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The Law of Attraction for Love

How To Use The Law of Attraction To Achieve Your Desires For Your Love Life
Darlene Therrien
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Students will be able to achieve any of their love goals by using The Law of Attraction
Students will be able to use LOA tools and exercises effectively
Students will be able to change limiting beliefs to supporting beliefs

An Overview

This course offers a unique approach using both theory and practice to teach students how to become successful in achieving their unique set of desires for their romantic love life. The course uses The Law of Attraction to explain The Love Process – A process divised by the instructor based on basic principles of social psychology. The love process describes the necessary aspects for generating successful experiences in the area of life dealing with romantic love which most people overlook but are actually responsible for hindering the achievement of their love goals. 

The course is adapted to suit the needs of anyone who would like to achieve a desire within the area of romantic love. This course is perfect for anyone who is looking to attract the right person into their life, successfully date, build a strong, healthy relationship, or find their soulmate. 

The course includes a variety of self-assessments dealing with The Law of Attraction and The Love Process. Students will use their new knowledge of The Law of Attraction and actively apply it with tools, exercises and evaluation techniques to gain insight to their own unique problem(s) concerning their current romantic love life situation and solve the problems they are faced with. The instructor uses concrete examples and analogies to explain concepts pertaining to the Law of Attraction that are often misunderstand and poorly executed. 


Section 1.0 

In this section, students will learn everything they need to know about The Law of Attraction to achieve their desires for love. The information is presented in a logical sequence where each lecture builds on the previous giving the student a conclusive and tangible way to understand The Law of Attraction. This includes in depth definitions, diagrams and simple explanations that focus on core concepts which are important for using the Law of Attraction for love, but will also allow students to begin using the law of attraction in other areas of life if they so wish.

At the end of the section their is a self-assessment to help the student to reflect on their current situation with their newly learned knowledge, solidify main concepts and set the pace for the rest of the course. The self-assessment in this section can be used multiple times through-out the course to help students make meaningful connections between what is being learned and their individual needs.

Section 2.0 

In this section, students will learn about The Love Process. The process is broken down into three steps which are key to manifesting love life desires. Each step contains includes two self-assessments for a total of 6 self-assessments which aim to idenify the problem and offer insight and guidelines for solving even the most complicated problems relating to their unique desire for love. 

Section 3.0

In this section, students will learn about the different tools and exercises that show them what they must do in order to apply the Law of Attraction and sucessfully achieve their love life desire. Students will continue to complete their self-assessments and be able to devise an action plan that is specific to their needs. Students will be able to download and start implementing the exercises quickly. Students are also provided with external resources for incorporting techniques that go beyond traditional methods taught by most Law of Attraction practioners.

Section 4.0

In this section, students will learn about evaluation techniques which will fine-tune their results. The techniques are effective for tracking progress, gaining even greater insight and double as additional exercises that student can use to further apply what they have learned. The evaluation techniques also help to prevent the student from encountering more potential problems or road blocks thus increasing their ability to manifest their love goals and desires successfully. 

All About The Law of Attraction

What is the law of attraction?

In this lecture, you are introduced to the law of attraction and learn the basic definition. This basic definition is then broken down into three main parts that are elaborated on individually and then put back together at the end, giving you a more in depth understanding of the basic definition.

What are beliefs?

In this lecture, we continue to look at the basic definition from the previous lecture but are now focusing on a new concept. This new concept is beliefs. You will understand the relationship that beliefs have with our basic definition.

How we form and analyze beliefs

In this lecture, we go over a concrete example to demonstrate how we form beliefs and the obstacles we must overcome to be able to analyze them effectively.

Emotional energy

In this lecture, we learn about emotional energy. It is the energy that comes from actions and beliefs  which the universe uses to manifest all of our life experiences.


In this lecture we learn about the driving forces that fuel our desires, the common problem with desires and the solution for properly fueling desires.

An analogy

In this lecture, we go over an analogy to explain the Law of Attractions and how our beliefs affect our ability to achieve our desires.

Section summary

This lecture summarizes the content in section 1.

The Love Process

Introduction to Section 2.0

This lecture explain what we will be learning in section 2.

Introduction to The Love Process

In this lecture, we are introduced to the love process.

Step 1

In this lecture, we will learn the basics about Step 1 in the love process.


This lecture defines integrity and explains its importance in the love process.


This lecture defines honesty and explains its importance in the love process.

Step 2

In this lecture, we will learn the basics about Step 2 in the love process.


This lecture defines trust and explains its importance in the love process.


This lecture defines respect and explains its importance in the love process.

Step 3

In this lecture, we will learn the basics about Step 3 in the love process.


This lecture defines forgiveness and explains its importance in the love process.

True love

This lecture defines true love and explains its importance in the love process.

Section summary

This lecture summarizes the content in section 2.

The Application of Tools and Exercises

Introduction to Section 3.0

In this lecture, we are introduced to section 3 and outline what we will be learning in this section.


This lecture explains visualisation.


This lecture explains affirmations.


This lecture explains hypnotherapy, an additional resource for students to use.

Emotional Freedom Technique

This lecture explains the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Evaluation Techniques

Introduction to Section 4.0

In this lecture, we are introduced to section 4 of the course and outline what will be covered

Analytic journaling
Motivational Journaling
7 Tips for Successful Journaling
Playing Detective
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