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Teach Like a Champion

How to Be a Great Teacher of Any Subject
Greg Vanderford
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Make a clear and effective plan for their courses
Manage the classroom effectively and efficiently
Grade/Mark assessments in a fair and efficient manner
Pace their courses effectively
Effectively manage relationships with students and parents
Successfully deal with the challenges of different types of school administrations
Create great assessments

Recent Testimonials:

“I really enjoyed the course. I felt the instructor was honest and knowledgeable. Thank you!” – Amy Dunavant

“The instructor seems very knowledgeable. He has identified many issues and gaps associated with the theoretical aspect of teaching and actual practice.” – Kajuanna Lennix

A very positive instructor with lots of teaching tips.” – Miguel Landgrave

Teaching is a very challenging and rewarding profession. It is also one that requires constant updating of skills to keep pace with the ever changing educational environment due to new rules and regulations, changing culture, and new technology.

In this teacher training course you will learn:

1. How to effectively manage your classroom

2. Plan your courses

3. Communicate with students and parents

4. Navigate the challenges of dealing with constantly changing laws

5. Efficiently create and grade assessments

6. Much much more

Many of the topics that are covered in this course are not taught in detail during most teacher preparation programs or are ignored entirely.

I have distilled many years of teaching experience in the classroom along with research from my own master’s of education program to bring you what does and does not work well in the 21st century classroom.

Please join the course and help your current and future students become successful in all of their endeavors! 

Introduction to Teach Like a Champion


In this course you will learn what it takes to be a great teacher, including many topics that are only brushed over in most teacher education programs like classroom management, communicating with parents, and managing your relationship with school administrators. These are critical aspects of being a successful teacher and in my many years in the classroom they are topics that most teachers struggle with and in some cases, never really learn how to do. In this course, we will cover these vital teaching skills.

Classroom Management

How to Avoid Students Disrupting the Class

It's no secret that students can sometimes disrupt the classroom. In this lesson you will learn how to avoid and minimize these types of interruptions so that you can do what you were trained to do, teach.

How to Stop Distruptions Once They Begin

Sometimes disruptions are unavoidable. In this lesson you will learn how to minimize the distraction so that you can get back to helping your students learn.

Choosing an Appropriate Seating Arrangement

In this lesson you will learn different seating arrangements and how they can be used to help you successfully manage your classroom.

Choosing the Best Communication System for the Class

Some aspects of teaching, like having students raise their hands to answer questions seem like a no brainer. But in the 21st century we have to reassess these common assumptions to see if their isn't a more effective way or additional ways to effectively communicate in the classroom.


The Critical Importance of Planning

In order to be a great teacher, you have to be an excellent planner, it's that simple. In this lesson we will cover some of the most important aspects of effective planning.

How to Plan an Effective Lesson

In this lesson you will learn how to plan an effective individual lesson.

How to Plan an Effective Units

In this lesson you will learn how to effectively plan a single unit within an overarching semester plan.

How to Plan for the Whole Semester

This lesson covers how to write a course syllabus and plan for the whole semester. What research has shown to be most effective may surprise you.

Assessments and Grading

Creating Effective Assessments

How to create effective assessments without using up all of your prep time.

Efficient Grading Techniques

One of the most time consuming aspects of teaching is grading assignments and exams. In this lesson you will learn strategies to help lower the burden of grading by saving you both time and energy.

The Power of Formative Assessment

In this lesson we will examine the power of formative assessment and look at some of the most effective ways to utilize it.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Summative Assessment

Summative assessment is another potent tool that, if used effectively, can go along way to helping you students achieve success in the classroom. In this lesson we will assess the strengths and weaknesses of this type of evaluation.

Relationship Management

Developing Healthy Relationships with Students

This is one of the most important aspects of teaching and one that in many cases is not covered AT ALL in teacher education programs. In this lesson you will learn how to effectively manage your relationship with students so that you can both do what you have come for, to learn and teach successfully.

Communicating Effectively with Parents

Communicating with parents can be one of the most challenging aspects of teaching as you will encounter all different kinds of personalities and emotions. In this lesson we will cover some important considerations and strategies when dealing with the critical partners that are our student's parents.

Managing Management, How to Deal with the Boss

Another very challenging aspect of teaching is dealing with administrators. Administrators can make a huge difference in terms of whether or not you enjoy your job and are able to teach effectively. Due to ever changing education laws and politics, this has become a difficult relationship to manage in many cases. In this lesson we will explore strategies that will help you to navigate this ever changing landscape.

Psychological Tools for the Champion Teacher

Teaching is extremely demanding of our energy and can at times be draining. In this lesson I will share with you many psychological techniques that I have learned throughout my career to help you cope with and ultimately overcome these challenges so that you can enjoy a long and enjoyable teaching career.


Review the Key Ideas of the Course

In this lesson we review the main ideas of the course and remind ourselves why we got into teaching in the first place!

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