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Word 2013: Office Certification Series

This course will prepare you to take and pass the Microsoft Office Specialist Word Core 2013 exam. Get Certified today!!
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By the end of this course, you will be ready to take and successfully pass the Word Core 2013 exam.
A lesson for every objective on the Word Certification Exam
Overview of the new exam format

This course  is the first in a series that covers the new Microsoft Office Specialist exam format for 2013. The new exams are completely different!

Word 2013: Office Certification Series covers the Word Core 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist Exam #77-418 exam from Microsoft. By passing this exam and earning a Microsoft certification you become part of the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) network which will enhance job opportunities and could increase pay as well.

With the course you will receive practice materials and the skills needed to pass the Word Core 2013 exam. This course should take you only a few days to complete.There are 6 sections in this course, and each lecture is tied directly to one or more skilled measured as defined by Microsoft.

This course covers every objective listed by Microsoft and a few skills that are not, but are considered valuable knowledge. Mail merge for example is not covered on the exam, but is a huge time saver when having to compose form letters to multiple recipients.

To register for the exam please visit Microsoft's exam provider Certiport and purchase an exam voucher. The website is www.certiport.com. Select Register in the upper right corner, to begin the process. When asked what your purpose is answer "Take an Exam." Then register for the Microsoft exams. Now you are all set to visit a Certiport testing center to take your exam!

Once you pass the exam, you will receive an exam certification and access to the Microsoft Certified Professional website which offers a wealth of benefits.

Welcome to the Course!

Beginning Word 2013

The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification: New Exam Format
This video describes the new exam format for the 2013 exams, and the schedule for the release of the exams.
Microsoft Word 2013- Interface and New Features

This video discusses the new ribbon button and interface changes in Word 2013. The following is covered:

  • New Design ribbon button
  • New Document Styles gallery
  • Account features in Backstage
  • Skydrive integration
  • Redesigned Save As and Open views in Backstage

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to effectively use the new open and save views in Backstage and know how to set the theme and other options moved from the Page Layout tab.

Word Basics- Creating New files, opening and saving files

How to open, save, and create new documents in Word 2013.

Document Navigation
Document and Paragraph Navigation in Word 2013
Page Layout and Design
Page Layout and Design options in Word 2013 including the new Design ribbon tab
Sample Document Practice
Create the sample document using the instructions in this PDF to test your knowledge so far. Look in Supplementary material for a completed sample.
Character Formatting & Styles

How to create styles in Word 2013. Look in Supplementary material for another video on modifying styles, and for sample exercises.

Paragraph Formatting

Options for formatting paragraphs in Word 2013.

Section 1 Review
Review for Section 1 of the course

Working with Images

Image Basics

Inserting, Placement, Effects, Colors, and Corrections of Images in Word 2013.

SmartArt- Insert, Edit, and Manipulate SmartArt in Word 2013.
Word Charts
Using and inserting charts in Word 2013

Document Features

All About Tables in Word 2013

In the supplementary material are the two documents which I used during this lecture.
Headers and Footers
Headers and Footers in Word 2013.
Sections and Breaks
This lecture introduces how to create multi-page document using different page layout settings with sections.

The two types of breaks are also discussed: page and section.

See the PowerPoint in Supplementary material  for detailed description of each break type.

This lesson covers left and right tabs in Word 2013. The default tab is explored as well as using leaders with your tabs and the differences between right and left tabs.

·  Right tabs- text flows from the LEFT of the insertion point after the tab

·  Left tabs- text flows from the RIGHT of the insertion point after the tab

To set a tab-

1.  Home tab à Paragraph Group à Paragraph Dialog box launcher à Tab button (Lower left)

2.  Type where you wish to set the tab on the ruler.

3.  Select the type of tab

4.  Select any leader options

5.  Click Set to set the tab

6.  Click OK to exit the dialog box.

Note: NEW in 2013- clicking OK will set the tab as well.

Numbered and Bulleted Lists (including Multi-level Lists)
This lesson covers lists in Word. There are two types of lists- bulleted (unordered) and numbered (ordered). Both of these types can have multiple levels. By the end of the lesson, the learner will know how to create and edit lists of both types, add and remove levels, and how to create custom bullets.
Building Blocks
References and Citing Sources
In this lesson we will look at using the References tab in Word 2013. There are three different areas we will tackle: footnotes, citations, and captions.

By the end of this lesson you will be able to insert footnotes, endnotes, in-line citations, create a works cited page, create captions for graphics, and create a table of figures.
Tracking Changes and Comments
This lecture covers portions of the Review ribbon tab in Word 2013- specifically Comments, Track Changes, and Protection.
You will learn how to create, edit, and delete comments and how to use the track changes feature in Word. Additionally you will learn how document protection and how to implement it into your documents.

Word Features

Mail Merge
This lesson covers how to create and effective use a mail merge in Word 2013. Learners after this lesson will be able to create a mail merge, import a recipient list or create their own, insert merge field, use conditional logic, and successfully merge a document.
Find and Replace
In this lesson we will cover the find and replace feature in Word 2013. Advanced replace functions not normally used will be covered such as using replace to apply formatting to words in a document. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to use the find and replace function in Word to replace words, add formatting, and remove formatting.
Document Properties and Backstage
This video describes Backstage view and each commonly used option contained within. Items that have a frequent chance of appearing on the certification exam are covered in detail.
Word Options
This video explains how to set commonly used options in Word. Options that will frequently be set or changed on the certification exam are highlighted.

Get Certified! (Certification Infromation and Costs)

Taking the Word Certification Exam

Certication Practice

Practice Documents (Assignment)
Instructions on completing the Web 101 file that we have worked on throughout the course. Great practice for the certification exam!!
End of Course Suvrey
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