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Tennis-Fitness Masterclass For All Levels of Player

Improve your Tennis by Improving your Fitness.
Suzanne Williams
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Better understanding of the sport science behind tennis-specific fitness.
Be better at tennis through being fitter for tennis.
To train in a smarter way.

Learn How To Reach Your Peak Fitness For Tennis. Get Stronger, Faster And More Powerful Through Smarter Training 

Hi, I’m Suzanne Williams, Tennis-Fitness Expert, Tennis Coach and Coach Educator. My Tennis-Fitness Masterclass is for anyone who wants to get better at tennis by training the right way – no matter what their age or standard. 

Tennis is extremely physically demanding and requires a LOT of on-court skill. It takes a lot of time to master – there’s barely enough time to train the right way, so there’s certainly NO TIME to do the WRONG type of training. So I want you to know that this course is not a general fitness course. This is written specifically for tennis coaches, tennis players and tennis parents. 

The internet is full of tennis-fitness videos and exercises – but without knowing the bigger picture, players are using these exercises in the wrong way. They’re just choosing random exercises and hoping that it’ll help their tennis – IT WON’T. So for that reason, I wanted to write you a comprehensive course which gives you a fuller understanding of all the different fitness components you’ll need. After all, when it comes to tennis-fitness, Knowledge is Power.

Here’s What’s In The Course:

What Type Of Sport is Tennis?

  • The sport science behind classifying a sport. Tennis may surprise you.
  • Which fitness components do players really need?

Warming Up:

  • Is hitting in the boxes enough?
  • The best way to prepare your body to play a& compete

Strength Training:

  • Do you need to be strong for tennis? 
  • How you body adapts to strength training.
  • How to design a strength training program.
  • Strength training program to follow at home, on court, or at the gym.

Speed Training:

  • The different types of speed you need for tennis.
  • The best way to get faster.
  • Speed training program to follow at home, on court, or at the gym.

Agility Training:

  • What is it and why do you need it for tennis.
  • Which type of agility is most important?
  • Agility training program to follow at home, on court or at the gym.

Endurance Training:

  • What is it and which type do you need for tennis.
  • Endurance HIIT Training – designing a program.
  • Endurance training program to follow at home, on court or at the gym.

Flexibility Training:

  • It’s more important than you think.
  • Which training method is the best?
  • Flexibility program to follow.

Rest & Recovery:

  • Most players get this wrong.
  • Are you overtraining?
  • Which techniques do you use?
  • Complete the process.

So If You Want To Boost Your Performance, Hit Harder, Move Quicker and Last Longer On Court, This Is The Right Course For You.

Remember, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Whats stopping you? Enroll now, see if you enjoy the course, and start improving your tennis, by improving your fitness today!

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in improving their tennis.

To master tennis you need to understand it!

What type of sport is tennis?

Tennis is a physically complex sport which demands that players have ‘all-round’ fitness – being able to strike the ball well is no longer sufficient to succeed in tennis – from club to pro level.

In this module you’ll learn about the different fitness components and physical skills which you will need in order to improve.

What types of fitness do tennis players need?

In this section we'll look at the physical skills and fitness component that a tennis player needs, in order to reach their potential.

Fail to Prepare - Prepare to Fail

How best to Warm Up for tennis

In this module you’ll learn that a proper warm up is far more important than people realise.

We talk about about traditional warm ups that players do - Just because everyone has been doing them for decades it doesn't make them right for you! 

We explain the MOST EFFECTIVE way to warm up so that you can train and compete at your best level.

PLUS - we provide you with a tennis specific Warm Up for you to use.

Strength Training for Tennis Players

Why you need to be strong for tennis

In this section we look at the importance of strength training for tennis. We debunk the myths around strength training.

How your body responds to strength training

In this section we look at the different types of strength AND you'll learn how your muscles respond to training. 

How to design your strength training workout

In this section you'll learn how to design a strength training program to become strong for tennis. 

Speed Training for Tennis Players

Speed - What it is and why you need it for tennis

In this section, you'll learn the different types of speed for tennis and why they're so important.

Speed - How to get faster

In this lecture you’re going to learn how to get faster on court by understanding the differences between acceleration, linear speed and deceleration.

Agility Training for Tennis Players

Agility - what is it and why we need it

In this lecture you’ll learn the sport science behind agility training – and you’ll understand the importance of tennis specific agility training.

Agility - Which type is most important for tennis

In this section you'll learn the importance of Change of Direction Speed and Reactive Speed. Discover which is most important to train for tennis.

Endurance Training for Tennis Players

Endurance - What it is and why you need it

In this lecture you’ll learn the sport science behind endurance training for tennis. You’ll understand why we need to train endurance for tennis and the importance of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Endurance - HIIT Training for tennis players.

In this section you'll learn exactly which HIIT training will give you more endurance for tennis.

Flexibility for Tennis Players

What is flexibility and why is it important for tennis?

Flexibility - It's more important that you think!

Flexibility - Which way of stretching is best?

Most of the ‘normal’ swings in tennis require more flexibility in the muscles than most people realise. That need for flexibility can go off the scale when you consider some of the strokes players have to execute when reaching for the ball or sliding into a shot. Training your body to cope with moments of increased stretch will considerably reduce your risk of injury.

Recovery - learn the best ways to recover from playing tennis

Rest & Recovery - Are you over-training?

You could be over training! In this section you'll learn the science behind how the body recovers - and what happens if we don't let it.

Rest & Recovery - Which recovery techniques do you use?

In this section we’ll start to look at the 5 major components of recovery. You’ll learn how to recover much quicker.

Rest & Recovery - Complete the process

In this section you’ll learn the final 3 components of how best to recover. You’ll have a greater understanding of how to train/compete and recover.

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