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The Magic of Making Love Daily

How to LOVE your life no matter what!
Nadia Ramoutar
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Enjoy daily life more no matter what
Feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin
Design a life with enough energy for love & playfulness
Get over old stuff and make room for the new
Unlock The "secret key" to happy hormones vs. evil one
Be A-mused and A-musing: Making Acts of Love
Comprehend why they do what they do when they do it
BE MORE Vibrant, vital and vivacious

Life can get hard, people can be unkind and the world can feel cold – but you can still love where you are.  So, here are some practical tips and some science on how you can love it more.  No matter what happens!  I want you to be incredibly happy. So happy, that your goal in life is to make other people happy too.  It’s possible for you to LOVE every moment of your life no matter what is going on around you.  You were made to be a lover of life.

Let’s take you to the next level of being alive. Fully alive. Vibrant. Fueled. Ready to make a difference all day, every day.

This course is about living beyond the surface and moving deeper into what makes us feel alive.  It’s about having vibrant energy and meaningful connections while having fun and feeling connected. This course is about being a lover and leaving the hating to other people!

This will give you the energy, science, skills and drive to experience the magic of “making love daily”.  

More than just physical needs, this course is about the many aspects of “Making Love” which make us feel fulfilled and vital. We often get stuck on what we don’t have or can’t seem to get. This course jump starts our connections with ourselves and our relationships in a meaningful, playful, nurturing and exciting way. In this fun but powerful course, you will learn the many forms of love, aspects of human sexuality, creative sensuality and compassionate communication. Couples or singles can benefit from this course.   

The materials in this course are built on evidence based research, science, neurochemistry, personal experience, philosophy, ancient ideals and modern technology.  It builds on years of creativity and communications practice and knowledge. Making Love Daily requires the communication expertise provided by energetic and empathetic Nadia Ramoutar, Ph. D. She researched and created this course and broke it down into bite-size revelations and insightful exercises that will allow you to experience your own revelations and personal joy.  This course offers very practical exercise that can be sprinkled into daily routines to make life altering differences.

Take this course because you deserve to be happy and fulfilled. We have all suffered enough already so let’s try to learn and move on to greater love, deeper understanding, profound self awareness and an insatiable curiosity about learning to embrace life.  Let’s get your glow on!


Welcome to "Making Love Daily"

What does it mean to "make Love" daily?

In this brief section, we get an overview of the course, what is covered and how the material can help you have more meaningful connections. 

Pt 1: Get Your Glow On

In the first part, we begin by exploring the importance of vitality when embracing making love daily. People who are in love with their lives and who are making love daily radiate a glow that comes from the inside.  How can we overcome some stress and confusion in society to experience the magic of Making Love daily?  We cover some ideas on how to make that ideal a reality. 

Pt 2: Making Room

One of the main reasons people are not making love daily is because they are too tired, busy, upset or angry. Getting over this happens when we get clear about our goals and make some small adjustments to our life design. We can have important conversations that give us more meaningful relationships.  We can create a life that is ideal for making love daily to be a reality...everyday.

Pt 3: The Greeks

In modern Western society there is a lot of pressure on people to be in a romantic relationship.  In Ancient cultures like Greece, there were many types of love. People understood that they needed a lot of aspects of relationships like community, friendship and romance - not just erotic love to be satisfied.  We look at the many aspects of love and what it means to be in a meaningful relationship.  

Sex Drive

It is important for us to be aware of how we feel and what our level of desire is each day. We are all dealing with many factors that can either increase or destroy our sex drive.  What is your sex drive level and what can you do about it?  Find out how you can be where you want to be and what you might need to stop doing to get yourself in gear. 


Why do you feel great one moment and awful just moments later? Why is falling in love so wonderful? Why do you not feel like making love after a long stressful day? There are true answers to these questions that will help you understand why you operate the way you do.  If you crave sugar when you are stressed and hate to be touched when your angry, you can thank your brain.  The beauty of all this is that by understanding how your body operates you can be charge of your choices. You can make sure you treat yourself the right way so your hormones are not controlling you. You can make informed decisions and learn to get off the Hormone highway to hell. 


Communication is truly the key to Making Love Daily. The communication we have within ourselves is the key. What story are we telling ourselves about who we really are?  The way we communicate with other people is either helping us or hurting us - and them. Communication is a skill. We can all learn how to be more loving and to be more open to love. 

Conclusion & Legacy

We have covered a lot of material in this course but the true power of Making Love Daily comes from your keeping your commitment to be LOVING, NO MATTER WHAT! Things may go wrong and people may make it difficult for you to feel or act loving. The key to all this is that you continue to do your inner work and let your GLOW shine on. Be kind and gentle to yourself and rest when you are tired. You will find that once you get good at this, good things will come to you easily. It will be clear when you are uncentered and you will know how to get back on the saddle again! 

Please message me and let me how things are going. The world needs more lovers! Welcome to our world. 



Take this QUIZ to see if you are "Making Love Daily Ready".  Answering these questions will let you know what you might need to do to maximize your love making rituals. 

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