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The Dopamine Cure – Hack the Happiness & Motivation Hormone

Learn the 2-step-formula on how to raise dopamine effectively for endless motivation (break addictions + boost Dopamin)
Jakob Brand
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Reclaim your motivation by maximizing your motivation super-chemical
Get rid of addictive reward cycles and move forward in creating a life of freedom
Establish new habits and strategies that will optimize your dopamine levels naturally
Learn how to build massive momentum to reach longer term goals with positive reward cycles

Dopamine lies at the core of the motivation process and is the main driver of a fulfilled life.

When we lack dopamine, it is impossible to feel motivated.

In experiments with mice that are depleted of dopamine the animals starve to death even when food is readily available right next to them. They literally lose the motivation to eat.

This is an extreme example but most people can resonate with the feeling behind: For many it is not uncommon to wake up unmotivated, just wanting to go back to bed, putting the blanket of the blanket over the head and don’t doing anything.

A lack of dopamine is more common then we think.

That is because the modern lifestyle hast set up some traps that kill our motivation and long-term happiness by hijacking the dopamine-reward-system.

 And this has scary consequences:

 Low energy

  • Low motivation

  • Depression

  • Low libido

  • Difficulty to focus

  • Life seems less colourful

Before we learn how to increase dopamine levels naturally we have to get off these negative reward cycles. And this is where most books and courses about dopamine and motivation fail. They just teach how to raise dopamine but fail to address the underlying issues that cause a lack of dopamine.

Thus, this course follows a two-step approach:

1st step: Getting off negative reward cycles that kill your motivation and increasing dopamine receptor density

2nd step: Actively increasing dopamine to fuel your goals

You will learn Actionable, Practical, and SAFE Steps to Heal your reward-system and load up your system with the fuel for your goals.

Why This Course?

Despite it’s low price, this course offers powerful benefits like:

  • Saving hundreds of hours of research: We go straight to the important things you need to know to improve your dopamine and motivation

  • Learning how social media, porn and computer games hijack your dopamine and kill your motivation

  • Break the addiction to instant gratification that keep you stuck and unhappy

  • Get hooked on positive reward cycle that put you on the Fastlane and bring longterm happiness into your      life

  • Develop a clear and personal action plan

  • Learn how to strategically use supplements that raise dopamine

  • Get to know the methods top-performer use to boost their motivation and dopamine

The course is backed up by proven, scientific studies, which you’ll find in the syllabus.

So there is no second-guessing anymore. Its proven that you will achieve incredible results if you are willing to put the strategies into practice.

If you are willing to do that, click “Enroll Now” and start your journey today!

Medical Disclaimer: The information in this course is intended for educational purposes only. The author Jakob Brand assumes no responsibility to persons or property as a result of use or misuse of the information contained within. Always consult a health professional before making any changes to your health regimen.



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Ancient body - modern world

The traps of the modern lifestyle...

Not the reward but the motivation

Dopamine's main function is one step before the actual reward happens. You will learn what it is exactly in this unit

The (brief) theory

The necessary theory to understand what we want to accomplish in this course

Advantages of naturally high dopamine levels

Porbably you are here to feel more motivated. Dopamine does accomplish that for sure. But it has also some other powerful advantages. In this unit we will see which ones specifically

Problems with a lack of dopamine

You will know if you are dopamine defficient. At this end of this unit I invite you to take a quick self-assessment

How to work with this course

Learn how to work with this practical course. (It is a little different than the ones you are used to)

Hooked on a negative cycle (or how to to break addictions)

Social Media vs. Real Relationships
Porn vs. Real Sexuality
Fast Food vs. Real Food
Gaming vs. Real Life Experiences

Hooked on a positive reward cycle

Use dopamine for what it is designed (real progress)

Unconventional strategies that increase dopamine naturally and actively

The dopamine diet - which foods leverage your motivation?
Use supplements strategically
Raise Dopamine like Buddha
The primal eating pattern that increases dopamine receptor density
Raise Dopamine with exercise
Take the cold shower challenge
Natures #1 Dopamine Booster - the sun
Better sleep for better dopamine production


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