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Success Mastery: 7 Steps To Live An Extraordinary Life

Learn How to Live a Successful Life, Achieve Your Goals, and Live Your Dream
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Find your purpose in life
How to find passion in everything you do
Conduct your life in the direction of your choosing
How to generate tangible goals
Discover your "why" or the reason you get up in the morning
Steps to identifying goals that align with your true desires
Creating goals that both empower and scare you
How to effectively organize your goals
Develop a winning mindset
What steps you need to take to live the life you imagine
Learn the 3 keys to an extraordinary mind
Everyday tips to optimize your time
How to map out your dream life
Find out how to learn the result of 30+ years of research in one week
How to develop a vision that is clear and deliverable
Create meaningful short, medium, and long term goals
Learn simple steps to increase your value everyday
Understand the 10 habits designed to bring success into your life
Find the best qualities of your role-model and know how to implement them
Challenge your current goals and dreams
How to make your dream life come true

The principle of success can be broken down into 7 key steps. As you learn and begin to use each of the 7 steps, you will find your purpose, understand how to achieve your dreams, and have the ability to live an extraordinary life.

This 7-step course takes you through the discovery of your purpose and true desires. It then details the necessary steps to ensure that you are traveling down the right path toward living your dream. Each step has a different theme on the chronological building of your life. With each lecture, there is an accompanying “Success Worksheet,” that is designed to have you reflect on your current state and the changes necessary to help you achieve your goals. Through employing these worksheets, students will be creating tangible goals to further their personal development.



In this introduction, you will learn what this course is about and why it will help to bring you extraordinary success!

Step 1 - "Your Why"

Step 1a - Find Your Why

In this step, you will discover your purpose and the "why" for everything you do. Who are you fighting for and what are you living for?

Step 1b - Challenge Your Why

You will learn how to challenge your purpose and "why" in a very meaningful way. What larger cause do you truly want to support?

Step 2 - "Your Dreams"

Step 2a - Your Dream Life

Map out your dream life. Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

Step 2b - The Dream Map

Now that your have your dream live imagined, create a visual map of this life. How do you map out your dream so that it excites you?

Step 3 - "Success Goals"

Step 3a - Identify Your Goals

In this step, you will increase your ability to identify your goals. What are your short-term and long-term goals right now? Have you identified what you want?

Step 3b - Challenge Your Goals

Do your goals excite you? Do those goals also scare you because you have no idea how to achieve them? In this step, learn what it means to create goals that are bigger than you imagined possible.

Step 4 - "Achievement"

Step 4a - Achieve Your Goals

Take the steps necessary to begin acting on your desires and achieving your goals

Step 4b - Achieving Your Dreams

The culmination of your various goals eventually make up your dream. In this lecture learn about taking the steps towards achieving that dream life you have already constructed. 

Step 5 - "Mindset"

Step 5a - Creating the Extraordinary Mindset

What does it take to create an extraordinary mindset? Why is this mindset important for you to achieve huge success?

Step 5b - Adding the Vision Mindset

The most successful people in the world create a vision of their future. In this step, you will learn how to add a "vision mindset" to your "extraordinary mindset."

Step 6 - "Success Habits"

Step 6a - Create Success Habits 1-5

Not all habits have to be bad habits. It is time to replace those bad habits with
the first 5 installments of the 10 habits for success.

Step 6b - Create Success Habits 6-10

Round out this discussion with the final 5 success habits.

Step 7 - "Decision"

Step 7a - Decide To Win or To Lose

Act on everything you've learned. You will make the clear decision to win in your current and future endeavors.

Step 7b - Decide To Love The Process

Learn to enjoy this process of creating an extraordinary life!

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