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TOGAF® Standard On One Page – Learn TOGAF® Faster!

All TOGAF 9.2 explained from a One Page Poster that makes learning TOGAF faster and applying TOGAF at work more obvious.
Martyn Bowis
1,100 students enrolled
Understand the latest version, TOGAF 9.2 released April 16 2018 in London
Prepare for TOGAF Certification exams faster (Combined Level 1 and Level 2)
Understand all parts of the TOGAF specification covered by the TOGAF Certification exams.
Be more confident in job interviews for enterprise architecture roles
Talk about TOGAF clearly to their peers using the TOGAF On One Page Poster
Be more confident to use TOGAF at work and know what to do next
What enterprise architecture is and how TOGAF helps a business to get from where they are to where they want to be.
Understand what has changed since TOGAF 9.1
Understand what was in TOGAF 9.1 (covered in an Appendix within this course)

Learn TOGAF 9.2 faster using the TOGAF on One Page.  

This course is based on the latest edition of TOGAF 9.2 released by The Open Group on 16 April 2018 at their conference in London.  In this course, we will cover all the concepts that you need to know when revising for sitting the TOGAF Combined Levels 1 and 2 Certification exam.

This will accelerate your learning and greatly increase your chances of passing the TOGAF Combined Levels 1 and 2 Certification exam.

I have trained hundreds of enterprise architects as a TOGAF trainer.  I have worked as an enterprise architect and mentored other architects.  From this experience, I have been able to distill all of TOGAF On One Page.  My students have found this resource to be the key to quickly grasping TOGAF and going on to gain excellent certification pass marks.  Those I mentor have this poster by their desk as a ready reference to keep them on track, growing their confidence and maintaining momentum.

I am available to answer questions about TOGAF for all people who register for this course.  I look forward to hearing of your success.

T-E-A-M Consulting is a member of The Open Group Architecture Forum and a holder of a valid TOGAF® 9.2 commercial license.

Course Introduction

What is TOGAF on One Page?

Find out why this course will help you understand TOGAF faster, helping you prepare with confidence to pass your TOGAF Level 1 and Level 2 exam as well as know what to do next when applying TOGAF at work.

Course Introduction
Course Resources

Understand All the Concepts

Enterprise Architecture

Learn what Enterprise Architecture is and understand what you would do as an Enterprise Architect at work.


Learn about the structure of the 504 page TOGAF specification and an overview of what it contains.


Learn about ArchiMate, a modelling language designed for Enterprise Architecture that complements TOGAF.

Architecture Development Method (ADM)

Learn about the Architecture Development Method (ADM), a step-by-step guide for developing and using an Enterprise Architecture.

Content Framework

Learn about the content that you gather and share as you follow the steps of the ADM.


Learn about the 21 default deliverables that TOGAF provides for you to share content with stakeholders.

Continuum & Tools

Learn about the Continuum, Repository and tools that you would use to store and search architecture content.

TOGAF Library and Reference Materials

Learn about the new TOGAF Library of Reference Materials and how it complements TOGAF.

ADM Guidelines & Techniques

Learn about guidelines for adapting and techniques for applying the TOGAF ADM.

Learn Every Phase in Detail

Preliminary Phase

Learn how to set up and Architecture Capability including your team and tailored practice methodology.

Requirements Management Phase

Learn how to manage a backlog of requirements across multiple transformation projects.

Phase A : Architecture Vision

Learn how to put together a vision for what you will achieve and communicate its value to stakeholders.

Architecture Development

Learn the nine key steps to developing business, data, application and technology architectures.  Includes an easy way to remember all nine steps.

Phase B : Business Architecture

Understand Business Architecture in depth and how to put one together.

Phase C : Information Systems Architecture

Learn about Information Systems Architecture and how it combines Data and Applications.

Phase C : Data Architecture

Understand Data Architecture in depth and how to put one together.

Phase C : Application Architecture

Understand Application Architecture in depth and how to put one together.

Phase D : Technology Architecture

Understand Technology Architecture in depth and how to put one together.

Phase E : Opportunities & Solutions

Learn how to select solutions, create work packages and produce a draft Architecture Roadmap.

Phase F : Migration Planning

Learn how to finalise your architecture and put together an Implementation and Migration plan including time, resources and cost estimates.

Phase G : Implementation Governance

Learn how to govern implementation of solutions, including contracts and compliance assessments. 

Phase H : Architecture Change Management

Learn how to ensure that your enterprise architecture continues to remain relevant and responds to changes in business, technology, risk and security drivers.

Make TOGAF Work at Work


Learn some key leadership lessons that are important for being a successful Enterprise Architect.


Contact details and services that are offered by T-EA-M Consulting which may assist you in practicing Enterprise Architecture.


Appendix A - Changes from TOGAF 9.1 to TOGAF 9.2

Learn what has changed in TOGAF 9.2 since TOGAF 9.1 through this clear comparison.

Appendix B - TOGAF 9.1 Content Not Covered in TOGAF 9.2

Learn about key topics that are in TOGAF 9.1 which have been moved out of TOGAF 9.2 into Series Guides in the TOGAF Library.  Useful if you plan to sit the TOGAF 9.1 exam before the TOGAF 9.2 exams are available.

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