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Teacher of Me Myself and I (TOMMI)

How to learn about being teachers of ourselves
LK Tommi
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To engage with a story based on four characters to understand that we are teachers of ourselves. The story enables us to understand ourselves from the connection of how we process experiences through emotions and thoughts.

The Teacher of My Myself and I course was developed for people to understand that they are teachers of themselves. This connection will be made through understanding how their brain and body connects to process experiences through their thoughts and emotions. In the process students will develop self- confidence and identify through understanding themselves. This enables people to connect and learn life skills of resilience, success and the ability to achieve their life goals.

Introduction: Teacher of Me Myself and I

Introduction: Story book Teacher of Me Myself and I.

This is an introduction to the story book Teacher of Me, Myself and I.

Chapter 1: Let the adventure begin....

In the first chapter you will meet Dragon, Owl and Monkey, as the begin to learn about the energy in their body.

Discovery Journal

This is an overview of the discovery journal that you will be completing, as you learn alongside the characters in the book. You can represent the discovery journal in any format that you want through sketch books or journals, online (PowerPoint or Padlet) or on sheets of paper around your bedroom walls. It is important that you do this in a way that makes meaning for you.

Discovery Journal: Beginning

Welcome to the commencement of the course. We will commence the discovery journal in understanding all about you, creating a memory wall and completing a quiz.

Lets learn about energy

Chapter 2: What is energy?

Dragon and Owl meet Monkey to learn more about the energy in motion within their body and how their body breathes.

Lets learn more about energy.

We will be learning about the three different energy in motion with the body representing high, centred and low.

Discovery Journal: Understanding Energy

It is important to explore, make connections and understand the three energy levels in the body high, centred and low. This is a foundation skill to understanding their emotions.

Resources: Word wall and games

It is important for students to practise the skills being learnt to make the connections and explicitly understand the energy in motion within their body and the connections to the experiences that they have to themselves.

Understanding what centres, lowers or increases our energy.

We all have different things that increases, decreases or centres our energies. One way we can explore that is through the multiple intelligence's as we all learn differently.

All about breathing

Chapter 3: Exploring our breathing...

Dragon, Owl and Monkey go to the ocean to meet Turtle, to ask Turtle about understanding the energy in motion in there body and how their body breathes.

Let us learn more about breathing.....

It is important to understand the breathing points in the body and how you can practice to develop the ability to breath from your centre through using visuals. For the body and brain to connect the body requires oxygen and establish a regular breathing pattern.

Learning and practising breathing using biofeedback

This section demonstrates how you can use bio feedback to explicitly teach and learn about breathing and understanding the energy levels in your body of high, centred and low. When the body is learning something new (a different way of breathing) it needs to practise the skill until it is integrated into the body.

Discovery Journal: Breathing

This week you will explore where oxygen flows in the body and which one of the breathing patterns works for you.

Emotions Thinking and experiences

Chapter 4: The adventure continues....Teacher of me

The four characters during discovery week continue to learn about the energy in motion within their body and have more questions they wish to explore.

Chapter 5: What will we discover......

Dragon, Owl, Monkey and Turtle what the word emotion means and how this relates to the energy in motion within their body.

Thinking Emotions and Actions or Experiences

It is important for people to make the connections between their thinking, emotions and the actions, reactions or the experience they are having. Our thinking and emotions helps the brain to understand the experience (positive or negative) that we are having and then the experience is complete.

Let us make the connections to different experiences

It is important to understand the different experiences that we have in life.

Let us continue to make connections to experiences

It is important for our body (emotions) and brain (thinking) to make connections to the experiences that we have in life. The brain then activates experience neurons in the brain to store the experience, whether negative or experience for later recall of the experience.

Discovery Journal: Thinking

It is important to explicitly understand our thinking or thought processes within our brain and be able to put the experiences into words. Our thinking and emotions work together to understand experiences.

Discovery Journal: Emotions

It is important to explicitly understand the energy in motion (emotions) within our body and be able to put the experiences into words from our emotions. Our thinking and emotions work together to understand experiences.

It is all about maths....

Chapter 6: Let's keep exploring

The characters learn about how they can understand their thinking through mathematical equations to change their thinking from negative to positive.

Chapter 7: Let's work it out

Dragon, Owl, Monkey and Turtle continue to explore their thinking, emotions and experiences through mathematical equations. This helps them to gain an in-depth understanding.

Chapter 8: The discovery weeks continue.....

Dragon, Owl, Monkey and Turtle are learning to explore how they can change their emotions from positive to negative.

How does this link to mathematics?

How does the logical brain connect to mathematics to understand our emotions, thoughts and experiences.

Discovery Journal: Mathematical equations

Let us prove or disprove the mathematical equation.

Reflecting on our learning

Time to learn about the brain...

It is important to learn about the connections of the brain and how this connects to our thinking, emotions and experiences. The more we learn the more we understand.

Chapter 9: What have we learnt.....

Dragon, Owl, Monkey and Turtle discover what they have learnt through their discovery weeks from their energy (high, centred, low) that connects to the energy in motion within their body, how this connects to their thinking and the experiences that they have in life. They also learn that they can be teachers of themselves.

Discovery Journal: Reflection

Congratulations, this is the end of the course and it is time now to reflect on what you have learnt throughout the course and to receive a certificate of completion of the Teacher of Me, Myself and I course.

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