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Water Fasting For Wellness

Lose Body Fat, Kick Those Plateaus and Heal from Chronic Disease with the help of Water Fasting...
Jennifer Matthews
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Identify what type of fast is suited to you and how long to do the fast for.
Understand the benefits associated with fasting, with the use of real life case studies.
Prepare properly for your fast so that you minimise the challenges of fasting.
Complete the fast (of your own determined length) and receive the benefits associated with it.
Exit the fast correctly so that you minimise any digestive distress.
Discover what food and lifestyle I recommend to help you continue losing fat and optimising your health and wellness.
Read my books "Understanding Keto" and "Water Fasting for Wellness" as I have included them - Absolutely FREE...

This course is designed to teach you about the amazing wonders of Water Fasting. Fasting is a practice that has been carried out for centuries and will be carried out for many centuries in the future. Some even say that at some point it will replace some of the modern medicine treatments. 

However, I believe it is a practice that we must be doing on a regular basis so as to heal the body, regenerate the cells and eliminate any of the damaged cells within the body. This will lead to healing and/or reversal of many different conditions, such as:

  • Autoimmunity;
  • Cancer;
  • Obesity;
  • Lethargy;
  • Skin Diseases;
  • Digestive Issues;
  • Cardiovascular Disease; and
  • Much More…

Within this course you will not only learn about what fasting is and the history of it, but you will also discover the amazing benefits associated with extended fasting and a variety of case studies proving these benefits to be the case.

I will also take you through my process that I have put together on the 3 phases of Fasting:

  1. Preparation – Here you will learn how to prepare correctly for a water fast so that you can guarantee greater success. It will cover nutrition, mindset, environment and much more.
  2. Completion – Learn about the strategies you can use to get through the fast comfortably so that you can optimise your success. It will cover the type of water you should be drinking, electrolytes, meditation and much more.
  3. Exit – Discover the correct way that you should be exiting the fast. You should not finish a fast and go back to eating a high sugar/high carbohydrate diet. Learn about what you should eat for the 3 days following the fast and also how you can change your diet and lifestyle to instead continue losing body fat and move closer to optimal health and wellness.

Once those 3 sections are completed I will answer some of the most common questions you may have regarding fasting.

I have included plenty of resources for you, such as:

  • An awesome Water Fasting Journal that I have created myself and converted to PDF for you to print. This will allow you to keep track of your fasts and see the progress you have made.
  • All of my slides have been converted to audio in case you would like to listen to them on your ipod or audio player.
  • I have also summarised many of the sections in case you would like to read as well. You are able to print this information off for future reference.
  • I have included quizzes throughout the course to keep you engaged and to test whether you have understood the content correctly.
  • I have given you a FREE copy of my book “Water Fasting For Wellness” to accompany this course.
  • I have also given you a FREE copy of my book “Understanding Keto” which will help you get started on your own ketogenic journey.

I think I have left no stone unturned and have included all that you need to know. If I have missed something, I am always open to suggestions…

Introduction to Water Fasting For Wellness

About Naturopath Jen

In this lecture you will discover who I am, the struggles I have been through in my life and how I have come about to creating this course.

About the Course

Listen to this lecture to discover the components of this course and how each section is going to help you on your journey towards optimal health and wellness with the use of water fasting.


This disclaimer is very important as it specifies that as I am not a medical practitioner I cannot give recommendations or medical advice. If you have any medical conditions or concerns you must see your medical practitioner prior to starting your fast.

Introduction to Fasting


One on One lecture with me explaining exactly what you are going to have learnt by the end of this lecture.

What is Fasting?

In this lecture you will discover exactly what fasting is, the 5 main types of fasting and how you can decide what type of fast you should do.

Who Should Fast and Who Shouldn't Fast?

Although I believe that most people would benefit with fasting, there are some that should avoid it and/or do the fast under medical supervision. This lecture will explain all of that to you.

How Long Should I Fast For?

The length of time that you fast for will depend on what you are hoping to achieve. This lecture will help you decide what length fast is most appropriate for you.

Introduction To Fasting Revision

Let's test how much you know about fasting, before we go onto the next section...

Intro To Fasting Summary...

If you would like to have a summary of all that I have said in this section then you are able to find it in an article format here.

History of Fasting


One on One lecture with me explaining exactly what you will learn in this section. 

Famous Historians - Part One
Famous Historians - Part Two

There were so many historians that I couldn't include them all in the one lecture. Therefore, I have split it up into 2. This section will also explain some of the early historians that believed fasting was something that should be done in order to heal.

Historical Physicians and Case Studies

Early on in history there were also physicians that used fasting regularly to help heal their patients. This section will introduce you to some of these, as well as some case studies from the patients of one of these very popular physicians.

Religions That Fast

Many religions and cultures throughout the world fast on a regular basis. This lecture is dedicated to explaining to you how fasting is integrated into the practices of these individual religions. An interesting lecture.

History of Fasting Revision

So, now it is time to test how well you have been listening to the history section...

Benefits of Fasting


One on One lecture with me explaining what you are going to learn from this particular section. Fasting can provide some amazing benefits and I will list of some of these.

Spiritual and Mental Benefits

Spiritually, fasting can be of huge benefit. In this lecture you will learn how fasting can actually enhance your spirituality and improve your ability to think clearer and perform better. If you are looking for enhanced productivity and performance, then fasting may be for you.

Brain Health

Fasting can initiate the production of ketones. In this lecture you will discover how fasting can be especially beneficial for brain health and some of the conditions that research has proven fasting can benefit.

Immune System/Cancer

There has been a great amount of research done on fasting and cancer (as shown in our case study section). This section will explain some of these benefits to you so you may understand the connection between fasting and immune health.

Fat Loss Benefits

Many people fast for the purpose of losing body fat. But, aside from just not consuming the calories there are other factors that come into play when it comes to fasting helping with fat loss. In this lecture you will find out what they are.

Other Conditions Helped

There are 3 other conditions that I have researched and found fasting to be beneficial for. In this lecture you will discover what these 3 other benefits are.

Benefits of Fasting Revision

Now that I have gone through the benefits, lets see what you have picked up. Please remember this is not an exhaustive list. If you have any other benefits please message me so they may be added.

Researched Case Studies


One on One lecture with me where I detail what case studies you are going to find in this section. If you are dealing with cancer or autoimmunity then you will find some interesting case studies in this section that may motivate you to heal.

Case Study - Autoimmunity - Fibromyalgia

If you have fibromyalgia, you will understand how incredibly painful it can be. Well, the good news is that studies have shown fasting to help a fibromyalgia patient. Listen to this lecture to discover the results...

Case Study - Autoimmunity - Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

Another autoimmune condition that has been researched and has been found to be healed with that of fasting is Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Listen to this lecture to discover the results.

Case Study - Autoimmunity - Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is one autoimmune condition that can be incredibly debilitating and painful for the patients. In this lecture I will give you a few different case studies that have benefited with fasting. Listen to this lecture to discover the results.

Case Study - Autoimmunity - Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

SLE or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is a condition that can be very painful, especially as the disease progresses. But the good news is that fasting has been found to be beneficial. Listen to this lecture to discover the results.

Case Study - Cancer - Breast

Not only has fasting been found to help with the side effects of cancer treatments but in many instances it has actually been found to stop the growth of and/or reverse the particular cancer. In this lecture you will find a few different breast cancer case studies who have benefited by fasting. Listen to this lecture to discover the results.

Case Study - Cancer - Lung

One of the other types of cancer that have been proven to be benefited with fasting is that of Lung Cancer. Listen to this lecture to discover the results.

Prepare For Your Water Fast


One on one lecture with me where I will explain all that you are going to learn in this particular section. Preparing for a water fast is very important as it will make the chance of success much greater and will promote as much healing as possible during this process.

Work out the Details

Before you start a fast you must work out the important details. This lecture will explain to you what those details are and help you decide on the best responses for you.

Prepare Your Mindset

Without a positive mindset, virtually everything is impossible. I am a massive proponent of mindset and so this lecture will go into what you need to do to prepare yourself mentally prior to the fast.

Prepare Your Nutrition

What you eat prior to the fast is very important and will determine how difficult you find the fast (especially the extended ones). This lecture will give you step by step instructions on how you should eat prior to water fasting.

Prepare The Environment

Preparing your environment is critical to your success. There are 3 main suggestions I make within this lecture that will enable you to take charge of the fast and prepare you sufficiently.

See Your Practitioner

If you are doing an extended fast and/or you have a pre-existing medical condition it is a wise idea to see your practitioner. In this lecture I will explain what you need to get tested and what you need to ask them when you are in the doctors office.

Prepare Your Body

In this lecture I will give you a couple of suggestions for preparing your body prior to the fast as well as what measurements you should be taking during the fast too.

Prepare For Your Fast Summary

Within this lecture you will get all of this information in written form that you can print off and read at a later date or just prior to your fasting.

Get Access To Your Water Fasting Journal

I believe that being prepared includes making sure you have something to track all of your markers. I have created a Water Fasting Journal that will allow you to write down all of your measurements, your emotions, your fitness, your symptoms and much more. I think you will really like this particular download - plus it works for any length fast.

Completing The Water Fast


One on one lecture with me where I will go through some additional factors you need to take into account when doing your water fast. It is not simply a matter of just drinking water. In this lecture you will be introduced to these factors.

Deal With Electrolytes

If you are not getting enough electrolytes throughout the fast you may find yourself suffering dizziness or light headedness. In this lecture you will discover what these electrolytes are and the best ways of getting them into your system.

Drink The Right Water

The better the quality of water, the more healing you will have throughout this process. In this lecture I will go through the different types of water you can drink, you should be drinking and what you definitely should not drink.

Integrate Activity

Making sure that you are active throughout the fast is paramount. In this lecture I will go through the different types of exercises, which ones you should definitely do during the fast (and why you should be doing them) and which ones you should probably hold off on.

Keep Yourself Busy

During a fast you may want to keep yourself busy and try to be as productive as you can. This lecture will give you some recommendations for doing this.

Relax and Meditate

Relaxation and Meditation is a prerequisite when it comes to fasting as it allows your body to heal sufficiently. In this lecture I will actually take you through different aspects of relaxation you should take into account and even ways that you can do it.

Complete Your Water Fast Summary

Now you can read the information I have put into these lectures. Print it out and have it on your desk so you may refer to it during your fast.

Exiting The Water Fast


One on one with me explaining why it is important that you exit the fast correctly and what you will learn from this section.

The Few Days Afterwards

What you eat the few days after the fast is very important for future success but also for the health of your digestive system. In this lecture I will explain the 3 step progression system that I recommend (especially for longer fasts).

What To Eat Now To Continue Losing Weight and Stay Healthy

Finishing a fast and then going back to eating normally is not an option. If you want continued success with both fat loss and health you need to change your eating habits. In this lecture I will show you exactly what you need to eat plus will give you great resources that will allow you to do that.

Exiting The Water Fast Summary

As with the other sections, within this lecture I have given you the option of reading the summary and/or printing it off for your own revision when you are exiting a fast. 

Common Fasting Questions Answered


My final One on one lecture where I will explain what you are going to find within this section. Here I answer some of the most common fasting questions that you may be asking. If you have any others please feel free to message and ask and I will attempt to put it into the course.

Will my metabolism slow down if I don't eat?

In this lecture you will discover the answer as to how fasting affects your metabolism. The answer may surprise you.

Will my body think it is starving if I fast?

We all know that when our body thinks we are starving that it will start to store fat and we also know that seriously restricting our calories (dieting) can cause our body to do that. So, if this is the case won't fasting do the same thing. Listen to this lecture to discover the answer to this question.

Will fasting cause muscle loss?

There are differing opinions as to whether fasting will cause you to lose muscle or not. I decided to look at the research when answering this question. Make sure you listen to this lecture to discover the answer.

How does fasting affect your cortisol levels?

Cortisol has always been thought of as the bad guy. However, in this lecture I go into the reasons why cortisol is actually essential and the effect that fasting has on cortisol levels. 

Will I put the weight back on once I go off the fast?

This answer is probably self explanatory but make sure you listen to this lecture to find out what I have to say about it.

Doesn't the brain require glucose to function?

We have frequently been told that glucose is required for the brain to function. Is this true or not? In this lecture I am going to explain to you the fuels that the brain requires to function optimally and the reasons that fasting can provide those fuels exceptionally well.

Won't I become nutrient deficient if I fast?

You would think that if you are fasting and not consuming food that you would become nutrient deficient wouldn't you. Listen to this lecture to discover the reasons that this may not actually happen.

Should I take supplements during my fast?

Many out there recommend against using supplements when fasting and many recommend using them. What is it that I recommend? Listen to this lecture to discover my answer, as well as find out what supplements you must stay away from if you do decide to use them.

Is fasting really necessary? Doesn't the body naturally detoxify itself?

Our body is very effective at detoxifying but there are many factors which may make it difficult. In this lecture I will explain what those factors are and why fasting can be beneficial.

Should I continue my medications when I am fasting?

Another complicated question with a simple answer. If you are taking medications at present, listen to this lecture to find out the answer.

Can I fast if I am slim?

Although many fast to lose weight, others may fast for healing reasons or religious reasons but are concerned to fast because they are slim. Is this you? If so, listen to this lecture and I will explain how it works and what I would recommend.

How much weight will I lose when I am fasting?

This lecture will explain on average how much weight you may expect to lose when fasting (although everybody is different).

Do I need to supplement electrolytes when I am fasting

An important question that has an important answer. In this lecture I will answer whether supplements are required. Check out the lecture in the Preparation section too for further information.

Can Children, Infants and the Elderly Fast?

If your infants, child or a parent would like to fast, is it safe. In this lecture I will explain if and for how long it is OK for these particular populations to fast.

Are enemas necessary during a fast?

Another controversial question. In this lecture I will discuss my views on it, as well as the views of another well known researcher.

Course Conclusions and Resources

What You Can Do Now To Continue Your Wellness Journey

Would you like to continue your wellness journey now that you have done the fast. If so, this document will direct you to other resources I have on offer for you (both free and paid) that will allow you to do just that.


In this article I have listed all of the references that I have listed in my book if you would like further reading.

My Final Words

My final video of the course. So Sad. Here I will explain what other courses I have coming up as well as a request for feedback.

Frequent Fasting Questions Quiz

The final quiz you will be required to complete is that seeing how much you know about the extra facts regarding fasting. Good Luck...

Understanding Keto Book

I really wanted to help you on your ketogenic journey which is why I have given you a FREE copy of my book "Understanding Keto". 

Water Fasting For Wellness Book

As a companion to the course, I have also given you a PDF copy of my book "Water Fasting For Wellness" which you can print off and refer to when you like.

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