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Teacher Tech Tips–Easily Boost Teacher & Student Success

Discover 19 FREE digital apps to deliver content, assess, manage, & engage students.
Rita Phillips, Ed. M.
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Create a sticky pad canvas for student responses
Make a back channel for students' thought and questions
Generate a set of questions with real time data for analysis
Conduct poll surveys embedded in PowerPoint lectures
Produce online polls
Craft games for engagement and to check for student understanding
Fashion quizzes embedded into videos to check for understanding
Build online quizzes

What if you could develop a "toolkit" virtually full of digital apps to check for student understanding and engage students? This course provides you with that very toolkit loaded with 19 FREE technology tools to check for student comprehension.


Lots of creative ideas, lots of possibilities presented in a succinct and efficient way. This course will save you a lot of time and get your creative juices going. –Ursula Nash

The instructor is very organized , clear and straightforward. I am waiting for your next course. –Ehabob

This is an excellent course for any teacher looking for fun ways to engage students, check for understanding, and provide a variety of methods to help students discover and learn in the classroom. –Kathy Dungey

This course is another example of Rita practicing what she preaches and giving the learner a hands on, step-by-step program that will ensure success. –Trish Evens

LATEST: Updated September 2015 to include two more tech tools!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 28 lectures and nearly 4 hours of content
  • Technology tools to give all students (especially the shy ones) a voice in the classroom
  • Polling tools
  • Games to check for understanding
  • Technology programs to see what students comprehend while watching videos
  • Quiz Tools
  • A "task list" to print out for each digital program to be used as a mini-tutorial

Who is the target audience?

  • Teachers, student teachers, and college instructors

As a veteran public school teacher for 34 years and my district's technology integration specialist, I've learned what works and what doesn't work in the classroom. I've also sought technology to engage students while at the same time checking comprehension levels. The free apps provided in this class are those I feel will best benefit any teacher in the classroom who wants to conduct formative assessment to help improve student learning,or for any student teacher who will be entering the field of education and wants to be prepared to analyze student data on day one. Join us now. Be part of the success and don't be left behind in this digital age!

And, the unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee is also my promise that this course will provide you with awesome tools to engage your students and help them learn and succeed in your class.

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This lecture provides a quick overview of what you will learn and a little about your instructor.

How to Use the Resource Tools

Tools That Give Students A Voice

Create a Digital Canvas for Students to Respond with Virtual Sticky Notes

Linoit is a digital canvas with sticky notes. You can create a canvas with sticky note questions, videos, images, and documents. Then, share the link with your students so they can respond to your question. Great for checking out what students know and don't know before you begin a unit or use as an exit ticket at the end of a class.

Develop a Board for Students to Respond with Notes, Videos, & Pictures

Padlet is similar to Linoit with a few different and fun to use tools. With padlet, you can add some fancy backgrounds. You and your students can also add your image to your questions or responses, and you can add images and documents by dragging from your desktop, making it super simple for everyone to use.

Generate a Location for Students to Respond in 40 Characters or Less

Answer Garden is by far the easiest formative assessment tool to use. However, with its ease also come some drawbacks. Your questions and students' answers are limited in character length. That should not dissuade you from using it for brainstorming with your students or taking a quick check for understanding that does not require a lot of preparation on your part.

Produce a Site to Ask Questions and Allow Students to Interact With it & Others

Today's Meet is a great tool to give all students a voice. It is actually called a back channel tool which is similar to Twitter. You ask students a question and they can easily respond by typing an answer that is less than 140 characters. Students can also ask each other questions and encourage each other. All of this is going on while you are conducting a discussion. Shy students will thank you and with its ability to provide a downloadable transcript, you will have a record of who responded, who understands concepts, and who needs more help. Great little tool!

Send a Number of Different Questions to Students as Well as an Exit Ticket

The Answer Pad (TAP) is a tool which can be used to quickly assess students' understanding of concepts, but is so much more. This program also allows the teacher to ask questions which force students to "show" what they have learned. Whenever students have to demonstrate understanding, higher order thinking skills are involved. You will love this free online program!

Tools That Give Students a Voice

Let's see what you've learned from section 2.

Conclusion to Section 2

This is a summary of what was covered in Section 2.

Polling Tools

Embed Polls into PowerPoint for More Interactive Lectures

Participoll makes it easy for you to create poll questions within your PowerPoint slideshow/lectures. This downloadable program becomes a PowerPoint add-on for ease of use. Creating a poll slide every 4-5 slides will keep your students engaged and easily allow you to see if most are understanding the content.

Create Online Polls or Embed Polls into PowerPoint Lectures with This App

Poll Everywhere is a great polling tool which allows you to create polls and check for student understanding online or you can download the PowerPoint addin and easily incorporate polls into your PowerPoint lectures. This polling system allows for multiple choice, open-ended, brainstorming, ranking, and clickable images type questions. What's not to like?

Develop an Online Survey Without Any Registration

Flisti is a super easy polling tool to use. There are no downloads and no sign-ups. You simply type in your question and the answer options, then provide your students with the web address so they can respond. This is the tool you use when you only need to ask one quick question and you do not want to spend a lot of time preparing.

Craft a Poll, Quiz, or Discussion with This Fun Tech Tool

Go Soapbox is a multifaceted tool that you will absolutely fall in love with! You will be able to create polls, quizzes, and discussions all with this one great tool that you use during class lectures and discussions. And, your students will be able to ask questions even if they are shy. Go Soapbox will change the way you interact with your students and will enable you to check for understanding and download the results as data for later analysis. What's not to like?

Create an Interactive Google Presentation with embedded questions and surveys

Create a Google Presentation with embedded questions to keep students engaged,

Polling Tools

Check for understanding regarding polling tools.

Conclusion to Section 3

This is a summary of what was covered in Section 3.

Games to Check for Understanding

Gamify Your Reviews & Download Results Afterwards

Kahoot is a fun way to see if students are understanding concepts and it also serves as a fun way to review with students. When you are done with this lecture, you will know how to set up your own Kahoot quiz.

Easily Create a Jeopardy-Like Game

FlipQuiz is a program designed to create Jeopardy like review games. After completing this lecture, you should be able to create your own FlipQuiz easily or create a similar Jeopardy type game based on two other programs discussed in this lecture.

Build an Online Game to Help Students See Connections Between Concepts

Connect Fours is a great little game creator to help students make connections with concepts you are teaching. After completing this lecture, you should be able to create your own Connect Fours game for your students.

Generate an Online "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" Game to Review Concepts

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a fun game to check for understanding with your class. After completing this lecture, you should be able to create a Millionaire game easily for your students.

Games to Check for Understanding

Review of Section 4

Conclusion to Section 4

This is a quick summary of what was learned in section four about games to check for understanding.

Check What Students Learn From Videos

Create and Embed Interactive Quizzes into YouTube Video Clips

Blubbr is a free program designed so you can choose a video on a particular topic and embed questions creating a game-like, interactive quiz. When you are done with this lecture, you will be able to create your own interactive, video with quiz questions.

Embed Multiple Choice Questions, Articles, and Discussions into YouTube Videos

TedEd is a great little digital tool which will allow you to assign a video to your students and help them focus on the important information in the video as well as allowing you to check to make certain they understand the concepts. When you are done with this video, you should easily be able to create a TedEd video for your students.

Add Text, Questions, Images, and a Drawing Tool to Videos

Zaption, like Blubbr and TedEd, allows you to see what students understand about videos you assign them to view. After watching this lecture, you should be able to create a Zaption tour to assess what students know about a video you assign them.

Video Quiz Tools

This quiz will check your understanding of the tools discussed in section 5.

Conclusion to Section 5

This is a quick summary of what was learned in section 5 about embedding quizzes in videos to check for understanding.

Easy Quiz Tools

Design a Quiz, a Survey, or an Exit Ticket and Download Results

Socrative is an easy to use online quiz program which also offers several other formative assessment options. After viewing this lecture, you will be able to create an online quiz, a survey, a gamified quiz, and an exit ticket.

Create an Online Quiz with 4 Different Types of Questions with No Registration

Testmoz is a super easy-to-use online quiz generator with no registration required. It features 4 different types of questions and the test results are downloadable. After viewing this lecture, you will be able to create an online quiz to share with students.

Conclusion to Section 6

This is a summary of what was learned in section 6 about an online quiz creator.

And One More Thing...

Generate Online Assignments, Track Live Results, & Easily Grade Online

Formative is a fantastic way to formatively assess students. You can create classes, ask a number of different types of questions (multiple choice, true/false, short answer), see live results as students work, and easily grade what students have done online.

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