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Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification

Become a Vegan Nutrition Certified Health Coach, Learn Vegan Cooking, Embrace a Holistic Approach to Food
Sanda Kruger
725 students enrolled
You will learn how to turn your passion for a healthy vegan lifestyle into a profitable coaching business to help others overcome their health challenges.
You will be able to communicate effectively about nutrition and healthy vegan eating in this health coach certification course.
You will learn to set goals and implement winning action plans with your clients who want to eat a healthy vegan diet, lose weight and live a holistic lifestyle based on their values of health and compassion.
You will learn how to help your clients get the lasting transformation they are seeking using holistic vegan nutrition and meal planning.
You will be able to design custom nutrition packages with recipes, shopping, cooking and time saving strategies for yourself and your clients.

Welcome to the Vegan Cooking and Nutrition Health Coach Certification Course!

  • Are you passionate about Vegan health and nutrition?

  • Do you want to learn more about nutrition and proudly construct delicious vegan meals that increase nutrient bioavailability?

  • Are you excited about the principles of a plant-based lifestyle and you want to become an expert in applying vegan principles in your daily food choices while helping to guide others on how to do this in a healthy, holistic way while preventing setbacks?

  • Do you want to help people enhance their well-being, improve their quality of life, prevent and reverse weight gain and inflammation, reduce cholesterol and live a happy, healthy lifestyle by helping them implement Vegan cooking and nutrition in their daily routine?

  • Would you like to learn whole foods vegan recipes and powerful health coaching tools, as well as deep, specialized and insightful details about adopting a vegan approach to life, about the vegan nutrition and vegan foods in order to help your clients reach their weight loss and overall wellness goals?

  • Would you like to implement a ready-made wholesome 2-week vegan meal program that is also soy and gluten free for yourself and your clients by earning a Vegan nutrition and health coach certification?


Being healthy and living a happy and fulfilled life, respecting all life forms and living in harmony is the ultimate goal for billions of people worldwide, making it the perfect time to earn a vegan nutrition health coach certification by enrolling and becoming a Certified Vegan Nutrition Health Coach.

Information that becomes the catalyst for adopting a vegan lifestyle resonates with different people, and our purpose in this course is to empower you with sound plant-based and vegan nutritional education to support them in that journey to a healthy way of living in accordance with those values. Because vegan is not synonymous with healthy, just as plant-based is not synonymous with vegan. And as a well rounded health coach, it’s important for you to know the distinctions and overcome the obstacles.

In this course, we address the complexity of being a health coach for vegan clients, if not a vegan health coach yourself. Here are just a few of the topics we will touch:

  • the common myths and misconceptions about a plant-based diet and a vegan mentality

  • the different nutrients and what are the best plant sources for them

  • how to buy, store and cook vegan food

  • if you are a new vegan, how to make it taste like the comfort food you are used to since childhood

  • food supplements

  • soy

  • gluten-free

  • herbs

  • vegan and a healthy gut

  • raw vs cooked

  • building muscle and losing weight as a plant-based advocate

  • being vegan at different ages and its implications

  • adopting a plant-based diet and different common health conditions


Develop a strong foundation of health theory related to health and nutrition, especially focused on the details of being vegan and the natural, healthy choice of not eating any animal products, so that you can be a confident and effective nutrition health coach.

Learn core, professional health coaching skills, such as how to communicate effectively, to set realistic and achievable goals and to develop a long lasting rapport with your vegan health and nutrition clients, work together to set achievable goals, and support them using powerful knowledge and life skills.

Develop a strong understanding of the vegan lifestyle so that you can help your clients get the results they want, avoid relapse, and overcome resistance so they can create lasting health changes in their lives.


This nutrition and health vegan certification program will give you everything you need to design your own vegan nutrition, vegan cooking and health coaching packages based on your own experience and knowledge in the areas of vegan health and wellness that you are passionate about.

At the end of the course you will be a Certified Vegan Cooking Nutrition Health Coach and you will become an advocate for healthy living, a health educator, and an active partner that helps each client unlock their potential through plant-based healthy food and life choices.


In summary, this vegan cooking and nutrition certification will provide the following:

  • This vegan nutrition and vegan cooking and health coaching certification will assist you in creating a step-by-step vegan Nutrition program to use with your clients

  • This nutrition health certification program will give you the tools to design a vegan custom health coaching package that is focused and in alignment with YOUR unique passion for the vegan, plant-based diet and how it can change the lives of so many

  • You will also develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, nutrient density, macronutrients, micronutrients, and dieting, with an emphasis on the Vegan nutrition, the vegan cooking Diet and the natural plant-based foods.

  • Learn health coaching skills and the key elements of behavioral change and how to motivate your clients to achieve their vegan, health, nutrition, and life goals and prevent relapse.

  • This vegan nutrition and health certification will leave you feeling confident as a Vegan Lifestyle, vegan cooking and nutrition health coach because you have developed a strong foundation both of theory and practical application.

  • By earning your Vegan Cooking and Nutrition Health certification you will also have the credibility that your clients are looking for by being able to say that you are a Certified Vegan Cooking Nutrition and Health Coach.


This course is offered to you by Mystic Core Movements LLC and taught by Sanda Kruger and Stephanie Harter.

Students who complete this course will receive an official health coaching certificate offered by Mystic Core Movements, a private fitness and wellness company based in The United States of America.

Sanda Kruger has more than 20 years of experience in the fitness and health industry for both adults and children, is an expert in the Ketogenic Diet, a nutrition health coach and retired professional dancer. With a Bachelor Degree in business, she is a certified health and fitness professional with AFAA and AEA and is the creator of the 21 Day Ketogenic Diet Program for Losing Weight and of two original fitness programs, called BellyCore® Fitness and AquaCor®. During her fitness and wellness coaching career, through private classes, master classes, workshops and coaching groups, Sanda Kruger has helped and taught thousands of students in both health and nutrition.

Even though fairly new on Udemy, since August 2018, Sanda is an instructor of other health, fitness and nutrition certification courses created either by herself or with amazing partners:

Natalie and Joeel Rivera, two of the top life coaching instructors on Udemy with over 60 courses and 70,000 students;

Terez Hartmann, the amazing Firewoman, published author, speaker, Law of Attraction expert and BellyCore(R) Fitness Certified Instructor.

Stephanie Harter is the author of the book The Skinny On Eating Like You Give A Damn. She is passionate about the power of a wholesome vegan lifestyle in all areas of life, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Stephanie holds a degree in Education, and is a graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Center of Nutrition Studies at eCornell. She is also a graduate of Quantum Leap with Success Resources, and holds multiple certifications as a Trainer, Coach, and Mentor in the areas of Business and Professional Development. As an educator, author and speaker, Stephanie is committed to helping others experience freedom from dieting by connecting to their power to make a difference as a rebel for compassion for optimal health and vitality.

Mystic Core Movements LLC is currently in the process of obtaining international accreditation for its health and fitness coaching courses.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the course!


Introduction to the Vegan Health Coach Certification Course

Are you passionate about the vegan lifestyle?

Do you dream of becoming an Expert in the principles of vegan nutrition while learning how to apply those principles into your business as a Certified Vegan Health Coach?

Are you excited to watch people transform their bodies and health as you coach them on how to transition easily to a sustainable whole foods vegan diet?

Vegan diets are an amazing choice for health, promoting a clean planet and being mindful of the life of animals farmed for human consumption. Moving to a vegan diet is not only supported by thousands of medical research studies, but it is also endorsed by:

  • The United Nations

  • USDA Food Guidelines

  • Oxford University

  • The Association of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • and More!

Learn from the best in the business of vegan education and health coaching from award-winning author, Stephanie Harter and the creator of BellyCore Fitness, Sanda Kruger.

In this course, you will learn:

  • how to communicate effectively about vegan nutrition

  • how to set goals and implement winning action plans with your clients

  • how to design custom nutrition packages with recipes, shopping, cooking and time saving strategies

  • how to help your clients get the lasting transformation they are seeking

  • and so much more!

As a Certified Vegan Health and Nutrition Coach, you will be an effective advocate for healthy vegan living.

And, you will be an empowered health educator to help others unlock their potential to transform while making healthy life choices.

We look forward to providing the tools and knowledge you need to launch and grow your Vegan Health Coaching business.

We'll see you on the inside.

Who Is This Course For and What To Expect?
Who needs a vegan health and nutrition coach?

You will learn how to identify someone in need of vegan health coaching.

Health Benefits of Shifting to a Whole Foods Vegan Lifestyle

You will learn about some of the researched and proven benefits published throughout various medical and nutrition journals for adopting a wholesome vegan diet - rich in fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and free of cholesterol; low in calories and saturated fat. 

Meet the Instructors - Stephanie

Stephanie is the award-winning author of the book The Skinny On Eating Like You Give A Damn (Jan 2019 print release).

Her mission is to empower people to make informed food choices that reflect their values of personal health and compassion for all beings. Stephanie’s philosophy is “good food can be enjoyed without dire consequences to our health, the animals involved, and our shared planet.”

After earning her Degree in Elementary Education with continued studies in Professional Communications at Old Dominion University, she began her journey to becoming vegan in 2009 after hearing accounts from factory farm workers about the unthinkable conditions of animal agriculture and its impacts on the animals welfare, the environment, and every person’s health. She retired her old southern meat, egg and dairy-based recipes and learned how to create a menu of delicious and nutritious plant-based comfort foods.

She sought out doctors and dietitians such as T. Colin Campbell, M.D., Brenda Davis, R.D., Michael Greger, M.D, and Julianna Hever, N.D. to learn how a wholesome vegan lifestyle could prevent her and her future children from many of the diet and lifestyle related diseases and ailments most of us see our loved ones battling every day.

After just a short time, she experienced a host of noticeable improvements to her health as a result of choosing vegan foods. Most notably, a chronic digestive disorder she had suffered from since childhood, diagnosed as IBS and declared irreversible by gastroenterologists, was suddenly healed.

Passionate about the power of a wholesome vegan lifestyle in all areas of life, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, Stephanie pursued her formal nutrition education with the American School of Natural Health in 2014 while working as the assistant to the founder and president, a European Naturopathic Doctor.

She has since been sought by practicing physicians as a consultant for helping patients to implement vegan nutrition, and has been a practicing Vegan Health and Lifestyle Mentor since 2016. Her most significant personal achievement was helping a chronically ill family member drop 50lbs, reverse fatty liver disease, normalize blood pressure, gain more energy, and go from 14 medications to 4; all within just a few short months on a whole foods vegan diet.

She is a graduate of Quantum Leap with New Peaks (now Success Resources), and holds multiple certifications as a Trainer, Coach, and Mentor in the areas of Business and Professional Development. As an educator, author and speaker, Stephanie is committed to helping others experience freedom from dieting by connecting to their power to make a difference as a rebel for compassion for optimal health and vitality.

Meet the Instructors - Sanda
What Does A Vegan Health Coach Do?

In this lecture you will learn more about what a health coach does, especially for his/her vegan clients.

What are Health and Wellness?

In this lecture you will learn the definitions of health and wellness and understand their significance in terms of health coaching.

What Can a Health Coach Do Regarding Nutrition?

The Dos and Dont's of A Health Coach when it's regarding nutrition.

Health Coach Disclaimer and Code of Ethics

Please read it and make sure you understand and agree with it before you start giving any advice.

Welcome to the Vegan Lifestyle!

Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant-Based - What's the difference?

Learn the distinctions between the popular terms describing people who choose to abstain from eating animal products.

The History and Popularity of Veganism

When did people begin to abstain from using animal products? How did veganism come about and why is it popular today?

Information that becomes the catalyst for adopting a vegan lifestyle resonates with different people, and our purpose for you in this course is to empower you with sound education to support them in that journey to a healthy way of living in accordance with those values. Because vegan is not synonymous with healthy, just as plant-based is not synonymous with vegan. And as a well rounded health coach, it’s important for you to know the distinctions.

Because of the vast availability of food in developed countries, diet is seen as a matter of personal choice. But vegans who used to consume animal products view diet as a matter of culture and habits. The challenge many new vegans have today is learning how to change those habits to reflect their values of health, animal compassion, and a sustainable planet for future generations. All while staying connected to their culture through the new foods that they adopt.

Myths and Misconceptions: "A vegan diet is unsafe for pregnancy and children"

Learn why a vegan lifestyle is safe for pregnant mothers and children.

Myths and Misconceptions: "Athletes and Bodybuilders can't build muscle..."

Learn about some of the professional athletes, bodybuilders and Olympians who credit their elite performance to a wholesome vegan lifestyle.

Myths and Misconceptions: "Vegans can't get enough protein."

Why is this myth the most prevalent among non-vegans? Take a look at a sample day of whole plant foods for protein analysis, and see how easily it surpasses the daily requirement for optimal health.

Myths and Misconceptions: "Vegans eat too many carbs which is unhealthy..."

It is a popular myth that "carbs" make us fat and unhealthy. Learn which ones are the main fuel for the brain and muscles, and which carbohydrates to avoid.   

The Truth About Soy

Learn why soy has gotten a bad reputation. And, how we can learn from traditional Asian civilizations about the powerful health benefits of soy foods.

Introduction to a Plant Based Nutrition

A Whole-Foods, Plant Based Approach

Although people have made the choice to abstain from eating animals on ethical grounds for centuries, you will hear about just some of the pioneering doctors of today who continue to uncover the power of eating plant-based for optimal health through research.

Nutrient Density and Bioavailability

In this lecture we will talk about why nutrient density is important and how we can choose to each more bioavailable foods.

Best Vegan Food Options

In this lecture we will discuss the various vegan food options.

Plant Based Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats - Overview

Learn about the best vegan sources of carbohydrates.

Best Plant Protein Sources

Plant protein is often something misunderstood. Learn all about it.

Best Plant Fat Sources

Eating natural healthy plant based fats, like nuts, avocados, etc is very healthy. Learn more about the vegan sources of fats available.

Plant Based Micronutrients: Vitamins

In this lecture learn about a very important subject: vitamins.

Plant Based Micronutrients: Minerals

In this lecture you will learn about minerals, as they are very important for our health.

Dietary Supplements for Optimal Health

You will learn why everyone should take certain supplements into consideration for optimal health. Not just vegans.

Vitamin B-12

B-12 is the only required supplement for vegans, but non-vegans should be concerned about whether they are getting enough of this too. And here's why.

Vitamin D

A Vitamin D deficiency is the most common vitamin deficiency in the world today. Learn why this vitamin is so crucial to your health. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Many people obtain their Omega-3 Fatty Acids from fish and fish oil. But did you know that fish don't make Omega-3's? Learn why having a proper balance of omegas are important for your health and where vegans get their plant-based Omega-3's from.

Complete Protein from Whole Plant Foods

There are 9 essential amino acids required for human health, and they don't come from just animal based foods. Learn about why complete protein is essential and how it is easy to obtain daily on a vegan diet.

Protein Powders: Yay? Nay? or "No Whey!"

While many vegan doctors and nutritionists advocate getting all your nutrients from whole plant foods, you or your clients may choose to supplement with protein powder for convenience. Learn what ingredients to steer clear of and how to pick a protein powder that is relatively clean.

Raw vs. Cooked Foods

Is a raw vegan diet optimal for long-term health? Let's see what the science says.

Healthy Gut and Digestion

Trillions of single-celled organisms are working hard at shaping your appetite, allergies, metabolism, and neurological functions. But do you know how to help then work in harmony? Learn what types of food work either for or against you in keeping your gut and digestion in check and making the brain-boosting chemicals we need to thrive. 

Basic Vegan Nutrition for Special Conditions

In this lecture we will discuss various vegan nutrition aspects to consider for special health conditions: hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Detailed Main Nutrient Sources

So, what does a vegan eat?

If you regularly eat dairy products, meat and eggs, you might be wondering what’s left after eliminating so many things from your diet. This is an introduction to the upcoming lectures about the different foods in the plant kingdom and how they promote health and vitality. 

Fruits and Vegetables and their Role in a Healthy Vegan Diet

Did you know that each color of fruits and vegetables indicates an abundance of specific nutrients? You will learn about the protective phytonutrients present in the many colors of whole plant foods.

Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit

Nuts and seeds are a great source of healthy fat, protein, fiber and micronutrients. Learn how to incorporate them into your healthy vegan lifestyle.

Legumes (beans, lentils, peas, peanuts)

Beans, beans. They're good for your heart. Learn about the nutritional comparison between steak and beans, and why beans are a staple in the diets of the healthiest and longest lived cultures in the world.


Whole grains are packed with nutrients and trace minerals, and are crucial for digestive health. A diet rich in whole grains has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some forms of cancer. Learn what grains to eat regularly and which ones to eat in moderation for excellent nutrition practices.

Herbs and Spices

Learn how to not only boost the flavor of your whole foods vegan menu, but add a nutritional punch to it with various herbs and spices.

Hydration for a Healthy Body

In this lecture we discuss briefly why hydration is an important factor for healthy living.

List of Most Popular Vegetables and Their Carbohydrate Content

In this lecture you can find attached the list of the most popular vegetables on the market as well as their carb content in order to make your shopping experience much better and hopefully to inspire you to try new things.

Vegan Shopping and Cooking

Shopping Whole Food Plant-Based

Learn where to shop and what to look for as you venture out to stock up on whole foods for the week ahead.

Simple Cooking Methods

Sometimes when switching from meat, dairy and eggs to a fully plant-based menu, we can forget that there are many ways to prepare vegetables. Here is a quick rundown of the simplest of ways.

Steam - example: green beans or sweet potato chunks in a pot with little water and steamer basket

Bake - example: baked potatoes, or season and bake a head of cauliflower 

Saute - tip: instead of oil, saute tofu and vegetables in vegetable broth in a nonstick pan or wok, or use just plain water

Roast - example: roasted veggies under the broiler, like broccoli, onion, red potatoes, carrots - or any mixture of fresh hardy vegetables you like.

Holiday Tips + Don't Like to Cook Tips

Quick easy solutions for stress free holiday meals, and if you or your client don't like cooking.

Meal Prep Tips for your Plant-Based Kitchen

We may have the best of intentions, but at the end of a long, hectic day, we find ourselves reaching for whatever is easy and quick. Learn some basic strategies that when practiced regularly, they will become the healthy habits you need in order to always have healthy plant-foods at the ready.

Batch Prepping and Cooking to Save Time

Take just 1 block of time during the week to shop for and prepare key ingredients that will sustain your healthy lifestyle all through the crazy week ahead. Here are some tips on what to prepare.

Storing Food

You will learn tips for preventing the dreaded freezer burn, extending the life of your fresh produce, and optimal tools for food storage.

Easing Into Conscious Living

Learn savvy ways to transition into healthy vegan living based on your current lifestyle.

3 Tips for Instant Success at Home as a Healthy Vegan

Learn easy tips for saving time and energy when planning out what to eat each day.

Tips for Eating Vegan Away from Home

You will learn tips for making informed decisions about eating vegan away from home, whether you're meeting friends out for dinner, traveling on planes and in other countries, or attending social events, like a family party or bbq.

How to Recognize Non-Vegan Ingredients Hidden on Food Labels

You will learn the basics of discerning if a grocery item is vegan or not, despite whether or not it has the certified vegan stamp of approval.

2 Weeks Vegan Meal Plan to Get You and Your Clients Started

Getting You Started!

Your clients are likely to focus on what they don’t like in the plant kingdom because the processed foods and animal derived foods they are used to are rich and full of fat, sugar and salt, so it may be difficult for your client to imagine what a plant-based menu could taste like. And it’s up to you, their Vegan Health Coach, to help them focus on what they do like in order to build a comprehensive healthy vegan eating plan. As many people who have made the switch can attest to, taste buds will adjust, and your clients will soon crave more healthier foods.

Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek physician regarded as the father of medicine, said “Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine.” Let’s remember that Hippocrates prescribed a whole foods vegan lifestyle and included living foods (such as sprouts), and medicine is exactly what your clients shall have in this whole foods vegan menu.

To Your Health!

Recipes - Week 1

Here is just a taste of the recipes in store for this week:

  • Berry granola smoothie bowl

  • Open-face BBQ pulled jack sandwiches

  • Chipotle potato skins

  • Zesty Italian bean soup

  • Cookie dough balls

If you are developing a 30 day menu, use this for weeks 1 and 3. Make adjustments based on your clients preferences, skills, and budget. Many simple meals and snacks, like rice and beans, whole grain penne with marinara and kidney beans, sprouted toast with nut butter, and stir frys can easily replace any item based on your clients needs.

Recipes - Week 2

Here is just a taste of the recipes in store for this week:

  • Chunky monkey breakfast bowl

  • Cajun cauliflower bowl

  • Tacos with sweet corn guacamole

  • Lentil Bolognese with penne

  • Lemon bliss balls

If you are developing a 30 day menu, use this for weeks 2 and 4. Make adjustments based on your clients preferences, skills, and budget. Many simple meals and snacks, like hummus and pita sandwiches stuffed with salad, marinated tofu steaks with potatoes, apples and bananas with nut butter, and black bean quinoa Buddha bowls can easily replace any item based on your clients needs.

COACHING SKILLS: Identifying Your Unique Position

Identifying Your Team

In this lecture we teach you how to identify your teams and how to work with them successfully. Remember that you are not alone!

How to Communicate Effectively With Your Team Members

You will learn how to communicate effectively with your team members in order to serve them best and to achieve the results you desire.

Know Your Own Strengths - SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is a powerful tool to help you know your own strengths, weaknesses, identify your opportunities and threats.

Understand Your Clients - DISC Personality Model

Understanding different personality types in your clients and partners will help you communicate with them and build a strong business.

Coaching Skills: Setting Achievable Goals

Why Do Goals Matter?

Goals are vital for reaching success. Learn why.

Setting Meaningful Goals

Superficial goals are easy to set and even easier to forget about. Adding real meaning to your goals is what makes you stick to those goals and record the progress along the way.

Health Goals with an Emphasis on the Past

In this lecture you will learn to identify goals with an emphasis on the past and how to make them real today.

Health Goals with an Emphasis on the Present

In this lecture you will learn about goals with an emphasis on the present.

Health Goals with an Emphasis on the Future

In this lecture you will learn about goals with an emphasis on the future and how to achieve them.

Small Changes Lead to Big Results

Making small, significant steps in the right direction is much more productive than focusing on the big goal without a real step by step plan. Learn why.

Celebrate With Your Clients

Every milestone should be cherished and celebrated! Positive reinforcement and a happy acknowledgment of the successes achieved can propel any person towards reaching their ultimate goals. 

Coaching Skills: How to Report and Connect with Your Clients

What is your personal Why?

Without figuring out the personal WHY? it's very difficult to stick to anything. Motivation is the key to success in anything.

How to Make a Positive First Impression

Creating positive first impressions with your clients, partners and anyone is vital. you only get one chance to do that. Learn how.

Active Listening Skills

We have two ears and one mouth, they say.. We are supposed to hear more than talk. But hearing something is not the same as listening. Active listening is an amazing tool to help you with anyone you come in contact with.

Ask the Right Questions

Being interested in others, in what they have to share and getting them to open up to you by asking them the right questions is very important in the coaching business. Learn what questions to ask and when.

Client Assessments

Assessing Readiness to Change

Readiness to change comes in different levels for each client. Find out how you can asses it and track it along the way.

Assessing Body Composition and Discussing it with Your Clients

Assessing body composition is an important process in the fitness and health coaching businesses because most of our clients come to us with the intent of losing weight, toning their bodies, etc. Learn how to do it and also how to tell them the results in sensitive and efficient ways to motivate them.

Certification Test

Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification Test

The test has 30 questions with 3 potential answers each. This is obviously an "open-book" test made to help you deepen your knowledge.

Conclusion and Closing

Congratulations from Sandy

Yay!!! You did this!! See what's next!

Congratulations from Stephanie

Congrats! You ROCK! Thank you for allowing me to serve you on this journey to becoming a Certified Vegan Nutrition Health Coach. I look forward to seeing you make a huge difference in so many lives.

Be sure to drop me an email to tell me all about your intentions and goals with your Vegan Coaching practice and how I can further support you in this journey (stephanie@eatinglikeyougiveadamn.com). I LOVE to hear about how students are making their mark in the world!

Contact and Review

In this lecture you find out how you can keep in touch with us and give us some feedback!

How to Receive Your Certificate

In this lecture you will get the steps necessary to follow in order for us to send you the certificate of completion.

References and Resources

Please find a list of the resources and references we have used for this course.

BONUS: Additional Resources You Don't Want to Miss!

This is a section you do not want to miss!!!

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