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The Ultimate SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing MASTERY

Social Media Strategy, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, SEO, Local SEO, WordPress SEO, Copywriting, Website Creation & more!
MASTER Facebook + Instagram + Messenger Ads & Marketing & SMO
Get 10k to 100k monthly FREE Visitors with Step by step SEO Guidance
Get NEW CLIENTS & Boost your PROFITS through efficient Social Media Strategies
Step by step MASTER 200 SEO factors in "How to - learning by doing" approach
Create responsive website on WordPress (No coding required!)
Grow customer reach through smarter Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads
Become #1 Digital Marketing Expert - work as freelancer or land highly paid job
MASTER Facebook + Instagram + Messenger Retargeting & Remarketing
MASTER Local Search Engine Optimisition & Google my Business (Google Maps)
MASTER SEO WordPress Yoast + Google Search Console configuration
Proceed on-page, content & image SEO. Implement Rich Snippets, etc.
MASTER copywriting & User experience & Reputation management
Apply powerful strategies to get High Quality backlinks (Including Wikipedia)
MASTER dozens of powerful SEO & Social Media strategies to get real results
Optimise Facebook for SEO & SMO
Optimise YouTube for SEO & SMO
Optimise LinkedIn for SEO & SMO
Optimise Pinterest for SEO & SMO

Become TOP PAID #1 EXPERT. Increase your SALES & PROFITS. Get NEW CLIENTS. With 41 hours of training, strategies, advices, assignments, blueprints, summaries & step by step guides you can follow – this is my most comprehensive SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing MASTERY available. Lifetime access. 30 days refund guaranteed.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Tomas is a great instructor. He tells you everything you need to know from beginner to advanced!”


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The most complete course for marketing strategy.”

Iulian Ghergi

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The instructor packs the entire course with value. This was one of my best purchases on Udemy (out of around 90 courses). I like the fact that the instructor will be working on this course continuously and keep on adding value. His accent may be a little unclear at times, but I know I could not do such a great course in a foreign language. This is a fantastic course and I urge everyone interested to enrol.”

David Verney

SUPERCHARGE your digital marketing skills, boost your business or land highly paid dream job. Enrol in The Ultimate SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing MASTERY now.

This course is yours strategical guide proven to ROCKET-FUEL your Digital Marketing skills. You will know how to MASTER your SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing.

From beginner to expert:

  1. Digital marketing fundamentals

  2. Social media  marketing

  3. E-mail marketing fundamentals

  4. Facebook marketing

  5. Facebook advertising

  6. Facebook strategy to decrease Facebook ads costs

  7. Facebook strategy to increase C-T-R rate

  8. Facebook relevancy score

  9. Facebook quality ranking

  10. Facebook engagement rate ranking

  11. Facebook conversion rate ranking

  12. Facebook video content MASTERY

  13. Instagram marketing

  14. Instagram boosting

  15. Customer journey on Social media

  16. Potential customer creation

  17. Social Media marketing trends for 2019

  18. Digital marketing trends for 2019

  19. Facebook & Instagram best practices

  20. Social media content strategy

  21. Think 1st on social media strategy

  22. Facebook blueprints with score relevancy 10

  23. Facebook blueprints for real estate

  24. Facebook blueprints for new business page boosting

  25. Facebook business page set up

  26. Facebook business page optimisation

  27. Facebook business page advanced settings

  28. Facebook business page appoitments

  29. Facebook competition analysis

  30. Facebook posts

  31. Facebook polls

  32. Facebook video polls

  33. Facebook jobs

  34. Facebook targeting

  35. Facebook pixel

  36. Facebook advanced pixel events

  37. Facebook remarketing

  38. Facebook advanced remarketing strategies

  39. Facebook retargeting

  40. Facebook lookalike audiences

  41. Facebook insights

  42. Facebook creative hub

  43. Facebook local ads

  44. Facebook video ads

  45. Facebook & Instagram easy video creation

  46. Facebook engagement ads

  47. Facebook lead generation ads

  48. Facebook traffic ads

  49. Facebook dynamic ads

  50. Facebook catalogue sales ads

  51. Facebook catalogue feeds

  52. Facebook business manager

  53. Facebook business analytics

  54. Facebook search

  55. Instagram ads

  56. Instagram boosting

  57. Instagram stories strategy

  58. Copywriting

  59. 48 magnificent WordPress websites creation (no coding!)

  60. SEO introduction

  61. SEO strategy for 2019 – 2021

  62. SEO keywords research

  63. SEO content organisation

  64. SEO competition analysis

  65. SEO WordPress Yoast

  66. SEO content optimisation

  67. SEO on-page optimisation

  68. SEO Google search console

  69. SEO Speed optimisation

  70. SEO WordPress security

  71. SEO Social media link building strategy

  72. SEO PR strategy

  73. SEO link building strategy

  74. SEO wikipedia link building

  75. SEO Facebook link building

  76. SEO YouTube link building

  77. SEO LinkedIn link building

  78. SEO Pinterest link building

  79. SEO rich snippets (structured data)

  80. SEO movies strategy

  81. SEO image strategy

  82. Social media optimisation

  83. User experience

  84. Positive reputation management

  85. Local SEO – 32 steps

  86. Local SEO – Google my business (Google maps)

  87. Google local website creation

  88. Google local ads

  89. Google Analytics

Do you need help understanding SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies?

Wish you knew how to benefit from all the features SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing offers, but don’t know where to begin?

This course can greatly help you. When you enrol, you’ll learn the tested, proven, and unbeatable way to WIN with your SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing.

Enrol NOW in this Ultimate SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing MASTERY!

This course will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook Marketing & Facebook + Instagram + Messenger Ads:

✔ Facebook marketing & advertising

✔ Instagram boosting

✔ Facebook ads strategy 0,00095 $ for results

✔ Facebook score relevancy

✔ Facebook business page optimization

✔ Facebook competition analysis

✔ Facebook posts

✔ Facebook jobs

✔ Facebook pixel

✔ Facebook remarketing

✔ Facebook lookalike audiences

✔ Facebook local ads

✔ Facebook lead generation ads

✔ Facebook traffic ads

✔ Facebook keywords research

✔ Facebook business analytics

✔ Facebook local ads in tandem with Google local ads

✔ Facebook engagement ads

✔ Facebook video ads

✔ Facebook video creation

✔ Facebook video polls

✔ Facebook reach ads

✔ Facebook blueprints with score relevancy 10

✔ Facebook blueprints for boosting new business pages

✔ Facebook blueprints for real estate

✔ Facebook quality ranking

✔ Facebook engagement ranking

✔ Facebook Conversion rate rating

✔ Facebook polls

✔ Facebook content creation MASTERY

✔ Facebook conversion ads

✔ Facebook advanced pixel settings with events

✔ Facebook catalogue feeds

✔ Facebook catalogue sales

✔ Facebook & Instagram & Messenger dynamic ads

✔ Facebook retargeting

✔ Facebook BEST practices

✔ Facebook personas

✔ Facebook advanced targeting

✔ Facebook ads manager

✔ Facebook business manager

✔ Facebook creative hub

✔ Facebook insights

✔ Facebook search

✔ Facebook canvas

✔ Google Analytics usage for Facebook ads

✔ Facebook & Instagram marketing trends

✔ Facebook TO-DO list for dynamic ads

✔ Facebook TO-DO list for lead ads

✔ And much more!

You will get all my expert Facebook Ads knowledge PLUS 13 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies:

✔ Cutting Edge Social Media Strategy to Master Video Content

✔ Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

✔ Social Media Essentials to build great content

✔ Think Social First on Social Media – Why a Traditional Marketing Mindset may be holding you back

✔ Facebook vs. Instagram – Advertising differences & Best practices

✔ Strategical Guide to Decreasing Facebook Ads Costs with Facebook Relevance Score

✔ My internet Efficiency Awarded Facebook Strategy – Real case studies with Score Relevancy 10

✔ My Fast & Highly Effective Instagram Super Booster

✔ SEO & Social Media Marketing Optimization – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

✔ Insider Social Media Keywords Research to help you WINat Social Media Search

✔ Super-hacks for Positive Reputation Management

✔ Super-hacks to use the power of Google my Business

✔ My Easy Guide for Beginnersthroughout the whole course

Did you know that video is shared 1 200 % more on Social Media than any other content types? You will get my Top Bonus – The exclusive OFFEO video package:

✔ You will know how to create magnificent videos for social media in few clicks


✔ 100 cinematic particle footages

✔ Spectra 4K light leaks

✔ 600 icons

✔ 247 power words to boost your conversions

✔ 392 headlines to increase your conversions

✔ Worth $ 1 700

✔ You will also get the complete guide on WordPress website creation

✔ And exclusive 50 % discount on SEO Tool Collabim to proceed your keywords content research

This SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) course is covering both traditional SEO & Social Media Optimisation: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook, Instagram #, Instagram Stories, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. leading you step by step to success:

✔ SEO Fundamentals

✔ SEO Strategy

✔ SEO & Social Media optimisation strategy

✔ SEO Key factors

✔ SEO Tools

✔ SEO Analytics

✔ SEO Keywords research

✔ SEO Keywords organisation

✔ SEO Content organisation & optimisation

✔ SEO Copywriting

✔ SEO UX optimisation

✔ SEO WordPress Yoast configuration & optimisation

✔ SEO Google search console

✔ SEO Website speed optimisation

✔ SEO On-page

✔ SEO Images

✔ SEO WordPress security

✔ SEO Rich Snippets

✔ SEO Wikipedia link building

✔ SEO YouTube link building

✔ SEO Facebook link building

✔ SEO LinkedIn link building

✔ SEO Pinterest link building

✔ SEO 300 bloggers outreach

✔ SEO PR link building

✔ SEO Link building strategy

✔ SEO for Local business

✔ SEO Google my business (Google maps)

✔ SEO MASTERY explanations for beginners throughout my whole course

✔ SMO (Social media optimisation) MASTERY throughout my whole course

You’ll also get:

✔ The  XLS / ODS TO-DO lists

✔ Lifetime access

✔ Lifetime updates

✔ Exclusive 50 % discount on SEO tool Collabim

✔ Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section

✔ Extra resources in PDF for download

✔ Udemy certificate of completion ready for download

✔ 30 day money back guarantee

Enrol NOW in this SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing Course!


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Social Proof & Inspiration for You - Social Media
Social Proof - Testimonial from my Student - the 1st CLIENT for 800 $ / MONTH

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "AWESOME COURSE! When I started this course I did it only to promote the products I sell on Amazon. But I started to really like marketing thanks to Tomas. So now, one month later, I signed my first client for 800$/month that I will handle social media marketing for. Did not expect that when starting this course, but it is truly awesome!"

19. 3. 2019, Jesper

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This course is excellent and comprehensive. Great for newbies and intermediate or advanced. While it is literary over a day long, it's modules are constructed in a truly balanced way, and it starts you off right away. The speaker despite having ok english is a good communicator, so you wont feel lost or overwhelmed. Lots and lots of very useful resources too! Case studies. It's pretty amazing. Worth every penny and by the end, you will make money if you apply it. Best ROI is a good course like this."

18. 2. 2019, CM

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "My experience with this course is wonderful. I have learnt a lot even though I am still below 50 % completion. Purchase the course today and you will not regret it! With all love from Nigeria."

7. 2. 2019, Mars

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Tomas is a Gem. He has explained this course in detail. This is my first Udemy course which was so lengthy and detailed. Tomas is responsive and active to all the questions asked in the course. I really respect the knowledge he has in this field and the willingness to help others succeed. I love you Tomas! I will enroll for your other courses as well. Thank you!"

27. 1. 2019, Aman

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Amazing teaching style, by the way!"

18. 1. 2019, Joe

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Course is great! A lot of valuable information."

9. 1. 2019, Dustin

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Hello! Thank you so much for this course, as a beginner this has helped me with my clients a lot! Just thought I would leave a message for you, thank you! Greetings from UK! Keep doing what you are doing!"

26. 12. 2018, Sam

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Listen to Tom! I finished over a month ago and put Tom's advise into practice. Listen to him you need to work on creating GREAT content and have hyper focused targeting especially with video. Doing this I was able to get a relevancy score of 10 for video views and 8 for engagement goals. Thank you sir for taking the time to teach us what really matters and not just the technical stuff which changes all the time. :) "

28. 11. 2018, Laolu

Set Up your Speed According your Knowledge and Level of English
Instructor Introduction & The Course is Updated For You Every Month
Welcome to this course - I am happy that you are becoming my dear student

Welcome to SEO & Social Media & Digital Marketing Ultimate Marketing Strategy

Course is helping you develop your professional skills on 3 levels:

  • General explanations giving the topic understanding

  • Strategy explanations giving the understanding of efficiency

  • Screen recording, showing exactly, what to do, making you professional

So if you are interested in SEO & Facebook & Social media, please join my course. I will be really happy to help you grow and develop your skills. Every month we develop your skills & we go deeper and deeper under the ocean, showing you your unlimited potential that you have always had.

How is this course organised for you - MAXIMUM BENEFIT FOR YOU


Watch me Creating Ideal Business Persona in 5 minutes

Your Free Marketing Persona Template

Organize what you know about your audience and create your personas online - in one easily shareable template.

See my Ideal Business Persona PDF
Define the Ideal Customer for Your Business

How to Use Your Buyer Persona Template

Use this template to build a complete picture of who your ideal customers are. Understand their interests, what they want, why, and how you can provide that value.

To edit this PDF template, we suggest using Adobe Acrobat as other

Get Immensely Powerful Social Media Marketing TOOLS for FREE


Unleash the POWER of MOVIES NOW!
The BEST format of MOVIES for Social Media
Video Content Marketing on Facebook
Facebook Video Formats in Close-up
Getting Creative with Facebook Native Video
25 to 34 Year-olds Watch the Most Videos on Facebook
Introduction into Real-time with Facebook Live Video
Connecting to Audiences in Real-time with Facebook Live Video
Higher organic reach with Facebook Live videos
Introduction into Facebook 360 Immersive Experience
Creating Immersive Experiences with Facebook 360
Finding the Optimal Facebook Video Length
Be thoughtful when choosing a CTA to include in your Facebook videos
Subtitling Your Facebook Videos for Mobile Viewers
Improving Your Facebook Video Performance
Find your Facebook video inspiration on Facebook
Evolution of Facebook Video Formats
Integrate SEO into your MOVIES!
MASTER Video Content Marketing on Facebook & Instagram!


Introduction into Fabulous & Easy Videos Creation
  • By 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content.

  • Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster,year-over-year, than organisations without.

  • 79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product, than reading text on a page.

  • Video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53 times! And considering only 10% of users look past the first page of search results, the first page is where you need to be!

  • 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound.

  • Video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rates.

  • 80% of users can recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

  • Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

  • 91% of video marketers consider video an important part of their marketing strategy.

  • 83% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI.

  • 99% will continue to use video in 2019, with 88% saying they’ll spend more than they did in previous years.

  • 87% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2019.

  • People spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without.

  • YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises at least 100%year over year.

  • Companies which use videos in their marketing enjoy 27% higher CTR and 34% higher web conversion rates than those which don’t.

  • 43% of marketers said they’d create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. (OFFEO helps you with this).

  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds.

  • 96% of business-related videos take place on desktop browsers and only 14% on mobile.

  • Adding video to your social feeds means audiences are 10x more likely to engage and share your posts

  • Videos are 6 times more likely to be retweeted than photos, and three times more likely than GIFs

  • Video is shared 1200% more on social media than other content types-

  • 70% of marketers say video is the most effective medium for driving conversions

  • Marketers now have only 2.7 seconds to capture an audience. Attention spans are shorter than ever.

  • 73% of marketers create at least 2 videos a month for social media marketing.

  • 93% of businesses that use video say it’s gotten them a new customer thanks to a video on social media.

  • 88% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media.

  • 84% of marketers rank video creation skills important when hiring for a new marketing position.

Create Fantastic Videos Online without Camera & Cutting Software
Design Fabulous Videos in Seconds
Video Creation
Cropping Photos
Replacing Photos
Create Fantastic Story
Create Epic Animation
How to Add Text
How to Upload an Image
Upload Font
Working with Layers
Working with Timeline
Working with Music
Animate Layer
Colour Correction


Facebook marketing - introduction

Facebook marketing  & Facebook advertising  - it has been so easy for you to reach the results on Facebook.

Very easy and friendly way you will understand and use Facebook marketing. 

You will start understanding that the key to your Facebook success is very easy to reach. 

I am going to help you to understand these 3 conditions for success in Facebook marketing:

  1. Highly quality engaging post on your Facebook, Instagram and other social media
  2. Targeting / promoting your post on Facebook and Instagram to people, who can become your customers
  3. Remarketing / retargeting already interested audience (or similar already engaged audience) to get more sales / more customers
Your potential to get clients on Facebook is unlimited (Facebook marketing)

Facebook marketing is for you the highest joy - your potential has been endless!

It has been never more easy & affordable to get clients. All you need is to create the content that will be liked & welcomed by your potential customers. Than you need to target your post on Facebook through many targeting & remarketing Facebook options. Finally, you can always remember that Facebook gives you "unlimited" options to retarget your potential clients again & again.

Your potential on Facebook has been unlimited!

Your potential to become great marketing master of digital media has been unlimited!

Your potential to get clients on Facebook has been unlimited!

Using Facebook marketing means that you have been absolutely unlimited. Understanding that engaging post (well targeted and remarked) is all you need to reach great success in Facebook marketing. This basic key understanding can change positively everything in your business.

There has been 3 key conditions for your success on Facebook:

  1. Greatly engaging post (ideally short movie)
  2. Targeting your post to your potential clients (targeting to region, age, hobbies, income etc.)
  3. Remarketing your potential clients (targeting already engaged people on Facebook & creating lookalike Facebook audience & remarketing your website visitors on Facebook).

Good luck! I wish all the very best with your Facebook posts & Facebook ads.

Get your clients now on Facebook & boost your profits.

How does truly work the Facebook Marketing algorithm

How does truly work Facebook & Instagram algorithm?

Both Facebook & Instagram needs to solve 1 key challenge - there has been 13 x more content than they can put on the timeline of different users. So Facebook & Instagram engineers are all the time developing "artificial intelligence" that is all the time calculating, what content show to different users (according their interests and reactions on Facebook). The Facebook engine is searching for "TOP 1 % engaging content" that your potential clients love the most. So creating the post & the content has been the highest responsibility. In my "Golden Facebook Strategy" in this course you will see, what does it exactly mean on real examples of success projects, who has won on Facebook.

Please remember that getting as many shares as possible is the best solution! Priority shall be also for you the likes, clicks and different kinds of reactions. If people comment, please try your best to develop the communication with them.

Picture attraction selling through feelings in Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Picture & movie attraction on Facebook & Instagram

Please remember that sometimes you have less than second to get the attention of your potential client. You simply "must attract" through picture that he can not resist. 

In my "Golden Facebook Strategy" you will see magnificent example of combination picture gallery with good text compilation, having strong call to action. You will see post that has won the Internet efficiency award.

1 well made gallery on Faceebook, well targeted to the audience, can positively change everything & bring you immense success on Facebook.

Facebook marketing - quickly start through competitors analysis

Facebook marketing to quickly know, how to create high engaging posts is to use the tool in-built in Facebook.

You can easily go to your insights and add into the comparison another Facebook pages.

So, you can pickup the best running Facebook pages in your business to start the competition analysis on Facebook.

When you click on the competitors Facebook pages, you can see their best performing posts.

This way you can easily understand, what kind of Facebook post you may create to reach great results immediately.

Facebook Marketing - setting up well your page for customers and SEO
Facebook marketing - setting up well the call to action button
Facebook marketing - You can set up the online appointments with your clients
Facebook marketing - setting up the welcome & confirmation messages
Show your professional Facebook on your private profile & invite your friends
Facebook marketing - create great story into your Facebook page
Facebook marketing - put your story movie into the up of the Facebook page
Facebook & Instagram marketing - connecting Facebook & Instagram together
Quality of post does matter + targeting introduction (Facebook marketing)
Facebook marketing - SEO & SEM connected - be ready for Facebook search
What does really mean Facebook effectiveness - stunning picture selling feelings
Facebook marketing - creating stunning text into the post with call to action
Facebook marketing - the power of short movies (also for website etc.)
Facebook & Instagram - the best format of movies to get maximum space
Facebook marketing - 360 movies attracting even more customers than ever
Facebook & Instagram marketing - after / before happy clients (solutions)
Facebook & social media - people love stories (personal / company etc.)
Facebook marketing - happy clients stories, quotes, inspirational stories etc.
Facebook & social media - case studies - show real numbers & satisfied clients
Facebook & social media - happy clients stories x case studies comparison
Facebook marketing - the art of selling through welcoming and good feelings
Facebook marketing - competitions - great starting point to engage the audience
Facebook marketing - jokes - people love jokes - great way to get the audience
Special days on Facebook - Easter, Christmas, Valentine, Mother's Day etc.
Facebook & Social media marketing - Using sales & special prices offers
Facebook marketing - creating post to promote your website URL / blog
Facebook marketing - events - how to boost your events & get more people
Facebook marketing - the best time for your posts & using the analytics

What is the best time to create your post on Facebook?

See your insights to understand your audience. You will discover your Facebook potential in this course. Generally it has been recommended the Wednesday afternoon / evening or Sunday afternoon / evening. 

Generaly it has been also recommended to create your post on Facebook Monday around 20:00. But it depends on your audience on Facebook! So, please see your Facebook insights to be sure, when your audience is ready for your Facebook posts.

Facebook marketing - how to make your live streamings extremely effective
The art of targeting and understanding your audience (Facebook marketing)
What can make your Facebook promotion / advertising extremely cheap & effective

What can really make your promotion on Facebook cheap? Profitable? Boosting profits?

It all starts with your ability to create engaging content. Better you create 1 high engaging post once upon week on Facebook than every day putting on your Facebook page content that is not interesting.

So the more you create the content that is interesting for your potential clients, the better and cheaper is your Facebook promotion

Facebook marketing - relevancy score - you can pay 0,001 for engagement - I did!
Remarketing and retargeting the engaged audience (Facebook marketing)
Facebook retargeting - building the engaged audience (Facebook marketing)
Facebook remarketing of your website + Facebook pixel (Facebook marketing)
Facebook marketing - invite all your likes into your Facebook page & get fans
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