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Trading Stock Chart Patterns For Immediate, Explosive Gains

Learn How To Trade Low-Risk, High-Probability Stock And Forex Chart Patterns
Frank Bunn
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Trade The Most Probable Chart Patterns For Explosive Gains
Spot The Lowest-Risk, Highest Probability Trades In Any Time Frame
Profitably Trade Any Liquid Market That Can Be Charted
Use Included Scan Logic To Program Scanners And Find New Opportunities
How To Effectively Control Risk
Use Included Script Logic To Program Custom Algorithms
Learn How To Analyze and Trade Tactically

You are about to learn exactly WHICH trades to take, WHEN to take them, and HOW to manage them consistently…in any market and any time frame. 

This course is designed for students of ALL LEVELS. In this detailed training, I am going to teach you exactly how to recognize, set-up, enter and manage high-probability trades…one after another. 

  • No guessing

  • No confusing and conflicting indicators

I will show you how to trade like a Wall Street insider and achieve consistency, no matter if the market goes up, down or sideways. This pattern-recognition analysis is based on over 25,000 hours of screen trading experience,

You will learn all the tricks, from the role of randomness in the markets (that few traders recognize), to characteristic trend patterns, to specific price-action triggers that take the guesswork and stress out of consistent application. 

I will teach you exactly how to manage all your trades. You will learn all the best ways to systematically analyze and implement, with ‘risk-based’ games, price-action, and intuitive trade management. 

From lecture to lecture, I take you by the hand and show you how to trade like a pro: 

  • How my structured trading approach protects you from serious loss

  • How to read price action and gauge momentum

  • How to calculate risk BEFORE you enter the market to size your positions and manage your account

  • Why you need a tactical, systematic approach to trading the markets

And when I am finished, you will be able to: 

  • Know the preliminary risk amount on each and every trade

  • Set up trades with limited risk and unlimited profit potential

  • Avoid getting caught in a bear market

You will also receive this BONUS – Detailed logic and script definitions for use in: 

  • Broker Scanning Platforms

  • Third-Party Software Tools

  • Custom Algorithm Programming

This means you will be able to find new trading opportunities quickly. I am able to scan thousands of stocks and dozens of liquid Forex pairs in minutes to find the best trade candidates.

Based on 20 years of experience with real-world ‘in the trenches’ trading, you will be on your way to mastering the pattern recognition skills required to effectively trade the screen.

Why try to learn how to trade on your own? 

Let a 20-year veteran of the trading game guide you step-by-step through the process. 

CHART PATTERN PROFITS is a must-have for anyone who wants to achieve consistency in the financial markets.



Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

  • The Recurring Price Pattern Principal
  • The Role Of Randomness
  • Common Success Obstacles
  • What You Will Learn
  • What To Expect After Training
Chart Tools

Learn The Importance Of Proper Charting Tools

Having the proper hardware and technology to trade in addition to fast, flexible chart tools which facilitate precise, tactical analysis is integral to your trading career.

  • The Screen Trader Setup
  • Chart Program Capability
  • Screen Trading Posture
  • Instructor Suggestions For Third-Party Software Tools


Trend Flow Objective

Learn KEY Market Dynamics And How To Determine The Trend

The most resourceful and objective footprint of fear and greed in the marketplace is found in the expansion and contraction of price.

  • Dominant Market Phases
  • Trend Flow Objective In Up And Down Markets
  • Price Action Patterns Within Trend Flow
  • 90% Win Rate Rule
  • Impulse Basics
  • The Reality Of Randomness
Pattern Recognition And Price Action Primer

Patterns may be employed individually or in conjunction with other patterns to produce specific, qualified, low-risk, high-probability entries. This is how the trader manages randomness and achieves consistency.

  • Pattern Recognition Concepts
  • Pattern Types And Categories
  • Mathematical Pattern Definition
  • Pattern Recognition Procedure
  • Basic Price Action Trend Analysis
  • Pivot Points
  • Instructor Suggestions
Contextual Trend Primer

Learn How To Define The Contextual Trend And What Tools To Use

  • Contextual Trend Tools
  • Micro, Short-Term, Intermediate-Term And Long-Term Contextual Trends
  • Strength Of Trend
  • Momentum Analysis


Power Pennant

Learn The Only Chart Pattern You Will Ever Need To Profit From The Financial Markets

  • Power Pennant Pattern Essentials
  • Proper Pattern Structure Within The Trend Flow Objective
  • Power Pennant Logic
  • Power Pennant KEY
  • Eliminating Subjectivity
  • Power Pennant Success Equation
Power Pennant Setup And Risk Control

Specific Procedure For Setting Up Trades, Analyzing Risk And Learning To Recognize Patterns

  • Trade Setup Triggers
  • Pattern Recognition Skill
  • Risk Analysis
  • Maximum Risk Calculation
  • Long And Short Risk Calculation
  • Position Sizing
  • Instructor Suggestions
Power Pennant Trade Management

Everything You Need To Know And What To Do After You Are In A Power Pennant Trade

  • The Breakout Phenomenon
  • Intuitive Breakout Confirmation
  • Risk-Based Games For Power Pennant Trades
  • Intuitive Trade Management
  • Mechanical Management
  • Advanced Targeting
  • The Chart Pattern Profits Objective


Descending Wedge

Learn The Logic And Characteristics Of The Most Probable Reversal Pattern

  • Descending Wedge Pattern Essentials
  • Proper Pattern Structure Within The Trend Flow Objective
  • Descending Wedge Logic
  • Descending Wedge Pattern KEY
  • Eliminating Subjectivity
  • Descending Wedge Success Equation
    Descending Wedge Setup And Risk Control

    Specific Procedure For Setting Up Trades, Analyzing Risk And Learning To Recognize Descending Wedge Patterns

    • Trade Setup Triggers
    • Pattern Recognition Skill
    • Risk Analysis
    • Maximum Risk Calculation
    • Long And Short Risk Calculation
    • Position Sizing
    • Instructor Suggestions
    Descending Wedge Trade Management

    Everything You Need To Know And What To Do After You Are In A Descending Wedge Trade

    • The Wedge Breakout Phenomenon
    • Intuitive Breakout Confirmation
    • Risk-Based Games For Descending Wedge Trades
    • Intuitive Trade Management
    • Mechanical Management For Wedges
    • Advanced Targeting For Wedge Patterns
    • The Chart Pattern Profits Objective


    4-Bar Power Patterns

    Learn To Spot These Low-Risk, High-Probability Patterns For Consistent Profits

    • 4-Bar Power Pattern Structure
    • Precise Pattern Specificity And How To Recognize The Pattern Instantly
    • Pattern Learning Examples
    • Instructor Suggestions


    Impulse And Context Analysis

    Learn The Importance Of IMPULSE And How To Use It To Consistently Profit

    • Impulse Overview
    • Price Action And Pivot Trend Definition And Analysis
    • The Significance Of Point 1 In Any Complex Pattern
    • Contextual Trends Up And Down
    • How To Calculate Favorable Markets With Momentum
    • Primary Contextual Trends And Momentum Indicate Expansion Phases
    • Pattern Location And Intrinsic Risk Analysis
    Advanced Filtering

    Advanced Filtering Provides Additional Tools, Strategies And Tactics For Locating The Highest-Probability, Lowest-Risk Setups.

    • Reduce RISK
    • Effectively Filter Trade Candidates
    • Focus On Low INTRINSIC RISK Setups
    • Focus On Low CONTEXTUAL RISK Setups
    • Increase Probability Of IMMEDIATE BREAKOUTS
    • Increase Reward/Risk Ratios
    • Improve Sample Performance
    • Reduce Breakout Failure Rates
    • Reduce Trader Stress With Fewer, High-Probability Entries


    Scanning The Markets

    The Objective Of Scanning Is To Consistently Locate The Highest-Probability Entries

    Third-party charting tools which facilitate quick scanning of large numbers of securities in addition to pattern recognition are the preferred Chart Pattern Profits Choice.

    • Scanning Objectives
    • Scanning Fundamentals - The Three (3) Essential Scanning Methods
    • Contextual Pattern Scans
    • Price Action Pattern Scans
    • Combination Scans
    • What To Do If You Do Not Want To Analyze
    • Instructor Suggestions


    Conclusion - Why Pattern Recognition-Based Trading Is Ideal

    How To Use What You Have Learned To Fast Track Your Trading Business

    • Common Success Obstacles Overcome With Chart Pattern Profits Training
    • Course Summation
    • What You Can Do Now
    • The Seven (7) Steps For Taking Analysis To Action
    • Reducing Intrinsic Risk
    • The Profile Of A Successful Screen Trader
    • What Comes Next...


    Pattern And Context LOGIC - Scanning And Scripts

    Detailed Pattern Logic For Use In:

    • Programming Broker Scanners
    • Programming Third-Party Software Tools
    • Creating Custom Algorithms
    TC2000 Scan And Script LOGIC

    Program TC2000 To Quick-Scan The Market For New Opportunities.

    • Specific PCF Scripts
    • Trend And Momentum CONTEXT

    Includes procedure for implementing PCF scripts and configuring EasyScans.

    TC2000 Scan And Script LOGIC (COPY+PASTE)

    Program The TC2000 Charting Software Platform To EASYSCAN Chart Patterns

    • COPY+PASTE for quick implementation
    • Includes instruction for uploading PCF scripts and building EasyScans
    Thinkorswim Scan And Script LOGIC (COPY+PASTE)

    Program The THINKORSWIM (TOS) Platform To Quick-Scan CHART PATTERNS

    • COPY+PASTE for quick implementation
    • Includes instruction for uploading scripts and building scans
    MetaTrader 4 Tools

    Tools For Implementing The Strategy On The MetaTrader 4 Platform

    • MACD Configuration For Exponential Moving Average (EMA) SIGNAL-LINE (2 files)
    (Content Courtesy Of FRANCISCO GONZALEZ VELASCO, 2015)
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    Take your trading game to the next level. Learning as much as you can about Market  Dynamics will enable you to master a new setup.

    This leads to the development of your own style. Trading in harmony with your preferences and belief systems will create the consistency you desire.

    Good fortune!

    My goal is YOUR success,
    Frank Bunn

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