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The inner child connect and use it for personal development

Use the Inner child ability for prevention and therapy of Space and time Disorder (STD) for kids and adults.
Dr. Anastasia Makratzi
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You will know about the concept of "inner child" ability so you can help you child or students to be always connected .
You will Know and will have try the unique method START, for a start connection with the inner child and the charisma it brings to you.
You will have finished a small task which will give you the insight of what you can achieve if you trust yourself. This way you will Know how to facilitate your child or students.
You will have one more tool in hand to pevent and heal Space and Time Disorder (STD) for you
You will have one more tool in hand to prevent and heal Space and Time Disorder (STD) for a child
You will learn how to help your child to be effective and happy in everything he/she is doing
  • This is a course about the “Inner child” ability connection with the simple S.T.A.R.T. method. You will learn what the inner child is in order effectively to facilitate your child or students as parent or teacher not to lose all the benefits it has got.


Have you ever tried to start something new or to start working on something that you want very much but you afraid and so you never go in. This way the time is passing and


  • you lose deadlines,


  • you lose money;


  • you lose the ability to be in your core job or,


  •  to do what you really love and deserves.


  • or you have started, you have finished all the dirty work and the only thing you have to do is to present it, but you are afraid to do it.


I know exactly how you feel. I have pass from the same path. For many years I was doing all the work and then I was not going on to present it. The cost was enormous, loss of money, time, jobs, and hours of happiness with my family as well as my own self because I always had to finish the already finished work.

Up to now the only way was to wait and wait till you could not wait anymore, or to take programs for help you unstuck. But these were not permanent because they were not taking in account the inner problem. And this was that there was lost of the connection with the inner child. Which is Space and Time Disorder (STD).   

This is why I have made this course. I want help you to understand what the inner child is and I am giving you a very simple task with which you will be able to start to be again with this ability of yourself. I do not want any more people to feel this pain.


My name is Anastasia Makratzi and I am a teacher, a counsellor, researcher  and a reiki master therapist founder of the anthropocentric Self Communication and Relation approach. I have been working many years now on how to be in full functionality in our everyday life, and how to help our children to be happy, full functional persons, not to be afraid to work in order to accomplish their dreams, desires, and core needs.   I have got  a specialization (PhD) and I am counselling and teaching  for Space and Time Disorder (STD) prevention, identification and therapy. 

In this course:


  • You will understand the difference with the “child” that we normally work in sessions


  • You will have in clear steps the S.T.A.R.T. method to start to connect with this ability of the self


  • You will be able to work with your child or students to help them to learn to work in a way that respects their self and to be able to finish what they start and prevent or therapy of Space and Time  Disorder (STD)


  • Eventually you will be able to save time, money, energy.


Till now there is not another course or workshop to work with this method. In this way can be done only by me as I have the awareness through all the studies and work with myself in many areas and specifically on the perception of space and time and the self.


This is an online informative and educational course.  For mental issues and  a treatment for you or your child you must get the advice from a specialist.   

In this course you will learn


  •  the basic concept of the inner child


  • Where it is that differentiates from all the other works on the “child” till now.


  • You will learn to work with the method S.T.A.R.T.


  • You will have an in hand tool to work for the prevention and Therapy of Space and TIme Disorder (STD)

So it is the time to take action and click on the “Take This Course” button in the top right hand side of this page and follow the instructions.


You have nothing to lose. There is 30 day back guarantee, and you will have access to all the futures updates with no extra cost.     

If you have any questions, you can message, or leave a question in the Q& A area in order a question to start.


Can you imagine how you will feel if you know exactly how to help your child or students to work in a way that will be in connection with the inner child ability of the self?  And prevent them from Space and Time Disorder  (STD)? Or how it will be when you are educated again through very simple steps to not to be afraid to start, finish and present your dream work?   

Click to “Take this Course” button now 

I was asked the following questions and I think they are usefull for all of us.

1. Does the play therapy course enables me to help children undergoing any kind of trauma? Or prevention of any kind of overwhelm? Or is it specifially geared towards space and time disorder alone?

2. Does becoming a play therapist enable me to also connect myself and the children to the inner child?

3. The play therapy is meant for children of what age range specifically?


1. Each disorder or trauma has got different characteristics and has been created as a result of many different reasons so needs a specific way of therapy.  The method that I present can be used as a supplementary with other types of therapy so it can meets the needs of a variety of types of trauma but it is for children who can communicate and play in some way.



2. Does becoming a play therapist enable me to also connect myself and the children to the inner child?

 Yes,  play can help you to connect with the inner child


3. The play therapy is meant for children of what age range specifically?

This method as it is presented here is for children 4-6 or 7 years old, but I use it even with adults.

You can find valuable information, practices and methodes in all other of my courses

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If you want to be in the course  but you cannot afford to pay ask for it with a message to me!

Even if only one person is going to benefit from this course then it worths the effort.


Lecture 1 # Inner Child © Introduction
Lecture 2 The Inner Child
Lecture 3 The S.T.A.R.T Method
Lecture 4 #Step 1
Lecture 5 # Step 2
Lecture 6 # Part 3
Lecture 7 #Step4
Lecture 8 #Step 5
Lecture 9 #Steps 6-7
Lecture 10 #Teach a child
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