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The Science of Low Libido

Improve Your Sex Life with the New Science of Female Sexuality
Kaye Smith
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Utilize scientific knowledge to manage sexual desire loss
Have better orgasms and better sex
Spot and change faulty thinking patterns that are undermining their sex life
Communicate more effectively with their partner
Negotiate their way through sexual roadblocks with their partner
Deal more effectively with anxiety and poor body image.
Understand how the dominant female hormones affect female desire
Identify how cultural messages and sexual scripts undermine their sexuality

Are you a woman who is worried about a loss of libido? Do you feel that your lack of desire is negatively affecting your life and relationship? If so, you are not alone. Statistics indicate that 30% of women lose interest in sex at some point in time. Desire loss and orgasm issues are the most common problems women report in international studies of sexual satisfaction. This course is designed to help you uncover the reasons why your libido went on vacation and didn’t take you along.

Transform Your Sex Life Using Current Scientific Information on Female Sexuality.

This class looks at the scientific research on female sexuality: why women lose interest in sex and how they can use science to transform their sex life.

This course examines the cultural, medical, psychological, and relational aspects of female desire loss. While there are plenty of sexuality courses and books that will give you a general overview on why women lose interest in sex, very few are backed up with solid scientific data.  Many are just plain fluff and taught by people with questionable credentials. Plus, some aspects of the issue are usually given the short shrift.

This course is comprehensive, provides solid information, and takes a broad perspective. It is designed to help women of all ages improve their sex lives. The only requirements are an open mind and a commitment to making changes in your life.

What You Will Learn:

  • You will learn the common reasons women lose interest in sex.
  • Which medications kill your sex drive.
  • How the major female hormones impact desire, and why hormonal factors aren’t usually the sole cause of desire loss in women.
  • How to have a better orgasm (or have one at all, if you’ve never been orgasmic).
  • How to talk about sex with your partner.
  • Specific strategies to deal with desire discrepancies in relationships.
  • How to use cognitive restructuring to change negative thought patterns that decrease desire and enjoyment.
  • How to manage body image issues and performance anxiety.
  • How cultural norms may have undermined your sexuality.
  • You will develop increased self-awareness.
  • You will learn about FDA approved treatments for desire loss.
  • You will gain increased insight into yourself and your partner.

What Comes With This Class:

  • Access to over 20 videos 
  •  A reference list of the scientific studies included in this class
  • A large 23,000 word ebook as a free bonus. 
  • A lengthy list of resource links (included in ebook)
  • Specific homework assignments that will help you identify why desire might have slipped away, uncover what good sex means to you, and help you talk and negotiate more effectively with your partner. 

Part One: Social Factors in Women's Desire Loss

Overview of Class

This video provides a basic overview into how this course is structured and what bonus content is included. 

Bonus Content: The Science of Low Libido ebook

Ger your free ebook here!

Female Desire Loss

 Information on female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder (the clinical term for low libido), and statistics on prevalence rates.  

  • 4
    Normal is Hard to Define

    This lecture deals with some of the controversy surrounding sexual interest/arousal disorder and the problem of defining what is "normal" sexually.  

    Social Factors in Female Desire Loss

    What You Will Learn: 

    The role of cultural norms and gender on sexual satisfaction. 

    Sexual Scripts

    How sexual scripts are defined and how they negatively impact female sexual satisfaction. 

    Part Two: Medical Factors

    Medical Issues

    A brief discussion of the various medical factors that can tank female desire. 

    Medical Issues and Prescription Drugs

    Information on the sexual effects of various prescription drugs on sexual response.


    How the major female hormones impact desire and why desire loss in women often isn’t just hormonal.  

    FDA Approved Treatment: lecture 1

    Information on the only FDA prescription drug currently available to treat desire loss in women. Why it is controversial and how it works. 

    FDA Approved Treatment: lecture 2

    Information on the first FDA approved treatment for female sexual dysfunction. A device to treat Female Sexual Arousal Disorder that might improve desire in an indirect way.  

    Part Three: Psychological Factors

    Your Sexual Brain

    This lecture looks at the Dual Control Theory made popular in the best selling book Come as You Are. It explains how desire is processed in your brain. 

    Stinkin Thinkin

    This lecture goes into information on how our negative thoughts impact our emotions, including their role in tanking desire and increasing anxiety. 

    Identifying Negative Thought Patterns

    How to identify negative thought patterns that impact sexual desire. 

    How to Change Negative Thinking Patterns: Psychological Therapies

    This lecture goes into a step by step strategy to change your thinking patterns. 

    Sensate Focus and Mindfulness: Body Based Therapies

    This video goes into the use of sensate focus, Masters and Johnson's famous technique to reduce anxiety and improve sexual satisfaction. This lecture also goes into the scientific research on the use of mindfulness meditation to increase sexual satisfaction. 

    Part Four: Relationship Factors

    Relationship Factors in Desire Loss

    This video deals with relationship troubles and how they are carried over into the bedroom. 

    Orgasm Training: Relationship Based Therapies

    This article provides step by step information on how to improve your orgasms in regards to consistency and quality. 

    Sexual Fantasy Training: Relationship Based Therapies

    How to use sexual fantasy to enhance your sexual relationship. 

    Sex Talk

    How to talk to your partner about sex. Specific pointers to enhance sexual communication. 


    How to negotiate problematic areas and roadblocks in your sexual relationship, particularly in regards to desire discrepancies. 



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