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The Complete Radiant Meditation ‘Do Your Egg’ Course

Why Meditate? To clear your issues, free your heart, creativity and inner spirit...just to start. Great with Ganja!
Shayli Vere
108 students enrolled
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You will learn basic meditation techniques and how to support your practice.
You will learn how to use meditation in your daily life to release stress and free those chakra blockages
Learn meditations to help free your creative expression
By the end of the course you will know how to clear, charge and release energy from chakras.
You will learn how to comfort your inner child
You will learn how to properly ground the body to earth core
You will connect to your inner power and flow
You will learn about the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus, Heart, Higher Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown Chakras
You will learn about yourself
You will learn to release anxiety instead of store anxiety.

Join instructor, Shayli Vere, on her quest to assist the modern world with its stress load by teaching others how to clear their energetic bodies with Radiant Meditation Techniques. Radiant Meditation techniques are based on centuries old knowledge and teachings for the energetic bodies and chakra system, but  Vere has added a Theta Soundtrack and Focused Fast modern meditation techniques, and Tech Friendly, in a format that we can easily adapt to our busy lives.  The Complete Do Your Egg Meditation Series is a chakra based meditation series under her Radiant Meditation Structures. The ‘Egg’ is referring to the body’s auric fields, that if healthy radiate like an egg or bubble surrounding the physical body.  ‘Do Your Egg’ is referring to the meditation techniques and process of clearing your Auric Fields,  and energetic clusters we call Chakras, through Shayli’s guided meditation techniques.

In ‘The Complete Do Your Egg Radiant Meditation Series‘ you will be learning how to clear your emotional, physical, and energetic body, by chakra. You will learn how to practise these techniques on the spot, while you are going through your life and day, not once a week for 90 minutes at some yoga gym or rec centre. These meditations are downloadable and Tech Friendly, again helping you with your modern busy life, and over stressed body. We maybe can’t change our pace of life, but we can change how we react to it. We can learn how to Let it all go!

Shayli designed this course to also be Easy and Tech Friendly! You will learn how to react differently to the world’s stress, and how you can Process your Stress differently. Meditation isn’t new, but using the Theta Soundtrack to get you a little faster to that zone is new. Theta is that spot between reality and sleep, Vere has put all of her guided meditations onto Theta soundtracks that she created. Forgive its quality. Vere has stated that she could not redo this series because it would lose the magic of the recordings. As an artist, Ms Vere has spent much of her attention, on the question “Where does your Creativity Come From? She then meditated for three years to clear her own ‘energetic Auric Fields’ This series is the outcome of her study and was her answer to how artists or other creative thinkers or ideas occure. You are a well working receiver.

All ages groups. Great for Mid Life Changes! Male and Women all like Radiant Mediation. DO YOUR EGG and connect to your Radiant Life!

This online, guided meditation course includes

● Video discussions on our spiritual and meditation path

● Questions for you to ponder in your Meditation Journal

● Downloadable Do Your Egg Meditations recordings mp3’s

● Pre recorded video classes

● Written exercises

Be sure to complete all the quizzes.

Each Step in The Complete Do Your Egg meditation clears and targets different energy points or chakras in the body. Here we can balance our energies, free those issues in our way of our clear aura.

Step One is focusing on ego, self-esteem, sexuality, personal power, creativity and personal security.

Step Two We focus on freeing the Heart and all its blockages, We learn how to shift our focus from living in the ego;s fears and issues to living by your true heart. We can heal the old hurts and fears blocking our happy future.

Step Three focuses on our Higher chakras and Higher Expression, freeing and connecting our intuitive abilities, connecting creative flow or collective consciousness. Here Shayli finds her answer to  Where Creativity Comes From?. Step Three is critical in understanding ourselves and connecting our ability to hear your intuitive voice.

Note on Creativity. All three steps are needed to connect to the creative stream or collective consciousness stream

After completing the Radiant Meditation Complete Do Your Egg Meditation Course, many find their depression lifted, their hearts open, they are more balanced and easy going about life and its journeys. We can find ourselves more creative and expressive.

” When creating this course, I also saw how busy everyone was and always on their iphones. I want to help our disconnection from the world but from our own inner peace, creativity and power. We can connect to our inner power to create our own Radiant Lives, ourselves, using these techniques and principles. It is up to us, this or any result requires SOME commitment. Just Start. You get what you put in. What you put in a day can be as little as 6 minutes though or you can really change your life, get committed and integrate meditation into your being.

This course is like a bridge getting us from where we are to where we know we need and want to go. This course can just help you find a little peace or a lot.

I created this online course and now you can access any time your need to all of the meditations, video lectures and written exercises. These can be done quickly or in depth. You will learn modern meditation techniques but also get basic understanding of your chakras and our issues relating to them too!

Radiant Meditation Series for beginners to advanced mediators. In Radiant Meditation we learn to radiant or free our energetic body. These are unique techniques where we work with the creative and intuitive connections. We free the power of our imagination, we do not try to quiet the mind but free it from its issues and chatter. The meditations take us through our chakras and their issues. You just move on when you are ready to move on to the next meditation or complete step.

● Learn about your energetic body, creativity and intuition.

● Learn how to ground properly with the earth and connect with your own spirit and path.

● Many have released depression, freed the mind from negative harmful thoughts and beliefs, they have ignited their hearts, passions and expression.

● Many have connected deeply with their creative spirit and expression, expanded their views and perceptions about life, their life and all life.

● Many have had spiritual and spirits experiences learned about their intuitive abilities, how to hear their inner voice or higher self, and how to communicate safely with our higher self and then other spirits and entities.

Disclaimer: This series of guided meditations are created from my own personal practice, experience with meditation and education in Metaphysics . Although I am not a health professional I have seen the benefits of these meditations in others and myself. Use at your own risk and discretion.

I am a Certified Meditation Teacher and Lightworker, currently finishing my Doctorate of Metaphysics Science. My thesis is Radiant Life and Meditation, this Course and Radiant Life Manual as well as my personal life’s research of the creative intuitive connections. I have seen and lived my own great results but this is a self help course. Results are up to us. I am here as metaphysical and meditation teacher. If you need specific advice for mental health please seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in that area.

It is advised that you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE 9 or 10 while taking your courses as it may interfere with making a comment on your courses. Please send me an email if you can’t comment. I am just an email away! Shayli

Start Here

Beginning Radiant Meditation

How To Begin your Radiant Meditation ( Its easy)

Set up your spot and time. Look over the course first. Make a commitment to see this through no matter what your ego mind chatter says to you!
To Set up Your Practice
Have your meditations or classroom ready at your set up time.
To Meditate
Sit or Lay Down, Sway or Stand.
  • Just Breathe slowly and as deeply as you are able to.
  • Use in combination with Shae’s Open Technique like in the video meditation provided.
  • Be Comfortable
  • Give yourself 20 minutes or more
  • Set up a regular practice
  • Start a new journal, artbook or other way to express and record your journey
Beginning Radiant Meditation
Begin with the Egg #1 Meditation and the Open Technique in your lecture files. These are the two techniques that you will always use to begin your meditation practice. You will get very quick at getting into this ‘listening’ open state and can use the techniques on your own without the spoken recording anytime you need to Do Your Egg!

The Radiant Egg
The purpose of the Radiant Egg technique is to get your body cleared of energetic blockages in the mind, body and spirit. A clear Aura is a clear flowing Egg of energy. The technique supports proper unblocked energetic flow and proper grounding to the earth core. We begin with Egg #1 first properly grounding to the earth core energy and beginning to release energies and blockages from lower chakras. In Egg 2 we are freeing and connecting our Heart Energy and connections. In Egg 3 we fully bring in our Universal energies and begin connecting higher chakras.  You will be able to complete a full Radiant Egg by the end of this course.

The Radiant Open Technique
Help your body by learning how to free energies we pick up through the day.
Use with the breathing technique that works for you. This will be one of the first meditation techniques you learn. 
Other Breathing Techniques
Through the Nose Breath through the nose, hearing a rasping in the throat. Always come back to the breath  if your mind is wandering too much. Breath slow filling as much of the lung as you are able to comfortably. It is not necessary to continue this breathing when you have achieved a meditative state. Just return to the breath if you mind gets too racey.
Belly Breathing
The breath begins low in the belly bringing it up into the lungs slowly. Completely fill the lung then release the breath in reverse. Releasing from the lung slowly back down to the belly.
This is a great breathing technique to begin your meditations, to relax the body. Then go into your Egg #1 or whatever meditation you are currently working on.
This deep belly breathing is great to just relax the body anytime, and learn my Clearing Meditation and Technique to release stress, anger and anxiety anytime in our day.

Tips for Your Radiant Meditation Practice and Spirit Journey
  • Dedicate yourself to your regular meditation practice. Mornings and Evenings are best
  • Pay attention to your mind chatter, outer life and issues that comes up as you practice each meditation, they are your clues to your inner issues you have in the body.
  • Download or have access to your current favorite meditations through the day, in case you need to release stress when it happens! it is important to learn to let these 'problems' flow through us, so first we practice being aware but also unattached to the outcome. We learn to deal with our issues instead of just having damaging stress filling the energetic body and consciousness.
  • check out the chakra chart and see where your issues,blockages are in the energetic body
  • Be sure to listen to all of my videos and do the quizzes
  • Ask questions.
  • Start your journal or artbook
  • Its up to you
I encourage you to stay on Egg #1 and the whole Step One of the series, for as long as you feel you have to. There is so much that comes up in the Step One series that it is better not to rush it. So be patient and give yourself time to learn the techniques. Practice the technique of the meditation, FEEL  the blockages. Start to pay attention to our thoughts, in meditation and not. As we begin to unlock these knotted up energies in the body, as we give the mind a few moments to feel peace.
We Step and We Step Friends.
Love to You,
Why I use Theta in All of my Meditation Soundtracks
Your Egg Aura
Clearing the Fog Some Questions to ponder
Chakra Chart and Our Issues

Use this Chakra Chart to find your issues relating to your chakra energy centers  This lists some of the imbalances that we can experience in the chakras. You can then concentrate on this area and stay a little longer with the meditations connected to the chakra and its issues.
Graphic Your Chakra Positions Seated

Where are your chakra wheels while seated? Here you go!

Chakra Basics

Don't know anything about your chakras? Here is another great little chart to get your started. 

Radiant Meditation online Courses by Shae Vere 

Chakra Basics

1st Chakra: RED - (Muladhara Chakra)  - Root Chakra (base of spine) - Grounding and Survival:

Element: EARTH: Physical identity: oriented to self-preservation
Red is the color of physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire.  
The Root Chakra is stable and grounding.
Root Chakra Stones:  Agate, Ametrine, black obsidian, black tourmaline, blood stone, carnelian, hematite, fire agate, garnet, ruby, nephrite, smoky quartz, onyx.
Physical:  Adrenal glands, kidneys, spinal. column, back, hips, legs, feet;
Spiritual:  stability security, grounding, courage
Aligned with the planets Pluto and Mars

2nd Chakra: ORANGE - (Svadhisthana Chakra)  Sacral or Spleen (lower abdomen to navel)

Element: Water, Emotional identity, oriented to self-gratification
Orange is the color of creativity and sexuality.
The Sacral Chakra is creative and sexual
Sacral Chakra Stones: Amber, Aragonite, carnelian, citrine, Cuprite, golden topaz, golden beryl, orange calcite, white moonstone, Rutilated quartz, sunstone, Selenite, orange aventurine, zircon
Physical: Genital area, reproductive organs, bladder, bowel and lower intestine
Spiritual: creativity, harmony, emotional balance, joy, success, passion, sexuality
Aligned with the planet Mars and the Sun

3rd Chakra: YELLOW - (Manipura Chakra)Solar Plexus -(below the ribs but above the navel)

Element: Fire, Ego identity, oriented to self-definition
Yellow is the color of : Wisdom - Intellect - Enthusiasm - Joy - Optimism
The Navel Charka affects personal power and fulfillment, abundance, courage and self-confidence
Solar Plexus Chakra Stones: Amber, citrine, emerald, golden topaz, tiger-eye, malachite, peridot
Physical: Stomach, pancreas, liver;
Spiritual: courage, personal power, strength, self worth, transformation.
Aligned with planet Mars and the Sun

4th Chakra: GREEN - (Anahata Chakra) Heart Chakra (center of the chest ):

Element: Air, Social identity, oriented to self-acceptance
Green is the color of  Healing, Growth,  Abundance, Prosperity and Hope
The Heart Chakra stimulates healing resulting in greater self-love, and thus, love for others.
Heart Chakra Stones: Amazonite, Rose quartz, pink tourmaline, Rubellite, Rhodochrosite, emerald, , malachite, ruby,  nephrite, Chrysoprase, rhodonite, green tourmaline, green aventurine, green onyx, green jade,  Heart Chakra stones are particularly powerful when combined with Rose Quartz.
Physical: Heart, lungs, thymus gland;
Spiritual: love, forgiveness, compassion.
Aligned with the planet Venus and the Moon

5th Chakra: BLUE -  ( Vishuddha Chakra)  Throat Chakra :

Element: Water,  Sound, Creative identity oriented to communication, self-expression
Blue is the color of  Tranquility, Trust, and Intuition
The Throat Chakra stimulates the ability to communicate one's deepest truths.
Aquamarine, chrysocolla, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, blue turquoise, lapis lazuli, iolite, kyanite, zircon.
Physical: Mouth, throat, thyroid;
Spiritual: will power, creativity, communication, truthfulness.
Aligned with the planets Mercury and Neptune

6th Chakra - INDIGO - (Ajna Chakra)Brow or Third Eye (center of forehead):

Element: light - Archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection
Indigo (a mix of blue and violet) it is the color of knowledge, dignity and Intuition
The Third Eye Charka stimulates higher intuition, Spirituality,  and psychic power.
Amethyst, azurite, blue tourmaline, sapphire, lavender quartz, sodalite, iolite, tanzanite, purple fluorite,
Physical: Eyes, brain, pituitary, pineal gland, nervous system
Spiritual: balance, clarity, intuition, coordination.
Aligned with planets Mercury and Neptune

7th Chakra - PURPLE - (Sahasrara Chakra) Crown Chakra (top of the head)

Element:  Thought, Universal identity, oriented to self-knowledge
Purple is the color of Strength,  Passion, and Meditation
The Crown Chakra is the center of Spirituality
Clear quartz, charoite, amethyst, diamond, moonstone, lavender quartz, white topaz.
Physical: brain stem, pineal gland, top of spinal cord;
Spiritual: spirituality, life force.
Aligned with all the planets

Shae Vere Studio www.shaevere.ca  Online Radiant Meditation Courses, Intuitive Art, Intuitive Readings, Spirit Portraits and Readings
Egg #1 and Open video discussions with Shae

Egg #1 is where this whole Radiant Life and Meditation thing started! Learn this earth core grounding and chakra clearing and aura building technique and combine that with Shae's Open Technique for a powerful meditative combination great to get you quickly grounded, centered and released of any negative buildups. Great for people that are sensitive to noise, crowds, or other people's energies. Remember do them Gorilla Style on the spot!

STEP ONE Grounding, Lower Chakras Issues

Are Your Lower Chakras Out of Balance?
Here are some more questions to help you uncover your personal issues, blockages and energies.

Write down your answers in your Meditation Journal.

The First Three in Step One
Egg #1 Meditation video


First meditation in the DO YOUR EGG meditation series designed to release our issues from the body and mind , ground with the earth and expand with consciousness and spirit. Feel Better Friends and Do Your Egg

Learn this technique and use it for the rest of your life!

What is the EGG? we work at feeling it, freeing it, it is what others call our aura, it is our energy. Learn how to use it and more with this whole series.

Egg 1 mp3
Open Meditation and Technique Meditation
  • OPEN technique
  • especially important for peoples that are sensitive, creative or pick up people's energies a lot IE an Empath!

    Use anytime you are in a stressful situation. Great to relax anxiety, free negative energies from others. This is the first meditation that you learned in this course, along with the basic grounding and aligning of the Egg #1 meditation. So learn this one. I can do it in just a moment. It is just practice and patience.

    • Naturally when we are in stressful situations we close up the body and our energetic body gets out of balance and clogged up. (thats the chakra system). We need to be in flow and learn to let go of this energy from the body, mind and spirit. I truly believe that we can learn to use our energetic body and release and align as needed, once we learn how.

    •  We practice our OPEN technique by FEELING EVERY CELL IN OUR BODY OPEN, we feel all this negative energy flow THROUGH and OUT of us. We need to feel EXPANSION and OPEN
    Open mp3
    Integrating The Fire Meditation







    Great for the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra balancing.

    Get up and dance it just what the Sacral wants!

    Integrating the Fire mp3
    Power Meditation

    Connect with our true power, not the power perceived by the ego but your energy and energetic powers. Connect with the earth and solar energies and your own spirit. This is where the true power is activated in our lives.

    Power Meditation mp3
    Nourish Meditation

    We Radiant our energy but we must also support our nourishing flow BACK to us! This is what nourish helps us to feel and practice. Sacral and Solar Plexus
    This meditation is part of my 17 Day Meditation Cleanse

    The Gut Meditation

    This series focuses on our BODY ISSUES, our EGO controls, our CLEARING and moving on from these issues too! We learn to clear this energy out of our body. ALL THINGS RELATED TO THE LOWER CHAKRAS OF THE BODY AND ITS 3D ISSUES and emotional body. We can get kinked up here and then be cut off from whole other areas of ourselves. THE GUT meditation helps us to unravel our issues and show them too us so we can let them go at the root level, ENERGETICALLY here is where our spirit shows itself , lets clear the body connect the spirit quiet the mind.  

    The Gut Meditation mp3
    Clearing the Energies Meditation


    This one you can DO ANYTIME and when we are at the beginning of our meditation or energy exercise practice we may need to do this MANY TIMES THROUGH THE DAY.

     Also for SENSITIVES! we need to clear everyone else's energy from our body too! learn how with this meditation and remember to OPEN not CLOSE UP. 

    So EVERYONE if you are feeling stressed FEEL  your body OPEN not close down or getting smaller.


    Clearing the Energies mp3

    Videos and Extras Step One.

    Finding Your Issues with Meditation
    Weight Loss and Meditation Video Chat
    Video Discussion: How to Ground to Earth Core Energy

    In Egg 1 and beginning Radiant Meditation it is very important that we ground to the earth core energy. This is a video discussion on how to ground with the earth CORE energy and why I feel it is important.

    Sacral Chakra Living Discussion
    Healing Our Inner Child Meditation
    Listen to this meditation to learn the visualization, then practice on your own after your Egg #1 (or 2). You should be relaxed and in a deep meditative state to begin your visualization. Before your practice ALWAYS ask your higher self ONLY to watch over you and be the one in charge of all meditations and interactions with others. Ask for your higher self to protect the space from influence and interference.
    Releasing Fear Patterns Meditation
    This is a great one for all those issues in our lower chakras. This is part of my 17 Day Radiant Meditation Cleanse available here on Udemy.com
    Inviting the Money Spirit Meditation
    Shae guides us through this meditation that teaches us how to calling the spirit of money into our life. We work with freeing the blockages with money spirit, power and flow. Learn how to invite and work with abundance spirits and your own higher self.

    Step Two The Heart Energy

    Beginning Step Two

    Congratulations! You should feel much more grounded, relaxed, secure. Stay in Step One as long as you need to, you will know when its time to move to the Heart. It will call you! If you are not sure yet about your meditation practice or all that unraveling that goes along with it! then you may want…

    Is Your Heart Out of Balance?

    Now Moving into the Heart, here are a few questions that you can ponder in your meditation Journal. Unlock that heart and flow. Are you depressed? or can be?true-false

  • Do you have self love issues? (mark as true)This is a heart flow and balance issue so this imbalance of self love can be expressed from being self absorbed to self loathing


  • breathing problems?


  • Are you lonely? don't like your own company?


  • Do you only live to care for others?or do you only care about yourself?


  • Are you fearful of life and the love you will recieve?


  • Do you have trust issues?trust too much or too little?


  • Do you feel vulnerabe? do you trust that you will be loved and get the life you want?


  • Do you take good care of yourself?


  • Are you well cared for by others?


  • 3
    The Heart

    THE HEART HEART MEDITATIONS A NEW EGG WE START WITH EGG # 2 I have focused on the HEART SONG because I was really PUSHED to do this one! This idea that the HEART PUTS OUT ENERGY or this NEW SONG pieced together for me recently in a new way, but this still supports my belief in our energy and learnin…

    The Heart Video Discussions

    Heart Lecture 1

    Discussion on the Higher Heart as opposed to living in Ego and lower chakras and energies.

    Heart Lecture 2

    Discussion on Heart Exploration exercises and Creative Spirit Journaling

    ps watch for new workbook journal AND new Creative Spirit Online Course to teach you my favorite creative spirit meditation and creative processes.

    Heart Lecture 3

    Discussion on learning to be a good heart listener!

    Heart Lecture 4

    Discussion on bringing my heart into your life, surrounding your life with what and who your heart wants.

    Heart Lecture 5

    Continue on your Heart Path, expressing, exploring and meditating!

    The Heart Guided Meditations mp3's

    Egg 2 Meditation video

    Now we move on to Our Egg Two taking us step by step through our blockages and creating our energetic alignment.

    Now it is all about our Heart.

    Egg # 2 mp3
    Heart Energy and Flow Meditation mp3

    This is a powerful meditation AND Heart Calling Technique!

    We Learn to push and pull energies after we have opening and strengthened our Heart Flow.

    Heart Egg Meditation mp3

    Learn Your Heart Egg, free your flow, activate the higher heart. I recommend staying with the Egg #2 and this meditation for as long as you can! It is the time of the heart and freeing the heart. Repeat as many times as you need to. Repeat until you feel you have fully activated your Higher Heart Energy Center.
    Heart Egg mp3
    Heart Voice Meditation mp3

    Okay hang on this one is know to release lots of tears too. You may really feel energy in the throat, feel the blockage and feel it releasing. This is a GREAT TIME to also explore with my Eggsploration technique, you can purchase the class right here. Regardless let out your creative ideas, voice too at this time, Free your creative expression. This is also activating our HIGHER VOICE, no longer are we communicating from our lower chakras and those ego issues, now we are actually driving from a higher perspective, an expanded perspective and we are pounds lighter after all of our work with the Step one of this Do Your Egg Series.
    Heart Song Meditation mp3

    This is the last in the Higher Heart Connecting Series. Please repeat all of these Heart Meditations for as long as you need to before moving onto Step Three. You may experience a lot of creative expression. Do not judge your creative spirit but free it. Surround yourself with all the people, places and things that you love and boot out the rest. In your outer life you should be feeling more forgiving, and able to speak from this higher perspective now and you are taking time to smell the roses.
    Heart Calling Technique mp3
    This is an amazing HEART CALLING TECHNIQUE! It is from my 17 Day Radiant Meditation Cleanse but is so powerful I had to add it into the Complete Course as well. You may have to work with your Heart Energy, issues, balances and blockages before you send out your Heart Calls. We need to know what we are Heart Calling for (its not shoes, dig deeper) in our lives and journey. 

    Heart Calling is such an IMPORTANT technique to learn. The more your work with open and strengthening your heart flow the stronger your heart call will be. 

    Be sure to sign up for the whole 17 Day Radiant Meditation Cleanse when you are finished. You can find a Coupon at the end of this course!


    Step Three Expression and Intuition

    Beginning Step Three
    WHEW! freeing our heart is just amazing isn't it! This Step Three is taking us into freeing our voice and higher expression, critical to being someone that actually lives by what they love and want to put into the world. ( this is living in the heart). Step Three is also waking up and working on con…
    Is your Throat and Expression out of Balance?
    How is your expression and flow? are you full of fear? Here are some questions for you to ponder in your Meditation Journal. 

    Step Three Video Discussions

    Video Discussion: Our Third Eye

    A discussion on what is in the way of connecting our intuition, 3rd eye and higher self.

    A journey of the chakras and our blockages. Meditation tip for expanding our psychic field in the 3rd eye.

    I have my Radiant Meditations online and on demand with lifetime access.

    I am available for one on one support too where we focus on your and your steps, meditations, connection and unraveling.

    Skype or phone sessions with Shae Your Intuitive Artist.

    Here is my website http://www.shaevere.com

    Here is my Udemy Classroom where you can find all of my Do Your Egg Radiant meditation classes. Do step by step or buy the whole series. 

    Do Your Egg Step One Lower Chakras, ego, security, sexuality, self esteem


    Do Your Egg Step Two The Heart


    Do Your Egg Step Three Higher Expression, Intuition, Higher Self


    Join me on my Facebook page and receive some great specials too on my other Intuitive services, like Spirit Portraits with Readings, Egg Readings and new Empath Picture Reading. Seeing your spirit. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Do-Your-EGG-with-Shae/242172619174745


    Step Three meditation mp3's

    Egg 3 Meditation with Triangle Charging Technique

    Okay this is a tricky one, but a powerful STEP in fully aligning and clearing our kundalini energies. So learn this triangle technique and then you can just practise your Radiant Egg technique on your own with one of my free soundtracks I have provided. The whole idea in this series if for you to learn these techniques and use them on your own, work them into your own life. Want to learn how? then sign up for a personal one on one session with Shae OR sign up for a live class. copyright Shae Vere 2012 Do Your Egg Radiant Meditations www.shaevere.com email to book your Skype Session and we can chat face to face!
    The Voice Meditation

    This one is connect our heart to our higher voice. This is all about LEAVING using our voice and expression for all ego or lower chakra issues. This is where we step into our power and express from our higher self. This will also connect you with your fourth eye ( not just third) and the more you practice this expression the easier it will get, the more sense it will make. You will need to have this all worked out before moving on to the Alignment meditation which is the last in the series. Do you need some one on one support? I am available for all your question or to take you through this whole series. In step three many questions seem to come up for everyone, book a personal skype session to really move forward quickly and really understand how all this is being reflected in your own life. http://shaevere.com
    Charging The Third Eye Meditation

    Okay lets open up our Third Eye, you are safely in your EGG and should be able to see and get rid of any dimensional beings that may be attracted to you when you open your Third Eye. This is a powerful meditation and feels SO GOOD, especially when you NEED to OPEN.
    4D Calling Technique Meditation

    Higher Alignment Meditation

    This is what you have worked so hard for, this alignment may happen right away or you might still need to work through your issues before you feel this alignment with your higher self. All the issues in your way should now be mainly dislodged BUT many do this series from beginning to end a few times. It is all in the learning and it is all about how many issues we have in our way personally. Do you need some private support to support this Unraveling and meditation series? I am available for one on one support, here, or book private skype sessions with me too! http://www.shaevere.com
    Earth Egg Meditation

    This is one that is great to again REGROUND with the earth, right from where we started with our Egg #1, but now it will feel SOOO different and clear. This meditation will also connect you to hearing the earth consciousness and can bring us closer to nature. This meditation is also for the earth, helping to bring all those good higher energies back to her! We step and we step friends. In peace Shae again if you would like some personal sessions to support your new steps I am here! Go to www.shaevere.com

    After Egg

    Written Do Your Egg Techniques to Practice
    These should only be used once you have mastered the meditations and feel ready to just do on your own. So please do the meditations FIRST and do these techniques as you progress. I will remind you :) how to videos coming SENSITIVE EMPATH OPEN technique Use anytime you are in a stressful situation f…
    What's next?
    I encourage you to continue with your meditation practice working into your meditations all the great and powerful techniques you have learned in this Do Your Egg Series. Remember how to move, call, push and pull your own energy and the energy of the Universe! If you would like to continue working w…
    Try my 17 Day Radiant Meditation Cleanse

    Mindful Meditation for the Rest of Your Life

    Mindful Meditation for Life

    This Whole Do Your Egg Course is taking you towards your lifelong meditation practice which can be simple Mindful Meditation. I will explain!

    Just Soundtracks

    Just Theta Soundtrack for your own meditation Journey's
    Simple Theta Soundtrack to just put on a loop and listen to while you work too!

    Use this or the Chime Meditation to practice your own personal meditation practice.

    Make sure that you download this mp3 and save to your meditation library on your computer, iphone or ipad device!

    Chimes Meditation mp3
    Simple Chime Meditation for your own mediation practice without Shae's talking you through it.

    Chime meditation played and recorded by Shae 

    Download to your iphone or ipod device so that you have your meditations close on hand when you need them. 

    Sleep Help Delta Soundwaves track
    If you are having trouble getting into that sleeping state, download this simple Delta Soundwave track, put on the headphones, go lay down and breathe. Practice your Open Technique. Feel yourself relax from head to toe.

    I also suggest telling your higher self or spirit to help you to rest, help your mind to be restful. 

    Tell your Ego you are in charge, it can rest now. 

    Just Alpha soundtrack - Relaxed, creative, and have a clear mind.
    Alpha brain waves are considered relaxed brainwave activity. Alpha brainwaves are brainwaves that cycle within the range of 8 – 12 Hz and are usually generated in the brains right hemisphere or in a synchronized pattern between both right and left hemispheres. Alpha waves kick in when our mind and body are completely relaxed and free of stress.

    Alpha is generally thought of as the normal brainwave that is dominant in people who are relaxed, creative, and have a clear mind. Alpha is considered the “normal” brainwave pattern and is dominant when people close their eyes. Children tend to have much higher levels of alpha brainwaves than adults. Alpha brainwaves are considered the healthiest brainwave range and 10 Hz has widely been accepted as the “safest” brainwave frequency to train.

    Most children and younger teenagers have a dominant alpha rhythm. ” If your brain is deficient in the alpha brainwave pattern, increasing them can feel awesome!

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