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The Public Speaking Blueprint

Public Speaking Mastery: The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Stage Fright & Mastering The Art Of Public Speaking
Dragos Stefanescu
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Overcome Stage Fright And Take The First Steps Towards Conquering Your Public Speaking Fears
Taking Massive Imperfect Action, Rather Than Procrastinating Your First Public Speech
Construct Your Speech Content So That It Flows And Your Listeners Get The Most Out Of It
Understand The Purpose Speech, Construct A Specific Message & Use Rhetoric Devices
Get To Know Your Audience In The Moments Leading Up To Your Speech
Master The Top Tricks To Engage Your Audience From The Beginning So That They Hang On Your Every Word
Express Yourself With Your Body By Mastering Your Stage Movement, Hand Gestures, Facial Expressions And Stage Presence
Become A Voice Master By Playing With Your Pitch, Pace, Pause, Speed, Expressiveness And Tongue Twisters
Design Jaw Dropping Visuals For Your Presentations
Master Storytelling So That You Engage Your Listeners & Keep Them Fascinated With Your Speech Throughout

Have you ever had that situation when you have to deliver a speech,
a talk in front of several other people and you start feeling anxious?

Even though you might know them all, your hands start getting
sweaty, you’re breathing much faster and you’re inside your own mind thinking … 

“What if I fail?” 

“What do they think about me?”

“What if they get bored?”

Well, guess what … Everyone is the same way. Believe it or not, even
Bill Clinton had stage fright at some point. But for some people it’s more
natural to overcome that fear and push through. Others fight with it for a
longer time. 

No more.

We are Dragos and Alex and together we have over 17,000 students on
. Alex is the president of the Toastmasters Club we’re both a part of
& together we practice our passion for public speaking on a weekly basis.

In this course we put together everything we know about public
speaking. It’s designed to provide you with the exact blueprint to face your
fears and master the art of public speaking. This will happen in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1:
    Overcome pubic speaking anxiety and learn exactly how to read your
    audience and engage them to the point where they become raving fans
  • Stage 2:
    Consciously embody the techniques to aid your speaking such as body
    language, vocal variety and good use of visuals
  • Stage 3:
    Take it a step further by crafting enticing stories that makes your
    audience jump on your every word 

There is a 30 day money-back guarantee with this course and a number
of free preview videos. If you want to overcome your fears and be that person
that captivates people on stage, then take this course now and join us in the
virtual classroom!

The Introduction

Welcome To This Course!

Beating Stage Fright


Stage fright is a common fear when it comes to Public Speaking. Let's dive into this and unlock what holds us back when we speak.

My Name is Alex and I'm a Recovering Public Speaker

We all have our history of failures when it comes to Public Speaking. They tend to haunt us even several years later. Alex will share with you his stories of facing his fear of speaking in front of an audience.

Why Do We Fear Public Speaking?

What is it about public speaking that is so scary? Is it the act of communication or the fact that we are vulnerable in front of a large group of people? This lecture will help us understand better the main reason behind stage fright.

Analyzing Public Speaking

Let's step back and properly analyze what public speaking actually is. What is it that makes us fear it so much? Maybe beyond the risks involved there are also a lot of opportunities we can take advantage of. How about we learn to turn risk into opportunity?

What is Your Main Fear Regarding Public Speaking?

In this lecture, you will discover the 6 underlying fears behind public speaking. With the help of a 6-step process, you will better understand what causes your anxiety. This is the first step in embracing it ans using it in your advantage.

Don't Let Perfection Become Procrastination

This quote from Daniell LaPorte is vital for your development as a Public Speaker. Perfection can be a dangerous goal and it can stall your learning process. Becoming a master in public speaking is a process, not a destination in itself.

Play The Ball Where It Lands

Your PowerPoint presentation crashes, a phone rings in the room, someone enters the room and interrupts you. What are you going to do now? How about you use these moments in your advantage during your speech?

The "Yes And" Principle

Sure, from time to time, things will not go according to plan. This fear of the unknown can be a show stopper for many speakers. Instead of freaking out when something unexpected happens, how about we learn to embrace it and build upon it? This is where the "Yes, And" principle comes into play.

Action time!

Time to take an important action step! Since we talked a lot about stage fright and failure at public speaking, please share with us your most difficult public speaking experience in the Q&A section.

Know Your Audience


It's time to stop thinking too much about us when we are on stage and focus on the most important people in the room - the audience.

Public Speaking Mistakes When It Comes to Knowing Your Audience

Let's look into the main mistakes public speakers make when it comes to knowing their audience and properly preparing for a speech.

Presentating In Your Company or Organization

Delivering a public speech or a presentation in front of your colleagues can prove to be a challenge. Alex will share his experience of delivering an election speech, what he has learned from this experience and how you can also prepare for an internal company presentation.

Preparing for a Speech at a Company

In this lecture, you will learn how to prepare for a speech or a training at a company. Alex will share his experience in this regard and you will find useful strategies in this sense.

Speaking at a Business Event

Being invited as a speaker for a business event can be a great honour and a great challenge at the same time. Here you will learn how to approach a similar scenario and stand out from all the other speakers of the event.

Speaking at a Different Company or Organization 2.0

Let's say you are invited to speak at a company after a great business event speech. Let's revise once again how you can prepare better for this scenario and deliver a great presentation,

Speaking In Front Of People From a Different Profession

Here is a tough one - how would you prepare for a speech delivered to a group of people from a different profession? Well, let's not stress too much about it because solutions exist. Let's unpack a few simple strategies to know your audience, even if they are completely unknown to you at first.

Action time!

Learning with action is just superficial. Invest time in accomplishing the action item for this section. It may sound difficult at first, but trust us when we say that the effort you invest is rewarded tenfold.

The Content Of Your Speech


In this section we will dive into the complex art of crafting your speech content. Dragos will be your guide. Enjoy the ride!

How to Structure Your Speech

Structuring a speech might seem simple, but it's something that most public speakers overlook. In this lecture, Dragos will walk you through several methods of structuring a speech.

What Is The Purpose of Your Speech?

In this lecture, Dragos will teach you about the 4 main purposes behind a speech and will help you clearly identify the reason or objective of your speech.

The Specific Message of Your Speech

When giving a speech, some public speakers tend to get too excited and talk about so many things at once. Although it's well intentioned, crowding up the speech with several messages makes it harder to remember. In this lecture, Dragos will help you identify and properly communicate the specific message of your speech.

Rhetorical Devices

Meet the ancient art of rhetoric and the devices great speakers use in order to make their message more persuasive and easier to remember.

Action Time!

Time to put into action what we have learned during this section. Take some time to fulfill this task so that you will efficiently integrate these learning in your public speaking practice.

Engage Your Audience

Mistakes in Engaging Your Audience

There are so many ways in which you can fail at engaging your audience. Stand out from most public speakers by avoiding this simple and sometimes very dumb mistakes.

4 Killer Openings

The way we open a speech can dramatically influence it's success overall. In this lecture, Alex will teach you how to open a speech and grab the audience's attention. 

Asking Engaging Questions

Questions are a simple and powerful tool to engage your audience and involve them in your speech. Use these useful techniques in order to keep your audience thinking and interested in what you have to say.

Your Body Language


Welcome to the Body Language section. Dragos and Alex will guide you and give you a better understanding of how body language can positively influence your message.

Bad Body Language

You probably have witnessed speakers that gave you a bad vibe because of their body language. In this section, Alex will share with you the most common mistakes when it comes to your body language during a speech or presentation.

Speaking With Your Hands

Although they can't speak, your hands can communicate a great deal. In this lecture you will learn how to use your hands during your speech or presentation. They can be an effective channel of communication, so use them wisely.

Stage Dynamics

Whenever you're speaking in public, the stage is your area - use it to its full potential! Learn how to efficiently occupy the stage and move effectively on stage.

Stage Presence

Your presence on stage will frame the way the audience will perceive you. In order to send out the right message, come back to this lecture before delivering your next speech.

Facial Expressions and The Message Of Your Speech

Your facial expression is yet another way to communicate with your audience and display emotion. Especially when telling a story, your facial expression is key.

Action Time!

Implement what we have learned in this section by taking the following action point. It's an important step for improving your body language and you will reap the benefits sooner than you might expect.

The Power of Your Voice


Your voice can start a war or it can heal a broken heart. We invite you to use your voice for a good cause and entertain your audience.

Vocal Variety Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now

In the beginning of their careers, most public speakers ignore the impact of their voice on the audience. Let's see if you are also making the following vocal variety mistakes.

The Use of Pause

Learning to pause is extremely powerful in public speaking. Here you will learn to use pauses in order to emphasize your main points, breathe and punctuate.

The Speed of Your Voice

Speak too fast and you might engage the audience, but they might not remember what you're talking about. Speak too slow and you won't get their attention. Variety is key once again. 


Your words need to have emotional content. It's often times not what you say, but how you say it. Dragos will display the very subtle impact your voice can have on your message.

Tongue Twisters for Verbal Dexterity

Tongue twisters are a great tool to avoid stumbling on your own words or sounding incoherent. Use these exercises to warm-up before an important speech or presentation.

Action Time!

Once again, we end our section by putting knowledge into action. As we said, the more you invest in this course, the more you will take out of it.

The Art of Storytelling

What Is Storytelling?

Welcome to the ancient Art of Storytelling! Alex will introduce you to the power and influence of stories. Trust us when we say that storytelling is by far the most underrated business skill.

Using Conflict in Storytelling

Conflict is what drives every good story. In this lecture, Alex will teach you about the main conflicts behind every good story. 

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