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Tantra Mastery 2: Conscious Love & Sex, Massages, Techniques

The physical part of Tantra. Learn about Tantric sex & massages and much more. Open hearts needed! Tantra is about love!
Adelka Skotak
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You will be self aware in the bedroom, fully respecting yourself
You'll understand why women and men are so different when it comes to certain things - all via Yin and Yang energy explanation
You'll connect your sexuality with not only your head but also your heart which is essential to achieve the most amazing feelings
You'll be able to perform the Present touch on people which can do magic by itself. Present touch can alone evoke orgasmic feelings.
You'll be able to perform tips and tricks that spice up the foreplay
You'll be able to perform sexual positions that wake up the root basic chakra that gets you connected
You'll be able to perform techniques for higher sensitivity especially for women (women can perform some of them alone too) which will guarantee amazing feelings and no boredom in the bed because both will love it
You'll learn how to truly accept the phase of life of just mindless freaking, gracefully and aware
You'll be able to perform Yoni mapping
In general you will get comfortable in the bedroom since you will have some knowledge thanks to which you know it will be good - releasing this stress element will give you confidence and you will therefor enjoy yourself more

The long awaited Tantra Course Part 2 is here! 

Ever wondered what are those secrets of Tantra love making and Tantra massages? All of it and way more you will find in this course. 

This course is packed with practical information – no useless empty information, real practical techniques and movements you can do and wake up not only your but also your partners body to the fullest. 

In this course we (full of awareness and love) will look at some of the basic explanations of Yin and Yang energies so you understand the way of thinking and being of your woman/man. We will move onto the technique called Present touch which if you master can itself evoke orgasmic feelings or at least unbearable shivers. 

This course also contains descriptions of positions to wake up the basic root chakra called Muladhara which will help you to connect with your natural essence. This course is also packed with techniques for higher sensitivity of the woman so you never have problem of making her feel good. You will just always know what to do! And for you women if you struggle with sensitivity these are the things you can also do yourself! 

This course will also teach you How to perform full Lingam and Yoni Tantra massage on your partner and MUCH MUCH MORE. 

If you ever wanted to learn something more about or sexuality, if you ever wanted to be really comfortable in this area then stop reading this description and finally get to the course. No point in waiting. You know this is good. 

IMPORTANT: Watch the Part 1 of the Tantric course – right mind set is for this course REQUIRED! 



Lost in Gran Canaria but shooting for you guys anyway! Welcome to the Tantric course Part 2! The Physical Part. Here we will talk about Tantric love making, positions to wake up root chakra and get you connected, Tantra massages and Yoni mapping, Yin & Yang energies and techniques for higher sensitivity. Don't forget to watch Part 1! It is essential. 

The Physical Self

The Physical Self - Self awareness

You need to get aware! For this is right mind set essential. Get aware of what you really want, how you really feel and what is it that you crave in love making. Train awareness even during the love making still sense yourself and realise if you're doing seriously only what you want. Watch Tantric course Part 1 for awareness. 

What if I am not in the mood to have sex?

It happens you are just not in the mood to have sex but you still want to do something about it. There is a way. For summarisation find attached PDF document. 

Yin and Yang energies

Men and women are different. For women Yin energy is more typical and for men Yang. We are aiming to find a balance between these two. Women help you to find your Yin, men help you to find more Yang. We help each other. Both energies are essential. You just have to learn how to accept them in each other. 

Connecting the brain, the heart and the animal.

Right from the Dunes of Gran Canaria! In order to achieve the amazing states of body and mind we have to connect. In sexuality people get stuck only on their genitals they focus all of their energy there. In order to get the energy flowing all over our body we have to connect also the heart and the head. 

The Tantric Present touch

Touching in the present moment. Realise the touch. Sense the touch. Be there with that touch. Than you can achieve amazing things. Just one touch of your awaken present fingers and people will shiver. True story. Happens to me all the time. 


Women do need more time but there are things you can do to arouse the woman, the same goes for women - don't be afraid to show how passionate you can be. Love yourself in that moment and love what it does to your partner. NEVER play exchange game. Do what you want because you want. Never do stuff in order to get something. Find attached PDF for summarisation. 

Conscious love making

There are positions that will wake up your root chakra which is the basic chakra that connects you to you - that's where it starts. Once you connect there it is easier in love making to connect the rest. Find enclosed pictures of the positions. 

Techniques for higher sensitivity

It does happen that women loose their sensitivity due to stress or pressure or other factors. There are ways to get it back. Especially for men if you feel like the sex is losing it's magic due this to your woman and wake her up again. Find attached PDF for summarisation. 

Just Svadhisthana freaking.

Even in Tantra you can be just svadhisthana freaking but full of awareness! Never hide something else behind it. Realise why you do it always and never lie to yourself. 

Lingam (Penis) massage

The all time favourite topic - Lingam massage. Complete how to guide for women in this video. Find attached pdf for summarisation. 

Yoni (Vagina) massage

Second all time favourite topic - Yoni massage. Complete how to guide for men in this video. Find attached pdf for summarisation. 

Yoni (Vagina) Massage Part 2

Continuation of the Yoni massage lecture. Massage the woman like a Pro :P and with heart

Yoni (vagina) mapping

Sometimes after a bad sexual experience a certain spots in our yoni can occur which then can cause discomfort during love making (pain, burning sensation, numbness). Through Yoni mapping it is possible to find these spots and massage them away. 


Names of the books:

Mantak Chia 

  • Multi-orgasmic man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know
  • Multi-orgasmic woman: Sexual Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Nicole Daedone 

  • Slow sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm



Summarisation of things you now are about to do! :)  Find attached PDF.

We've reached the end

Last words

It was pleasure to be able to talk to you and give you something. Don't forget to leave a review and until later with some new awesome course! <3 Don't forget to visit my website and Facebook Fan page. 

Stay Tantrealistic


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