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Win with Your Heart! FREE Money Attraction Intro Video

Live Your Dreams & Change the World! Success Psychology Money Meditations to Help You Thrive & Change Lives
Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology)
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Clarify Your Dreams and Goals for Your Career and/or Business
Clear Your Subconscious Money Blocks
Use Psychological Secrets to Attract Money more Quickly and Easily
Recognize and Release The Top 5 Most Common Subconscious Money Blocks
Let Go of old Feelings, Beliefs and/or Habits that Have Kept Money Away from You
Create a Healthier Relationship with Money and Wealth
Feel and Act More Confident with Money
Clarify Your Ideal Client or Employer
Keep more of the Money You Get
Think, Feel and Act more like a Millionaire or Billionaire

Would you like to thrive and change lives?  Could more money help you to live your dreams & create a kinder world?  Enjoy a FREE Millionaire Money Manifestation Meditation in the intro video for this course.  Would you like a secret to help you to easily attract money by doing what you love all the time? If so, I invite you to watch this free video preview to get the free secret right now, and join my online master class.      

Hi!  My name is Sharon J. Love, M.Ed.  I earned a Master’s degree in Psychology at University of Toronto, and for over 25 years, I’ve  researched the psychological secrets of self-made millionaires and billionaires.  The secrets I discovered helped me to overcome near-mute shyness in my teens, and later inspire millions of people, and raise millions of dollars.  You’re about to learn the #1 secret, for free. Ready?

Here’s the #1 Secret to Your Success with Money… align with greatness, in your conscious mind, and more importantly, align with greatness in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind guides your thoughts, your feelings, your actions… and your results.  


Trying to attract money with subconscious blocks is like trying to get to Hawaii… on the Titanic.  In this inspiring and empowering online master class, you’ll get a series of powerful meditation videos to help you release these subconscious blocks, quickly and easily. You’ll quickly access your subconscious mind, and let go of blocks including fear of being “not good enough”,  “not deserving” or worthy of great money, “not enough money to go around”, and a subconscious belief that money is evil.   

Once you align your subconscious mind with greatness, you can achieve astounding results, quickly, and easily.  Attracting money with subconscious success secrets you can learn in this course is like going to Costa Rica with a super hero cape and super powers! It’s not quite magic, but it can feel like magic!

This course will inspire & empower you to thrive, change lives, and make great money by making a difference.  I designed it to help you to quickly and easily attract plenty of money to live a life you love, and support people and causes you love.    

If you spend at least 5 minutes relaxing with these meditations every morning or evening for the next ten days or more… By the end of the course, you’ll you will clarify your dreams and goals.   

You’ll also enjoy much greater confidence & personal power call that hot prospect… to produce that video, ace that interview, wow your audience with a presentation… to ask for a raise or to raise your rates.  You’ll learn the powerful secret to earning credibility by becoming the world’s leading expert in your field.    

By the end of the course, you will be able to align the power of your subconscious mind with your dreams and goals, weather that is to do what you love full-time, to become a blissful, loving & beloved millionaire, a billionaire philanthropist who changes the world by supporting great causes, or whatever it means to you to win with your heart.    

In this online meditation master class, you’ll get a powerful morning millionaire mindset meditation, another powerful meditation to help you get clients you love, and a Win with Your Heart Peak Achievement Zone meditation so that you can boost your energy & confidence quickly and easily.


This course is designed for inspirational speakers, empathic entrepreneurs, meditators, healers, lightworkers, spiritual seekers, and personal growth enthusiasts. If you understand the Law of Attraction, and you want it to work 100 times faster for you, this is for you. 


If you feel suffocated in the “golden closet” of a well-paying job that you don’t even like, this master class can open the door to a business and life you love.    If you’d like the freedom to travel, the health, the relationship ease and the time freedom that comes with true success, this is for you. 


Hey, if I can attract millions of dollars, I bet you can, too.  I’ve created powerful meditations for you, to inspire your life and change your world.  If you would like to make great money quickly by doing what you love, I invite you to share this video, try out the free sample meditation, and click “buy now” to join this life-changing online master class and get started right away.  Thanks!  YOU make a difference.  You can win with your heart. 

Win with Your Heart! Powerful Morning Millionaire Meditation

Attract Money Quickly with Morning Millionaire Meditation

Clearing Your Money Blocks

Meditation for Releasing the Fear of Being "Not Good Enough"
Meditation for Releasing the Feeling of "Not Deserving" Great Money
Meditation to Release Feeling Unsafe about Attracting Greta Monley
Meditation to Release the Belief that Money is Evil
Meditation for Releasing Fears of "Not Enough Money to Go Around"

Win with Your Heart Powerful Money Magnet Manifestation Meditations

Peak Achievement Zone Meditation for Confidence to Earn Money
Get Clients You Love! Meditation for Speakers & Entrepreneurs
Win with Your Heart! Powerful Money Affirmations

BONUS LECTURE: SPEAK, INSPIRE & Thrive! Make Great Money Changing Lives

Earn Credibility as the World's Leading Expert in Your Field
Congratulations & Invitation to get all 4 Secrets at www.WinWithYourHeart.com
Congratulations and Invitation to Get All 4 Secrets
BONUS LECTURE: The Fastest Way to Make Money
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