposure.  

4. directors, CEO, COO, CMO, company owners and strategists – after the program you’ll get to know how to incorporate storytelling into your companies strategy and how you can benefit out of that. Connecting with customers, creating lasting relations with them. How to increase sales look from the strategic point of view. 

Introduction to storytelling in business

Program1- Intro

How to get 22 million views on YT with single add? Interested? We will talk about it in the program.

What are the structures that even a beginner can use to implement storytelling.

Who is this for?

- entrepreneurs, salesman, marketing people or people who want to understand power of storytelling for their purposes. Understand them and show them your perspective on their challenges.

- do you need to be super open person to use stories? Nope. You can be on point with your stories and they do not have to be long.

- bloggers searching for ways to promote their blog.

- do you need skills like video creation to do storytelling adds? Nope. You can understand the basics of the story you want to create and pay someone do it for you.

- you can use it in videos, in 1-1 conversation, public speaking, strategizing branding strategy, creating script ideas for ads. It is up to you how much you will want to do on your own.

Program2 - Power Of Storytelling

“People want to work for their meal, you just have to not make them know their are doing it.”

Andrew Stanton (one of the Toy Story script creators)

program3 - What is storytelling

Why have a process? Why not tell straight out?

The process sometimes allows us to get information through better and also get to the ppl who better with images than logic facts. / Story without the process becomes an information or fact in some cases.

Pprogram4 - The art of storytelling

The same story, said by the same person, but with different energy / or different skill level will be different.

Program5 - Sources of the stories

Sample source of stories:

- they can be rooted in your experiences (having story journal really helps)

- they can be amazing / cool / funny ideas you read about, heard about, created in your imagination that you want to share. In such case make it obvious to a reader that is not on facts. Congruence and honesty is a real deal.

More in the video.

program6 - Monomyth

It is a common storytelling structure taken from Joseph Cambell “Here with thousand faces”.

It shows heroes journey through the story and what is common to many stories throughout the ages.

Joseph Campbell defined a classic sequence of actions that are found in many stories. It is also known as the Monomyth, a term Campbell coined from James Joyce's Finnigan's Wake.

New storytelling structure - The Scene Method

Program7 - The Scene Method intro
Program8 - The Scene Method example
Program9 - The Scene Method - goal
Program10 - The Scene Method choose a story
Program11 - The scene method plot
Program12 - The scene method - scene montage
Program13 - The scene method - scene calibration
Program14 - The scene method - summary

Storytelling and sales

Program15 - Adapting stories to sales
Program16 - Example sales adaptation
program17 - Example sales adaptation II

Storytelling and ads

program18 - Storytelling in video ads
program19 - Storytelling in video ads 2 cases
Program20 - Storytelling in video ads 3 more cases
Program21 - Storytelling in video ads 4 more cases
Program22 - Creating ad from scratch using all the information

Storytelling in branding and business strategy

Program23 - Using storytelling in branding
program24 - Connect storytelling to branding
Program25 - Storytelling in branding - 6 cases

Uncle Drew | Chapter 1 | Pepsi Max https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DnKOc6FISU&list=PLXEP0qousrR1n4J9-0hLIagtWMqyvmi0t

Think differently ad campaign https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Think_different

Releasing first iPhone 2007 https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=831&v=wGoM_wVrwng

Allegro - Polish biggest auction portal (similar to ebay) https://www.youtube.com/user/AllegroTV

Ikea - they do their best to ad story to their products https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZKweYqjSlQT-AaimKOAgDyP-_H8Fmedc

Redbull  https://www.redbull.tv/ 

Nike - They easily tell stories about people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvev1Bjx6oA

Ending & Bonus

Program26 - Outro & ethics of usage
Program27 (bonus) - Using storytelling in daily life
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