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Team Building – Hands-on Tools To Build A Cohesive Team

A must for Team & Business leaders. This is the best ROI & a powerful strategy to build a cohesive leadership team
Eli Harari
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Learn how to build and manage a true team through core fundamentals of Team Building
Learn to build trust among your team members - trust that will thrust you & your team forward
Learn how to handle conflict and have ideological conflicts that build a team - not destroy it!
Learn what it means to be accountable for your actions & words, and keep accountable your team members too.
Understand what is commitment and how to get others to commit to the common goals
Last - but not least, understand and learn what being result orientated REALLY means and how you can achieve this!

Team Building is a mystery to those who don’t understand the context and the incredible business advantage in having a cohesive team!

Did you know that 90% of employee turnover is due to lack of soft skills and teamwork and only 10% due to domain skills?

Yet, organizations invest 90% in domain skills and barely 10% in soft skill training!

Quite strange – right?

Understanding the fundamentals of team building is not only a basic necessity in every organization but also can be the best ROI (Return On Investment) for you and your team.

In order to achieve better employee retention and productivity you need to know how to build a team with the right foundations, which means to use strategic thinking, because the best strategy there is building a cohesive team.

In this course you will be introduced to the 5 main dysfunctions of a team, what they are, how to identify them and how to remedy them so to create a strong, happy, productive team, leading to great profitability for your organization (and for yourself).

Points to consider:

1.     Do you have trust within the team members in your organization?

2.     Are you able to have ideological conflicts? (not back biting, personal conflicts)

3.     Are you and your team members truly committed to the organization and its goals?

4.     Can you be counted and accountable to what you have committed?

5.     Are you part of a truly result orientated team, which never takes its eye off the mark?

These key questions are addressed in a practical and meaningful way with steps showing how to remove these dysfunctions.

This is where this Team Building MasterClass For All comes in and takes you step by step to show and teach you how to REALLY build a strong, effective & productive team.

Some of the extra benefits:

·       learn to better communicate 

·       better time management

·       become more reliable & trustworthy

·       getting to see the “big picture” clearly

·       become truly goal orientated

·       learn to think strategically about your team

·       enjoy the immense benefits of teamwork

Who is this course for:

·       Leaders

·       Team leaders

·       Managers

·       Executive Management

·       Team members

·       Entrepreneurs

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to increase the collective productivity of their organization as well as their personal career path.

So don’t tarry around wondering if this is for you! Time to move on and develop teambuilding skills that can make a huge difference for your career.

Join me on this short but potent journey!

If you need more

I am here for you!


Introduction To Team Building

This is the introduction to the Team Building MasterClass For All, a potent concentrated course on the most effective, most ignored and most underrated business strategy there is.

This is a step by step strategy of building a cohesive team at your workplace and around you in whatever you do in your personal life, friends and family. Same principles apply.

In this course, the fundamentals of team building are laid out to you in simple sequential steps for you to take and action upon.

Teamwork can truly be Dreamwork!

Context For Building A Cohesive Leadership Team

In this video you will receive the fundamental understanding of why you do what you do before you go and do it. In order to build a cohesive team you need to first understand the context of what teamwork is about.

Smart Vs. Healthy Organizations

Do you know what a "Smart" organization is? And what is a "Healthy" organization?  Well in this video you get to understand what these are, how both are a must to achieve success and prosperity in business, and why building a cohesive team is the basis for a healthy organization.

What is Teamwork & What it is NOT!

In this short video you will be given the basic tools to understand what teamwork is, and how it is actually functional in an organization. In addition, you will learn what teamwork is not, and why  today Most businesses ignore the huge significance team building has!

The Role of Leadership in Team Building

Understanding your role as a leader in a team is a fundamental skill that you need to acquire. In this lesson you will receive the tools to help you see how you fit as a leader and what is your actual role as a team leader.

Team Building & Meetings

Meetings are the crux of the matter when it comes to team building. Is everyone weighing in? Or are there some who are just waiting it out, looking at their watches to see when can they get back to their "urgent" tasks!

Knowing how to maximize your team meetings is crucial. In this lesson we delve into the values and ways to get the most and the best out of these meetings and the Boardroom will no longer be the Boredroom!

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

In this unit you will be introduced to the fundamental ideas of each dysfunction that either makes up or breaks down a team.  In order to build a true cohesive team you must have these 5 fundamentals in place and this is where strategic thinking becomes crucial as it is the only way to build a long lasting team.

Dysfunction #1 - Lack of Trust

The basis of any and all team building is trust (or the lack of it).  How do you build this trust? What is trust? and how do you maintain this trust - all this and more in this first of 5 fundamentals videos.

Dysfunction #2 - Fear of Conflict

The second basis of building a cohesive team, is lack of conflict.  Not back biting, gossip type conflict, but lack ideological conflict.  It is very important to understand the difference. So Yes, here we're searching for conflict... of the right kind

Dysfunction #3 - Lack of Commitment

Lets face it, when you are not committed to your team you have no team!  Commitment is the third vital ingredient in building a cohesive team. Find out how to get this commitment with your team mates.

Dysfunction #4 - Lack of Accountability

The fourth ingredient in building a cohesive team is accountability or the lack of it.  Can you be held accountable for your actions and decisions? Do you hold anyone else accountable?  What is accountability, why is it so important and how is it achieved? All in one lesson.

Dysfunction #5 - Inattention to Results

Do you claim to be "result orientated" and if so what does that mean to you? What are team results and how do they impact the team and ultimately the business that you are in.

The last of the 5 dysfunctions of a team - this is the crux of the whole process. Know it, apply it and your success is on its way.

Course Summary

Congratulations! You have completed the first and fundamental course in strategic team building. Now it is up to you to put it into practice in your life and see how the smallest changes in your attitude and beliefs can bring such a huge impact.

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