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The Cure For Motivation

Increase productivity, motivation, and get more results this year.
Andrew Alexander
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Break Any Habit Without The Need For Willpower
Discover How Our Unconscious Mind and Bodies Are Biologically Programmed To Take Action.
Eliminate The Need For Motivational Videos or Inspirational Quotes To "Feel Motivated"
Notice Steady Progress Towards Their Larger Goal and Use That As Motivation That You Are On The Right Track.
Eliminate The Fear of Failure and Fear of Success
Take Consistent Action So You Will Be Able To Achieve The Life You Dreamed of Living

What won’t happen if you don’t take action on your goals and dreams?


Your life will be exactly the same as it is now.

  1. Your fitness won’t improve (heck – it might get worse!)
  2. Your financial situation will be the same.
  3. Your love life and relationships will be the same.

Getting new, exciting experiences and results in your life.

That’s what this course is about.

In this course, I break down simple to use tips & tricks about how our bodies are biologically programmed to take action.

By working with the existing flow of our biology and psychology…you can’t not take action towards (and therefor achieve) your goals after you take this course.

The Cure For Procrastination


This lecture will introduce you to how to manipulate our existing biological programming to help us take more action towards our goals.

Using Pain & Pleasure To Take Action With Ease

This lecture addresses the deepest unconscious drivers that are responsible for all of our actions in life. When we tap into the very drivers that are programmed to keep us alive, we have the power to do anything.

Trick Your Unconscious Motivators With Quantum Linguistics

Your unconscious mind takes things you say literally. By implementing Quantum Linguistics into your life, you can quickly turn negative behaviors into a thing of the past.

Overwhelming Positive Emotions For Success

This lecture covers the importance of supercharging your desire for your desired outcome

How To Always Take Action

What if there is a way to always take action? This lecture will show you how that's already happening.

Definitive Language Gets Your Definitive Action

How certain are you in your language that you're going to take action?

Take One Action Right Now

This lecture allows you to narrow your focus on one thing, and be confident that it will lead you to your ultimate goal.

Fail Your Way To Success

You are about to make the fear of failure a thing of the past.

The Habit Loop

Habits vs. Choices

This section will teach you how to turn some of your worst habits into choices, and allow you to let them go.

Habits Are Neural Pathways In Your Brain

When you understand how habits form neural pathways in your brain, you now have the power to replace negative habits with positive habits.

Identify the Negative Behavior & The Trigger Event

Every negative behavior has a trigger event that allows your brain to realize it's time to partake in that habit.

Link Your New Behavior To The Existing Positive Reward

Discover how to overcome any habit, without the need for willpower.

Strengthen Your Positive Habit, Weaken The Old

This is the lecture where everything comes together, and you created the new habit for the successful you.

Focus, Mental Energy, and Long Term Motivation

Sprinkle Small Wins Into Your Future For Long Term Success

Learn how to stay motivated, even when you don't see results right away.

Mental Energy - Where Is Yours Going?

There is a reason why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same shirt every day of the week. And it has to do with your limited amount of mental energy.

Mental Focus & Getting In The Zone

When you learn how to get in the zone, and stay in the zone, you can get more done with your life.

The Quadrant

By using the quadrant, you can easily navigate between the four areas and decide which one serves you best right now.

Five Steps For Increased Focus

This section concludes with five steps for increased focus and productivity.

Bonus Tips For Higher Levels of Success

Set Your Destination

If you don't know where you're going, you won't know what steps to take to get there.

Take That Leap Towards Your Goals

Here is the story of three entrepreneurs fully committing to their goals.

The Long Journey To Success

If you're expecting your big goals to unfold in front of you quickly, this video will give you more clarity on the topic.

The Journey Is The Destination

Some of us with larger goals in life get so fixated on the big prize. They say disappointment is the difference between expectation and experience.

Reciprocity - The Most Powerful Tool For Success

Reciprocity is the number one tool for living a successful life.

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