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WordPress Digital Marketing – Success Guaranteed

How to create a digital marketing web site in a few hours with no technical knowledge
Paul Bappoo
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Generate sales leads for any business
Create a Wordpress website that pulls in hot, targeted leads 24/7/365
Understand the techniques of successful digital marketers
Choose the right host for fast, global site hosting
Select and configure all the best Wordpress plugins for successful lead generation
Earn good income helping other businesses generate highly sought after sales leads

In this course we show you how to build a WordPress web site using free and low cost tools, that captures highly targeted sales leads, 24/7, automatically, with minimum human intervention, whatever business you are in. Guaranteed.

Guarantee: Take this training course and if you follow all the instructions and don’t generate targeted leads for your business within 30 days, you get a full refund.

There are just over 2 hours of video in this training, recorded live as I build a lead generating web site, with WordPress, from scratch. The whole process took me 2 hours and I show you everything I did on video. This is so simple your granny could follow along, so no worries if you don’t have a computer degree. Plus you can always drop me a mail at any time for help and advice.

Given that this is your first time and given that I had some ideas of what I was going to put on the web site in advance, this should take you a couple of days thinking time and no more than a day to put the site together.

The point is, that you can do this in under a week, giving you a solid 23 days to see if it is possible to generate leads with this concept. By which time, if you have not managed to generate a lead, then just claim your full refund from Udemy – your guarantee is backed by their world class customer satisfaction system, so you have nothing to worry about and nothing to lose.

However, chances are this will work for you as it has worked for thousands of other businesses all over the world, generating sales leads out of “thin air” like a magic sales leads machine, the business gift that just keeps giving!


Introduction and Overview

Yes, I tend to skip intro's too, but in this case... DON'T! This 20 minute presentation is essential to understanding what we are about to do and why, so stick with it, I promise it will be worth your while....

Introduction and Overview Part 2

Intrigued? So was I when I found out about the core concept that lives at the heart of all digital success, let me explain.....

Hosting, Email and Wordpress

Register with Siteground

How to register an account and domain name with our recommended hosting partners.

Siteground Login and Support

Here we test the Sitground support service, so you can see just how effective it is at responding!

Siteground control panel overview

An introduction to the Siteground control panel, so you can quickly find your way around.

Email Setup

How to configure the email system so you can have a professional yourname@yourcompany.com type of email address

Wordpress Installation

Getting Wordpress up and running could not be simpler - lets walk through it step by step in under 5 minutes!

Building the Site

The Front End

A quick look at what the web site looks like before we start configuring it, in a before and after scenario, this is the "before" - It'll look a lot better when we have finished with it!

Wordpress Overview and Speed Demons

Let's get familiar with the back end of Wordpress and see exactly why this platform is ideal for non-technical people to build web sites. Also, we will switch on the almighty CuperCache function of Siteground, which is the secret sauce that makes the site run fast for the end users.

Theme Installation

Here is our first look at a little Wordpress magic, we are going to achieve what would take a normal we designer several days, in about 5 minutes, by applying a (free) Wordpress theme!

Hide Admin Bar

By default Wordpress allows end users access to the back end of the site, this messes with our beautiful design and complete bespoke look and feel, so we will put that to bed with the addition of a simple plug in. Just like themes, plugins allow us to easily and quickly customise our site and we will be adding a few awesome ones in the next few lectures.

Theme Customisation

There are also a few standard elements of the theme that we want to customise, lets check these off the to do list right now

Updraft Backup

Yawn! We are gonna add a backup system to the site - yes I know it sounds super boring, but I promise, if the site should ever suffer a catastrophic failure you will be praising the day you decided to spend 5 minutes of your life on watching this section!

Wordfence Security

Ok I lied, we are not done with the boring security stuff yet - bear with me for another 2 and a half minutes, I promise it will be worth it, so we can prevent hack attacks in the future. If you are relying on this site for income, the last thing you want is for it to be attacked by an unscrupulous teenager!

Creating a Google Analytics Account

Every wanted to be a secret agent, AKA Super Spy? Well, this is not exactly 007 stuff, but we do want to keep an eye on what people are doing when they visit our web site, so we can modify it to meet the public demand. First off we need an account with Google analytics - dont worry, it's free!

Setup Analytics

To enable Google Analytics we need to "fiddle" (yes its a technical term), with the settings back in Wordpress...

Creating a Mailchimp account

It's OK to send emails to people, so long as they are members of your site and have requested to receive information, but, as your membership grows you really, really, don't want to be doing it manually - Mailchimp offers us some (initially free) magic to help us to just that. Heres how to get an account.

Configuring Mailchimp in Wordpress

Back in Wordpress we need to make a connection to Mailchimp, check out this super cool functionality that will melt your brain when you see how easy multiple system integration is!

MiniOrange Setup

I know, strange title for a lecture right! Well, it's a plugin that will do awesome things to help us catch user email addresses into our membership base, so it really doesn't matter what it's called, it's just cool.

Mailmuch Setup

Nothing to do with juicy burgers, just another plugin, this time to give us a few more options on getting people to register with our site.

Adding Emails to Mailchimp

Content is king, I once heard someone say. Well, it is, unless you don't get it into the hands of your audience - here we will walk you through how to add your content as a series of automated emails to Mailchimp

Testing your emails

It gets kinda fun right about now, as we see how the site and mailing system hangs together and does what it's best at... join me for the ride!

User Access Manager

This is one of the most important things we are going to do in this course. Here we will prevent users from seeing our content! Huh? Did I just go a little loopy? Nope, for sure, we need to hold back something to generate more interest. Think of it like a first date with your customer, dont give it all away, until you get to know them a little better!

Adding Content

This is where you begin to realise the power of Wordpress to allow you to modify your web site all by yourself, without resorting to expensive consultants and web designers - who'd have thought!

Static Front Page

We are just into the tidying up phase now, almost ready to go live with the site, just a few little housekeeping jobs to take care of... stick with us.

Adding Menus

Nope I'm not taking you to dinner in a fancy restaurant, but we do need a menu, this is how we do it.... (BTW, if you are a paid up member of my course and you in my city I'll happily buy you a beer)

Strap on your Jetpack and get ready for lift off

Jetpack is going to help us rocket this site into the stratosphere by auto (yes automatically) publishing things on social media for us - how cool is that!

Putting it all together

How it all hangs together

Take a look at how far we have come and by we I mean YOU! From a simply, boring home page, you now have a web site that can capture and maintain targeted sales leads - well, you should have. If not, the the next and final lecture will help you with that!

Going Further

This is it, the end of the course. This is where you can get some personal help from me to solve any problems you may have had along the way. If not then I wish you adieu and bon voyage on your journey into internet wonderland.

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