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Video Production Video Marketing: Leverage the human element

Video Production Secrets Using Expression in Video Editing to Increase Video Marketing Effectiveness
Scott Hamlin
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Use the provides images to make more engaging videos using the human element and be able to locate more images that leverage the hunman element for much more effective video engagement
Quickly and easily make decisions based on effective, tried and true design principles used by top notch creative directors for decades
Tap into the sub-conscious of your viewers to react optimally to your videos
The two factors to use eye-contact to more fully engage your viewers
Leverage the tactile effect to tap into another sub-conscious human reaction so the viewers experience a desired sense of touch and feel
Connect with your viewers using expressive imagery and tapping further into their emotions
Find more FREE assets simple and fast to use in your video projects

Video Production Video Marketing and Video Editing all rely on increasing the overall effectiveness of your videos

Have you ever wondered why some videos just seem more professional but you can’t seem to put your finger on why?

Or how about this…do you find it hard in your video editing process to match the latest cool video templates to the script for your video–so much so, that you end up changing your script to match the template?

Wouldn’t it be great if these things were never really a problem in your video production and video editing process, because your videography skills allow you to make pro quality video that goes perfectly with your script — quickly and easily?

Do you wish your videos had that nice professional and natural feel to them whether you use adobe premier, final cut pro or video production and video editing software? 


When I was in college pursuing a Radio, Television, and Film degree I was taught video production and video editing principles still being taught in film schools today, but now you don’t need to through months of college courses to learn these important video marketing techniques.

Not only will I show you how to easily use some of the top techniques that professional video creators use in their video production and video editing, I’ll give you 500 FREE hi-quality, hi-resolution keyword searchable images to put the techniques into action in your videos right away.


With Video Like A Pro: Leveraging The Human Element  you don’t just get a course on how to make videos like professionals, you get high quality photos that have been thoughtfully keyworded so you can find the images quickly and easily and quickly perform your video editing. Each image has been optimized to work great with 1280 x 720 videos and you can use them with any video program that imports JPEG files to enhance your video marketing.


You’ll not only learn how easy it is to use techniques that trained video professionals use,

This course will help and guide you to :

  • Quickly and easily make decisions based on effective, tried and true video editing and design principles used by top notch creative directors for decades.
  • Tap into the sub-conscious of your viewers to react optimally to your video marketing
  • The two factors to use eye-contact to more fully engage your viewers
  • Leverage the tactile effect to tap into another sub-conscious human reaction so the viewers experience a desired sense of touch and feel

  • Connect with your viewers using expressive imagery and tapping further into their emotions
  • Find more FREE assets simple and fast to use in your video projects


The best part is with these effective techniques in hand, you’ll be able to create high quality videos very quickly.

Look over my shoulder as I show you how I created a video using these techniques…in only a few hours.

Enroll Now in Video Like A Pro: Leveraging the Human Element and get the training and assets to create professional quality, engaging videos today.

Iron Clad Guarantee

If for any reason at all you don’t feel you have gotten value from our course, we offer a 30- Day, 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked

So enroll Now and get started leveraging the human element to make your videos more effective and engaging.


Section One: Introduction to the course, Where to Find your FREE Assets

Scott with BeAVideoPro briefly introduces Scott Hamlin Video Creation Specialist

I wanted to take a minute and introduce you to Scott Hamlin your instructor for this course

I met Scott in late 2016 as I began my video creation journey and took his Explaindio for professionals course, I realize then, he was a brilliant man in the field of video creation

I’ve bought every course he’s created and all of his video creation apps,


Because he’s the real deal and he’s a video creation genius

Now you’re fortunate enough to be learning from one of the masters

Enjoy this course as I’m confident it will help you make better videos like a pro

And…I made this video in about 20 minutes using Scott’s apps and what I’ve learned from him

Introduction: How to leverage the humanity of your videos to increase engagement

Leverage the humanity of your viewers

We respond to different feeling and emotions

How to leverage it effectively to make videos more engaging with a professional feel

Leveraging the subconscious

Using Kinetic Text Animator app to show the main images included in the course

Keyword search the provided assets quickly

Learn what film schools teach to ensure Core principles and recognize them in TV shows,  commercials magazines and movies

Downloading and Installing the FREE 500 images into Kinetic Text Animator App

Download and install the free images into Kinetic Text Animator. If you don’t have this app Kinetic Text Animator, you can download the images into your file explorer or computer hardrive and still gain the full benefits of the course.

How I found the FREE images and how you can find and use your own FREE Images

Using Creative Commons to Search for FREE images Fast and How I found these images and sized them

How to find free images you can use in your videos fast and simple

Using Pixabay for your FREE images

What to if you’re working with a client and a budget as opposed to low or no budget

Why you can use all the images we provided FREE in your videos and projects

How to make your videos faster using Creative commons to license images for use

An overview of the 5 Human Engagement Techniques to increase views & conversio

Overview of the main categories of images: 

Eye contact: innocent, kids and animals
Expressiveness :allows us to empathize and sympathize with the image, direct people to know how to feel and engage them through empathy accesses the part of the brain animals are good for this 

Hands and tactile: accessing our sense of touch relating to and seeing things what are our hands 

Joy and Fun: we like to see people happy, if our product or service makes them joyful and happy, show you’re human and have a sense of humor 

Leading: we tend to look at where people are looking directs our eyes in that direction

How to leverage each of these teqniques to make your videos more compelling

Assignment: Search your own FREE images using the 5 Human Engagement Techniques

Section Two: Exploring the 5 Human Elements Techniques to Make Better Videos

Using the Leading Human Element Technique so viewers to look where you want

Professional video creators commonly leverage the natural human tendency for people to look at something when they notice someone else looking at it. However, as you will learn in this course, it takes careful crafting to utilize this sub-conscious human reaction to optimal affect

Using a human or an animal looking at where you want them to look at your message

How our eyes naturally look where the image is and makes the scene almost interactive

Mixing up your subjects and changing the direction of your leading subject:

How to change things up using leverage

The benefit of using pets in your videos

Get the viewer to be interested in your video

How to use fun playfulness in your videos

Using different directions of leading images

Implementing the Leading Human Element Technique for your videos in more detail

How to avoid getting in the way of your effects getting in the way of the viewer thinking abut the font, colors.

Learn the subtle tricks professionals use to make the images appear more natural in the scene video or project

Making your images act more natural in your scene

Understanding how videos can subconsciously get in the viewers way

How to properly time your text to your images

How to minimize your subject looking at an empty space

Using the Expressive Imagery Human Element Technique to convey your message

One of the key ways to pull people into your videos is to relate with their emotions and convey that you can identify with them. Expressive imagery pulls your viewers into your videos by connecting them with things they can empathize with.

How to use expressive imagery to enhance your videos conveying the message in your script and connecting with the problem

How to connect with your viewers a few times in your videos to connect with them through the different human emotions

How to have a little fun in your videos to connect more effectively

Adding the right amount of Expressiveness to videos to maximize effectiveness

How to keep the video in the right amount of frustration and not go overboard

How to go from the extreme and too negative when you’re being expressive

How to connect with an extreme emotion and then to the next one

How to use different genders to make your point using your

How to use Eye Contact Human Element Technique to be more professional

Most people like to people watch and most people notice when people seem to be looking at them. These two facts are the basis for another effective technique that professionals use in video--eye contact. This technique is both powerful and easy and once you understand how to make the most of it, you'll be able to swiftly utilize it to compose large chunks of your videos.

More professional and engaging,

How we look at people in public and our reaction

Eye contact in video is safe and we can take in the person safely

Using the technique liberally to maximize the effect How to use the technique properly in your video

Tips to leverage Eye Contact The Human Element Technique quick and simple

How to rely on the strength of the human need to want to see people looking at us

Using the image to distill down the script point

How to mix up each of the images you’re using to connect with your viewer

Presenting a full world of possibilities for the viewer to capture a broader audience

A subtle tip to mix up your positioning of your actors

Shifting the perspective from faces to the Hand Tactile Human Element Technique

Professional video creators regularly shift the perspective in their videos to maintain viewer interest and engagement. Using hand and tactile imagery is a great way to change things up for your viewers while using another sub-conscious human reaction--the viewers memory of the sense of touch and/or the normal viewer experiences with their own hands. 

How to shift the perspective and engage the viewers in a different way with hand tactile technique

Helping your viewer to see the hands as their own, creating the idea there is more aout ther

The implied fact there is something more, expands the world

Keep the interest level going, the tactile feel we can associate with

Touching we like to be touched

Letting the brain recall feelings and add a dimension to y9ur video

How to connect with common feelings all people have

What to avoid when using tactile

Using safe human touch in your videos

Tips for using Hands & Tactile Technique to be more creative and playful

Tips to using hands to be playful and creative to surprise and delight your viewers

A creative way to use hands to add something different to your video

How I choose a color, font, hand and text for an animation and place the text to fit in with your theme

Using hands to show action

When and How to leverage the Human Element Technique Joy, happiness and Fun

When viewers see people that are happy, confident, having fun, or joyful -- we usually want to get some of that for themselves. Joy is powerful form of expressiveness because sub-consciously we all want to be happy. Learn how to end your videos on a strong and compelling note to increase the likelihood that your viewers will take the next step and take action.

How to use this before asking them to take action

Implied feeling of happiness,

How to balance your frustration emotions with joy and happiness

Ending with joy and happiness selling or education

Complete the full spectrum in your videos to resolve in the right way

Use the full emotional experience of joy & fun so they feel good about acting

Using metaphors in your scenes

How feel  good movies can help you create better sales or education videos

How to leverage the big screen movies techniques

How to mix up your actors to create a broad spectrum and full rich experience professional feel

Where to use comedy in your video

How to avoid using images that don’t cause the viewer to want to change it

Making eye contact more effective

Using the full spectrum of human actors

The trifecta rich experience of the techniques

How and when to use the different techniques

Real World Application, Finding more FREE and Paid assets, Wrap up and Final Tip

A real world video example Putting all the Human Element Techniques into action

I walk you through a video that I created in only a few hours using the techniques I share in this video and I articulate the quick and easy decision making process that allowed me to make a professional quality video with speed and ease.

Utilizing and putting all the principles together in one of my course videos, I’ll take you through my mental process

Using one of my example videos to show you how I used the different techniques

Finding the proper images

Conducting keyword searches

The mental process I used to create one of my course videos

Using other effects to offset human subjects

Filling longer segments with different animations

How to shift perspective in your videos

How to find images you need after running out of the 500 FREE images

This course comes with over 500 keyworded assets to get started with but you will inevitably need more. You'll learn where to find free or very affordable assets quickly and easily

Using free images sources from Pixabay and google

Using Stockunlimited when you need different images

PhotoDune part of the Envato collection and why I like using it

Always download and save your purchased images

Wrap Up, Final Tip and Thank you for taking this course

Don’t overthink your videos

How to fall back on simple techniques to fill in gaps

The most ineffective videos are the ones you never complete

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