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Teach your Child to Read and Write

At-home activities to help your child learn important literacy skills.
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Help your child learn to read and write.
Know what your child is expected to learn at school.
Use research based instruction to help children build early literacy skills

Help your child develop strong reading and writing skills. Teach Your Child to Read and Write includes over 20 video lessons covering all aspects of early literacy. You will learn:

  • What your child is expected to learn at school.
  • How these skills and concepts will impact your child’s future academic success.
  • Simple and fun ways to support your child’s learning at home.

Help your child become a great reader and writer.

Many parents think teaching the alphabet, reading bedtime stories and providing their child with opportunities to read is enough to ensure their child becomes a great reader and writer. There is so much more you need to do! After taking this class, you will know how to help your young child build a foundation for success.

Helping your children at home is critical. More than 40 years of research has proven that the most accurate predictor of a child’s achievement in school is not income, the quality of the school they attend, social status or even teacher quality. It is how much family’s support learning at home, set realistic and high expectations, and become involved at school and in the community.

After taking this class you will be able to help your child:

  • Build a strong foundation of literacy skills.
  • Begin to learn the writing process.
  • Develop a love or reading.

Your instructor for this class is National Board Certified Teacher and Bluegrass Learning Senior Education Specialist Bobbie Noall. Bobbie has more than 15 years of classroom teaching experience and currently works full-time as a district response to intervention teacher for a public school district, specializing in literacy support for struggling students.

The class is presented using parent friendly language, without difficult technical terms. It is designed for busy parents and is also beneficial for anyone who spends time with early elementary school age children. Childcare workers and teachers who may want a refresher on effective literacy instruction would also benefit from the lessons.

Course Introduction


Meet your instructor and learn why helping your child at home is so important.

Working with Sounds

Introduction to Sounds

Learn why your child needs to work on sounds, or phonemic awareness.

Identifying Sounds

Help your child recognize the sounds that we use in the English Language.

Manipulating Sounds

Help your child change the sounds in words to create new words.

Sounds quiz


Introduction to Phonics

Learn why matching sounds to written letters and spelling patterns is so important.

The Alphabetic Principal

Teach your child that spoken sounds can be represented by written letters and spelling patterns.

Phonics Patterns

Show your child how letters work together to create words.

Sight Words and Digraphs

Help your child learn how two or more letters can be combined to make up word parts. Help her learn frequently occurring words so she reads more fluently.

Phonics Quiz


Introduction to Fluency

Learn why fluency is so much more than reading quickly!

Reading Quickly, Accurately and with Voice

Help your child learn to read quickly, accurately and with a pleasing voice.



Introduction to Comprehension

Help your child learn the most important part of reading, understanding what she reads!

Comprehension Strategies

Teach your child these five strategies so she understands what she reads.

Understanding what is read

Text types

Introduction to Text Types

Learn about the different types of text your child will encounter at school.

Informational Text

Get your child to enjoy reading something other than stories!

Literary Text

Teach your child how to get the most from poems and stories.

Types of Text


Introduction to Writing

Learn why writing well may be the most important skill you can teach your child.

Foundations of Writing

Teach your child the basics of writing, including punctuation and grammar.

The Writing Process

Help your child learn a process that will help her become a fantastic writer.

Introduction to Writing in Response to Reading

Learn why your child must write differently based on the type of text she has read.

Writing in response to Reading: Informational text

Show your child how to write responses to non-fiction texts.

Writing in Response to Reading: Literary Text

Teach your child how to write in response to poems, stories and nursery rhymes.

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