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VIDEO EDITING: How to Edit Videos with FILMORA 8

This beginner's course details the basics of video editing using FILMORA 8 so you can start editing videos well
Rance Keating
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Open a new project with the correct aspect ratio, and import your video footage to your project
You'll learn how to use the timeline and different tracks/layers, and how to edit and organize your footage in the timeline
How to edit the contrast, brightness, saturation and tint in your videos, and how to use 3d LUTs.
How to use color tuning presets to improve the color and look of your videos easily
How to crop, pan & zoom. How to freeze frame
How to add music to your project (also how to find royalty free music to use). How to adjust the sound levels in your video and music tracks
How to use 'fade-in' and 'fade-out' to smoothen out the sound in your video
How to record a voice over, how to record your PC screen, and how to record the system sound and microphone at the same time
How to add animated text effects and openers to your project. And how to add subtitles and end credits.
How to pixelate faces (blur people's faces). How to speed up and slow down videos
How to use the equalizer to improve the sound of your video and music tracks. How to remove background noise
How to add transitions, filters, overlays & elements. How to create a split-screen effect

**Note** This course covers the previous version of Filmora, they have just recently released a new version called ‘Filmora9’ so just check which version of the software you have before buying this course. This course should give you a good foundation in video editing in general, but the layout of Filmora9 is slightly different ******

Video Editing with Wondershare Filmora

In these series of lessons, you will learn how to create great looking videos that you can upload to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo etc using this easy-to-use video editor from Wondershare Filmora. It’s a great video editor to start with if you are new to video editing and it will allow you to edit videos simply and very quickly. There are some really great effects available, and it may be an easy video editor to get started with, but you will still be able to create really dynamic looking videos that look professional.

Learning Goals

In these video tutorials the goal is to present the video editing tools in Wondershare Filmora so that you can start editing videos as soon as possible. These lessons are simple and ‘to-the-point’, and I try and avoid going over unnecessary details and overloading you with information about video editing. This is just a simple ‘no frills’ demonstration of how to use the tools in Filmora

Practice as You Learn

I highly recommend visiting the Wondershare Filmora website and downloading the video editor (for Windows or Mac) for free. Shoot some video footage using your phone or camera or download some royalty free footage (I show you how to do this in the course). There are some free effects available as well to get started with. And then as I teach you how to use the video editing tools and effects, try and experiment with the tools yourself using your own footage. Learn and experiment as you go.

If you have any questions about the lessons, just send me a message and I’ll be happy to try and help.

Best of luck!

***Bonus Material***

At the end of the course I’ll show you how to create a live action ‘Explainer Video”. I’ll show you where to find stock video footage and images to use in your project, where to find good music, how to edit all your clips together in the timeline, how to add movement to your images, how to add text to present information in your video, how to change the color of your text to emphasize certain key words that you want your audience to focus on, and I’ll talk about crediting the authors of the stock videos and images properly.  


Video Editing with Filmora

Download Filmora, The Effects Store, Aspect Ratio
Capturing Footage, Stock Video Footage
Import Footage, Record PC Screen, Intro To Timeline
Picture-in-Picture, Speed up/slow down videos, organize videos in Timeline
Text & Music Layers, Project View, Sound Effects
Add Multiple Text/Music Tracks, Hide Tracks, Audio Mixer
Undo/Redo, Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, 3D LUTs, Play in Reverse, Color Tu
Video Pitch/Equalizer, Denoise, Splitting Videos, Crop/Pan & Zoom
Freeze Frame, Power Tool, Pixelating Faces, Face Off, Color Tuning Presets
Adding Music, Finding Royalty Free Music, Volume Levels
Sound Effects, Finding Royalty Free Sound Effects
Editing Music Tracks, Fade In/Fade Out
Music Pitch/Equalizer, Recording and Editing Voice Overs
Adding Text Effects, Effects Store, Editing Text
Text Fonts, Text Size, Openers, Adding Music To Opener
Creative Intros/Openers, Text Style & Animation & Font
Outros, Lower Thirds, Adding Text, Subtitles
Adding End Credits
Adding Transitions & Filters
Adding Overlays & Elements
Adding a Split Screen
Creating Your Video and "Exporting"
Video Editing Project
Stock Footage Credit

**Bonus Section** How to Create Explainer Videos (Live Action)

Introduction to 'Live Action' Explainer Videos
Finding Stock Video Footage & Images, Importing Into Your Editing Software
Organizing Your Clips in the Timeline, Adding Movement to your Images
Finding & Adding Music To Your Video
Adding Text (Lower Thirds) To Your Video
Using Different Color Text To Emphasize Keywords, Giving Credit to Content Autho
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