Three Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Work with ease and confidence as you master skills that keep you in high demand whether you're a pro or novice!
Gretchen Maurer
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Curly hair is perfect for wonderful updos! You will learn the skills to bring smiles to your clients and friends!
Professionals will be able to ask for more money as their expertise grows and demand for their services increase.
You will be able to have better informed conversations with your clients that will result in more services, excitement, and greater loyalty.

In this course Three Updo Hairstyles for Curly hair you will learn fun and easy ideas that are perfect for your curly hair, your clients and your friends.

My experience with curly hair clients is that some are real experts with their own curls and some need your professional guidance with their curls and how best to maintain them. If you can win over your curly hair clients with care, concern and patience they will be faithful to you. Watch these videos with someone in mind that you can practice on right away. I hope you find these looks a great addition to your current skill set.


Welcome video by Gretchen Maurer

I am so glad you are here! You CAN master special occasion hair styles for curly hair!  Whether you are a professional or not, you are welcome. So watch, find a friend or client to practice on and grow your skills! Learn why working from slides is a great process for making learning stick.

Curly Hair Tutorial Funny Intro!

Curly hair does not always have to be straightened in order to enjoy a beautiful special occasion hair style. But, there are ways to work with curly hair that enhances natural curls and important steps to take to achieve these looks. All is explained in the courses! Enjoy…love your curls and your curly hair clients!

About the Instructor

Nothing is better than sharing my journey and knowing you are trusting me to add to yours! I know you are already an amazing stylist. This career path is not for the timid, it is different every day, challenging every day and super rewarding. Especially for those of us who want to be a part of our client's meaningful, sometimes emotional, special occasion services! I am here for you. Reach out anytime with any questions! You will find all of my contact information and links in the bonus section.

Three updo hair style Tutorials for Curly Hair

Curly Chic Chignon

My curly hair brides and young clients loved having stunning looks with their natural curly hair. Of course some curly hair clients like a great blowout and desire a straight look for their wedding but not all. If your bride does not seem keen on a blow out or it may happen to be a summer or beach-y wedding try one of these styles in this course or in my other curly hair courses!

Radiant ringlets loose Updo

This look is great for long curly hair. I have used this model for a number of curly looks so check out my other curly hair courses.

Easy to do Crown of Curls

For the curly hair client with a shorter style this is a great option. Try it out on a longer curly hair client and see how you can creatively adjust it and send me the photos!! I'll add them into this course for others to enjoy and learn from you!

Skill Supporting Videos:

First time using a diffuser? Watch this video to see how one works.

Watch this client discover her curly hair and get a lesson on how to use a diffuser. Teaching your clients fun new tricks and tool options gets them excited and keeps them loyal to you!

Learn Knots: Supporting Tutorial

These styles and others within my courses utilize the method of creating knots with the hair. It may sound scary to some newbies, but they are an easy and fun way to put up your hair. Enjoy!

Bonus Lecture: Clarity Coaching with Gretchen

How may I serve you? Curious about coaching for your life, career, or relationships?

Learn how Clarity Coaching maybe be just what you are looking for. I would love to connect with you!


What is coaching?

Everything is intertwined. Relationships with those close to us, work relationships and our relationship with ourselves affects our goals and dreams.

Coaching opens us up to possibilities we are not seeing and resources we have not considered.

Coaching is for you if:

·         You feel stuck, life and or career seems flat lined.

·         Your career feels stale, yet you are working your butt off and are not sure what is next for you.

·         You have a bold vision but are unclear as to the steps to get you there.

·         One day just goes into the next. You find yourself procrastinating, with doubts and fears but you know there is something more.


You do not need to be a hairdresser to coach with me. I have coached, mom’s, retirees, entrepreneurs, business owners, solopreneurs, students, people in recovery, artists, writers, and other coaches. 

What’s the next step?

First, let's have a discovery phone call so I can listen to where you are at and where you want to be.

Click the link in the resource section. It will take you to a landing page with links to my Acuity scheduling page. There you will find time slots you can choose from for our first phone call.

On my Acuity scheduling page, you will find an intake form full of questions. There are no right or wrong answers. Working through these questions will be your first step in bringing clarity to your journey and bring me clarity as to how best to work with you and move forward.

I hope you have enjoyed this hairstyling course. I love bringing training and styles to make your clients and friends feel even more special! Bravo to you for your passion!

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