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The Secrets to Start and Skyrocket an Online Business

The unrevealed secrets and strategies for building an online business from skretch working even without you being there
Daniele Protti
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Change your mindset and become an Entrepreneur
Setup your sales funnel according to your marketing strategy
Setup your sales funnel in your website
Structure your website to make the highest profit
Structure your membership site for a long term profit
Understand the difference between FREE, PAID and OTO
Optimize your strategy using optin forms to capture leads
Make money with promotions on social media
Create compelling marketing videos for your sales messages and demo videos
Make money with Email Marketing
Choose the right business and niche to make profit
Create your content to sell
Define and setup selling strategies
Define and setup your own selling formula
Advertise your business
Write your sales messages with copywriting knowledge
Do marketing activities

Today also ordinary people can start building an online business thanks to the Internet and the available and easily accessible resources.

Everyone thinks that it is hard but the problem is we are not focusing on the right topic.
The difficulty in creating, startup and boost a business is on us. We have not to start a business with a negative thinking approach.
For this reason this course has the aim to remove the barriers around every individual before starting a business and start thinking and working as an entrepreneur.
This course starts with the formula to change our mindset and become entrepreneurs.
The success of a business is not in the product or service to sell but in the way it is promoted.
In this course you will learn how to setup your marketing and sales funnel to maximize your profits and how to implement it into your website.
You will see the most powerful strategies to make money in the long term and to capture leads in the meanwhile.
You will understand why and how to set up a membership site will help you to make more money.
I will guide into all the processes to promote on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and how to create your marketing messages and sales pages and tools using copywriting and advertising tactics and strategies as well as powerful marketing and demo videos.
You will understand basic concepts of Email Marketing to start promoting with email campaigns.
I will show you how to choose your market and create products using available content. You will see that even if you do not have any particular skill you can make it happen!
You will also see a powerful and secret selling formula to get inspired from for your business.
At the end you will be ready to start your business and you will have all the means, tools and knowledge to skyrocket it… Everything depends on YOU!

Why should you start a business?


The Entrepreneurial Attitude


In this lecture I show where you may be in your life and why and what you should do to change your life in quite better prospective.

How To Become An Entrepreneur

In this lecture you will understand how to turn your attitude of being an ordinary employee to being an entrepreneur. Do you need to have been born with an entrepreneurial attitude or in a rich or entrepreneurial family to become a successful entrepreneur. You will see this in this video.

The Change

If you want to build a business and become an entrepreneur there is change that you have to make in your mindset and way of leading your life.

The Tasks of an Entrepreneur

There are some activities that you should do and some others that you should not do (and assign to someone else) if you want to be an entrepreneur and make your business become profitable and successful.

The Secret to Success

In this lecture you will see some of the secrets that few entrepreneurs use to boost their business. This can become the key to success if applied properly.

The Sales Funnels with your website


In this section you will understand the concept of sales funnel and how to define and implement it for your website and offers.

The Sales Page Model

This is an overview of a website composed of a sales page. In this lecture you get an explanation of how the sales process works for a sales page only website.

The Free Offer Model

This is an overview of a website offering free content. In this lecture you get an explanation why you should need a website which does not sell anything. But this is also a marketing process.

The One Time Offer Model

In this lecture I show you what is a one time offer and how to setup a one time offer sales project into your website and make profits.

The One Time Special Offer

There are also advanced one time offer tactics and strategies which are an extension of the standard one time offer approach.

The Back End Profit Model

The back end strategy is what most of the Internet marketers are implementing today to make money online. It is a tremendously profitable strategy and tactic.

The Membership Model

What is the website membership site model and how to set it up in the most profitable way is discussed in this lecture. You can even use it together with the other sales funnel strategies and make much more profit.

It is the current perfection of any sales funnel model.

The Free Offer with Physical Products Model

In this lecture you will see how to make money offering physical products for free!

The Tutorial Funnel Model

You see now the sales funnel process done using video tutorials to attract more visitors to your sales message.

The Webinar trigger Model

What is a webinar and how to apply it to your marketing to improve your sales funnel is the topic of this lecture.

The Live Event Model

You see in this lecture how and why to organize live events to increase profits and establish your brand.

The Facebook Page Model

For your sales funnel you can use social media tools, e.g. Facebook pages.

Your Website Structure


Once you have your sales funnel process you need to understand how to implement it into your website and interfacing other third party components, e.g. email marketing tools and/or payment processors.

In this section you will see the structure, the processes and steps to implement to implement your sales funnel.

The Overall Structure

This is an overview of the most important components that have to be included into your website and the third parties to be interfaced to it in order to implement the minimum setup of a standard sales funnel.

The Homepage Structure

This is an overview of the components and their position order that have to be into your homepage in order to create a compelling and powerful sales page.

The Sales Funnel Architecture

This is the architecture and process description of the most powerful and complete sales funnel related to the structure and components of your website.

When you understand this you may skyrocket your business.

The Thank You Page Structure

The Thank You page is an important component in your website because there your customers and subscribers will get more information about their purchased products or requested information and this is where you need to monetize (keep the momentum). 

In this lecture I give you an overview of the components and their position order that have to be into your thank you page in order to maximize your profit at the end of the sales funnel.

The OTO Structure

Here you get an overview of how the One Time Offer pages should be structured and customized in order to get your visitors to take action for maximum profit.

Other Ways To Profit

In this lecture I will show on which other pages of your website you can make additional passive profit and how to set and configure these pages in order to monetize with them.

Optin Form Strategies

In this lecture I show you all the possible options to display an optin form on a web page. You can get inspired for your sales web pages.

Make Money with Social Media


This is an overview of the most popular social media and online places where you need to be active and promote your products and services

Profit from a Facebook Page

In this lecture you see how to create a Facebook page and start promoting your products and your business.

Promote on Facebook

In this lecture I show you how to promote a Facebook page and a Facebook post to get clicks, likes and sales.

Promote on Twitter

In tnhis lecture you see how to promote a tweet and get people to buy from you page.

Promote on LinkedIn

In this lecture you see how to make your products and business visible in LinkedIn.

Other Places where to promote

In this lecture I give you a quick overview of other powerful places on the Internet where to promote your business.

Marketing with Videos

  • What Marketing Videos Are
  • What A Video Sales Letter Is And How It Is Structured
  • Evolution Of The Technologies
The Classification of Marketing Videos
  • Marketing Videos Are Classified According To What Your Marketing Process Steps Are
  • You Will Be Surprise Of How Many Video Types Exist
  • Every Video Has To Be Designed According To The Classification It Belongs To!
How to design Marketing Videos
  • How to Design High Quality Videos
  • When to Use Live Recording or Animation Videos
  • When to Use and NOT to Use Autoplay
  • When and How to Use Music And Voice
The Copywriting Blueprint
  • The Step-By-Step Copywriting Process
  • How To Apply Copywriting Rules To Video Design
  • How To Make The Viewers Of Your Videos Take Action
Where to upload your videos
  • Which Web Services You Can Use
  • Own Server Or Third Parties?
  • Free Or Paid Services?
Traffic Generating Videos
  • How To Make Your Videos Seen
  • How To Increase Traffic Using Marketing Videos
  • How To Improve Your EXPOSURE With Small Smart Tips & Tricks
Control the size of your videos
  • How To Reduce The Size Of Your Videos Still Keeping The Quality
  • How To Set The Right Parameterts
Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • The Sales Process With Videos
  • The VIDEO LAUNCH Formula
  • How To Implement What You Lernt In This Course In Your Sales Process
The Marketing Funnel Process
  • How To Get People Into Your Funnel
  • How To Convince New Subscribers To Buy From You
  • How To Have Your Customers Buying From You Continuously
Affiliate Review Videos
  • How To Change Your Way To Release Reviews On The Marketplace
  • The Process To Make Money As An Affiliate Using Videos
  • The Videos Among The Promo Tools For An Affiliate Manager

Email Marketing


In this lecture you will see what Email Marketing is and how to make use of it for your marketing campaigns on the Internet.

What is Email Marketing?

What is an Autoresponder?

Autoresponders and Business Topics

The Autoresponder is the technology and infrastructure which implements the email marketing process and information storage.

You will see what and how an Autoresponder works and the business topics you need to have in order to make profits from Email Marketing campaigns.

The Email Marketing process

In this lecture I explain you how to setup your email marketing process to work on autopilot and make you money while you sleep.

You will see which type of messages and communication you can do for your subscribers using an Email Marketing tool.

You will also see how an email message has to be structured.

How to setup an Email Marketing campaign

In this lecture you will discover how to setup an Email Marketing campaign when you have a new product to promote: how to setup the communication, the way and the frequence to promote.

Choose Your Business

Choose Special Topics

In order to market a digital item and make profit you need first to choose the right hot topic and then use Email Marketing to promote it.

You will see in this lecture how.

The Marketability Factor

The Marketability Factor is the key in marketing. I will show you what it is and how to create it.

Research Your Market

Before developing and promoting digital products you need to be sure there is a market for them. You need to make a market search first and I will explain in this lecture how.

Research Your Market: eBay and Amazon

In this lecture you will see how to do market researched on eBay and Amazon, the two most popular market places online.

Research Your Market: Forums and Groups

Great places where to promote your digital items is in forums and groups. I will show you how to promote in these places and how to find them.

Research Your Market: Conduct Surveys

If you have customers or subscribers you can use your Email Marketing tools to send surveys and collect feedback from them which you can use to refine/improve your existing products or to create new ones and find profitable markets.

Create Your Content to Sell

Which Products Can You Sell Online

This is an overview of the most popular product categories that you can create and promote on the Internet as digital products

The Marketing of Digital Products

In this lecture I give you an overview of the marketing activities you need to do to promote your digital products

How Do We Innovate In The Process of Selling Digital Products

In this lecture I will explain how to give value to your products and innovate our marketing process when selling digital products.

How To Find The Perfect Title for Your Product that Will Sell

The most important part of your marketing is the title of your product or of your brand. I will show you in this lecture how to choose it and promote it.

Many ways to create video products
  • The Several Choices For Video Products
  • How To Identify Information To Turn Into A Product
  • How To Optimize Your Working Re-Using Existing Material
How to design a Video Course

In this lecture you  see how to define the structure of a video course, how to define the single parts and organize your course in logical part to make clear to your customers you deliver a high quality product.

How To Create An eBook

I show you in this lecture how to get inspired and where to find information to create an eBook. You do not need to be an expert to create an eBook.

How I created an eBook
How to create a Software product

Cases Studies

An example of Software as a Service

In this video you will see 2 examples of online software services. I will show you their sales page to understand how they structured it and check if they have implemented what you have learned so far in this course.

I will show you their marketing and sales strategy and how they implemented the web functionalities to generate their sales funnel.

Get inspired on this for your business.

An example of hosting company which does much more than this

In this video I show you an hosting company which makes money also offering other types of products and services not related only to hosting but also to marketing and business development

An example of multi version service

In this video you will see an example of business which offers a software as a service with an incredible pricing plan

An example of successful business which promote a free service

In this example I show show examples of business offering email marketing services starting from a free version to different version. They have an incredible pricing plan and make money from FREE offers!

An example of powerful sales funnel

This is a great example of sales funnel which has been copied by many other companies even in other niches

Selling Strategies

A Secret To Make More Money Reselling Rights
How To Move Your Business to the Next Step
Question: How Important Is Marketing Really?
How Important Is Marketing Really? The Answer
How Successful People Think
The Lesson for Your Business
What is the Role of Your Website on your Business?
What are the Consequences for a Business to follow this Model

A Simple Powerful Selling Formula

What Is The Truth When Selling?
The One Secret To Sell Anything To Anybody
Understand Your Customers: A Typical Buying Decision Process
Explanation of the Buying Decision
How To Inspire from This Lesson to Convince Your Customers to Buy from You
How to Sell Things that People Want to Buy
Barriers to Buy You Need to Remove
How to Get Results If You Have Barriers?
At Which Point Is More Likely You Make Sales?
Lead Generation
Why This Approach Works?
How To Ask Your Customers to Listen to Your Offers

Advertising and Copywriting

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