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The Power of Motivation – Shape and Control Your Destiny

Positivity. Climb the career ladder. Confidence. Boost your self-esteem. Become fearless. Overcome procrastination.
Dr. Roy Naraine
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Become fearless
Emanate Confidence
Climb the career ladder
Define your goals
Become more energetic
Fuel your brain with positivity
Become hungry for success
Increase your self-confidence
Boost your self-esteem
Conquer obstacles
Overcome procrastination
Take control of your thoughts

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Motivation, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is the enthusiasm, need or reason for doing something. I would personally prefer to call it the burning desire to achieve a specific and well defined goal.

It is the eagerness and passion that governs and manages your behavior and defines the path along which you will move. Motivation is something that triggers you into action and allows you to follow through when obstacles appear.

It is the endurance to keep moving ahead in spite of difficult times and difficult circumstances. It is the drive to stick to your plan even when all odds are against you.

Motivation is the vigor and perseverance that pushes you to FULFILL YOUR DREAMS. Our brain is in a permanent state of need for pleasure. If you are able to filter the thoughts that you send to your brain, you are on your way to controlling how the brain reacts in different situations.

Once the brain detects possibilities to acquire pleasure, it will jump into action to satisfy its needs. At the same time, however, the brain has the natural tendency to avoid painful and unpleasant situations.

Learn to feed your mind continuously with empowering thoughts. Fuel your mind with thoughts that are related to happiness, contentment and pleasure and the brain will strive towards its achievement.

Use your Power of Motivation to:

  • Become fearless
  • Emanate Confidence
  • Climb the career ladder
  • Define your goals
  • Become more energetic
  • Fuel your brain with positivity
  • Become hungry for success
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Conquer obstacles
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Take control of your thoughts

Getting Started

What is motivation? - Fuel your mind with the drive to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS

Motivation, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is the enthusiasm, need or reason for doing something. I would personally prefer to call it the burning desire to achieve a specific and well defined goal.


Autosuggestion - Positive and empowering messages will render POSITIVE RESULTS

We human beings continually send messages to our brain without even realizing the effect it may have on the way we function. Positive and empowering messages will render positive and empowering results. However, negative input will return negative output.

Motivation for Presentation - FEED YOUR MIND with positive images

Spend some time with your brain and try to implant as many positive thoughts as possible related to the situation. Do it earnestly. Feed your mind with positive images.

Student Defends Thesis - His mind was sharp and he became HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS

A few years ago, the parents of a final-year university student approached me, seeking help for their son who was on the verge of dropping out of university.

My Endeavour in Medicine - Eliminate NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and focus on the prize

At the age of 19, I was awarded a scholarship to study medicine in Europe. Even though it meant studying in a foreign language, I made up my mind instantaneously and accepted the offer.

Believe You Can

Believe You Can Part 1 - Trigger the brain into action and GENERATE ENERGY
Develop a positive approach to life. Whenever you are about to undertake a new challenge, believe you can do it and repeat to yourself that you can do it.
Believe You Can Part 2 - STOP SEEKING REASONS for not achieving your goal

In the previous video, I gave you an example of an exceptional young woman who believed she could achieve her goal. Now let's be frank.
How often does this happen?

How to Foster Belief - REPETITION of actions TRIGGERS ACCEPTANCE by the brain

The brain has the extraordinary ability to get accustomed to anything. When you encounter something immoral, scornful, uncomfortable, or frightening the first time, you detest it and find it impossible to accept.

Manage Your Brain

Physical Appearance - Manage your image and increase your SELF-CONFIDENCE

Motivation is derived from the way you generally carry yourself. If your posture is correct, your body language is perfect and you dress without flaw, then you are on your way to increasing your motivation

Talk Yourself to Victory - Flatter yourself regularly and boost your self-esteem

Look at yourself in front of the mirror. Spend a few minutes in good company with yourself. Tell yourself that you are good. Tell yourself that you are one of the best. You are confident. You want to get involved in this venture.

The Brain - The quality of your life is a REFLECTION of your thoughts

The brain is like a database that consists of first class tables and second class tables.

Elicit Self-motivation - Seek and find positive aspects of UNFAVORABLE EVENTS
It took place four years ago. I was in my office in an international corporation. I was having coffee and enjoying my break when someone suddenly barged into the room...
Take a look!

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Eliminate Excuses

Eliminate Excuses Part 1 - Free your mind and CONQUER OBSTACLES

Every single human being in this world suffers from some sort of health problems. These problems can range from mild to severe. For those who have a disposition to hypochondria, the mildest problems can be the worst.

Eliminate Excuses Part 2 - Don't allow your age to be YOUR RESTRICTION

People who truly believe that they are too old to initiate changes in their life and achieve success will not find the motivation to go after their goals.

Eliminate Excuses Part 3 - Become an epitome of STRENGTH AND COURAGE

A friend of mine lost his job because his company had to downsize the workforce. He was 45 years of age and had been working in that profession from the time he graduated from university.

The Power of Appreciation

The Power of Appreciation - STOP DEPRECATING yourself and your achievements

People have the tendency to overly concentrate on what they do not possess. They spend a lot of time reminding themselves of their deficiency.
Let me give you a few examples of the messages they keep sending to their subconscious mind.


Criticism Part 1 - Execute it correctly to AVOID frustration, anger and stress
Criticism is the act of analyzing, evaluating and expressing your objection of someone's work or behavior.
Criticism Part 2 - Let it serve as the MOTIVATIONAL FACTOR

I personally believe that there are three aspects to criticism.

Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination Part 1 - What is procrastination and how to OVERCOME IT

Procrastination is the act of putting off a mandatory task in order to focus on something that is optional, more comfortable, less stressful and less meaningful.

Procrastination Part 2 - Tips of how I beat procrastination INTO SUBMISSION

In this video I will share with you eight tips of how I beat procrastination into submission.

Eliminate Fear

Eliminate Fear Part 1 - The importance of TAKING CONTROL of your thoughts

Fear is simply a state of mind that paralyzes you from taking action when you face something new or different. It destroys your motivation and inhibits further movements towards fulfilling your dreams.

Eliminate Fear Part 2 - Are you AFRAID of how you will be PERCEIVED by others?
Are you afraid of people, someone in particular? Someone who reminds you of somebody you were afraid of?

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Part 1 - Every human being shares THE SAME PROBLEMS and feelings
The comfort zone is a state of mental security in which your level of stress and anxiety is relatively low. You feel safe, comfortable, happy and in control of your life.
Comfort Zone Part 2 - Step out of your comfort zone to ELEVATE MOTIVATION
When you remain in your comfort zone, you lose your motivation to do more. You lose your motivation to acquire more knowledge and to excel at work...
[BONUS] How I Beat Diabetes Using Self-Improvement Techniques

There is a great possibility that many of you reading this article are afflicted with diabetes. If not, it could still be in its early stages of development and will sooner or later emerge. However, if you happen to be the lucky one not burdened with this disease, then please share this article with your families, friends and colleagues at work, because life examples reach the mind faster and stimulate reaction. Please note that I am not a nutritionist, diabetologist or any kind of specialist engaged in diabetes research. I am simply a medical practitioner and self-improvement trainer who has used his knowledge to escape from the claws of diabetes.

Considering that all my Udemy courses are related to self-improvement, I have decided to include this article as a supplement to each course. I will prove to you that you can achieve your goals once you have the right mindset and follow the right path.

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