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WordPress on AWS: The Easy way to AWS for Free Fast hosting

Wordpress on Amazon AWS websites are fast, secure, scalable and powerful and can be FREE as well!
Matthew Barnett
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Use and administer a fully operation Wordpress site hosted on AWS FREE
Confidently use the AWS marketplace
Use PuTTy and basic command line scripts
Install wordpress an unlimited amount of times FREE
Use Filezilla to connect to Wordpress in the Amazon AWS cloud
Set up a WordPress on AWS instance on cloudflare
Aet up A Records at a domain regstrar to point to a new wordpress instance
Show off !
Build an online web presence with zero expense

ONLY JUST LAUNCHED * How would you like a FREE website, hosted on the same platform as some MAJOR website FREE ? Imagine if you could get the benefit of LIGHTNING fast web architecture all for FREE after simply choosing to decide to take this course!.. wouldn’t that be AWESOME!?’ **

WordPress on Amazon AWS might seem like a daunting task. But in this course I will take you step by step through the process of setting up your very own wordpress in the cloud instance hosted on the most robust and fastest platform in the world. The amazon EC2 platform.

  1. Learn how to get your wordpress site set up quickly through amazon marketplace
  2. discover the free tools for deploying infinitely scalable websites in the cloud
  3. Learn step by step as Matt build his own website
  4. Learn how to use SFTP to securely transfer files and change file permissions using filezilla
  5. Set up a brand new Lightning fast wordpress website in minutes FREE of Charge


Course Overview
Getting Set up Checklist

A useful tick list for making sure you are prepared

What is Amazon AWS

Wordpress on Amazon AWS is awesome and super fast : Matt gives a brief introduction to what AWS is and why you would want to use it to host your website

Preparation and Files

Installing Wordpress on Amazon Web Services AWS requires preparation. In this section matt talks about the file structure that will make the process of setting up WordPress on AWS easy

TASK: Go and set up your file structure

INstalling Wordpress on Amazon Web Services AWS step by step. Matt breaks down the process into bte size steps that can be completed as you learn


Matt uses PuTTy to connect to Wordpress on Amazon Web Services AWS . In this lecture you will find out how to obtain a free copy of this console application


PuTTY Gen is used in conjunctionwith PuTTY to securely connect to your Wordpress Instance on Amazon AWS.

It creaes private keys which are a bit like passwords to ensure safe connection to your site.

TASK: Go & get PuTTy and PuTTy Gen
TASK : Download and install Firezilla
Setting up a Cloudflare Account

Cloudflare is a domain name service that enables additional security and speed benefits to your wordpress instanceon amazon AWS. It is a free service ( for our requirements) and will speed your site up to make it SUPER fast !

Task: Set up your cloudflare account

Go now and set up your cloudflare account !

Setting up and account on AWS

To access your wordpress instance you will need to set up an account on Amazon Web Services. Matt walks you through the process of setting up an account with AWS

TASK: set up account on AWS -Link for amazon sign up

Your next task is to set up your AWS account

The AWS control panel

The AWS console can look a bit daunting when you first get there. But matt guides you easily to the areas of interest

The Amazon Free Tier

Matt describes the benefit of the Amazon Free tier. This is what will enable you to set up a FREE lightning fast wordpress website totally free of charge ! its an amazing solution for anyone that wants or needs a website

Amazon cost Calculator

A link through to the amazon cost calculator to help you plan your site usage further down the road

The AWS Marketplace
Review of this section:

The amazon marketplace is full of goodies to help yo to maximise you EC2 instances. LOADS of free software here. I bet you cant resist installing something else !

What your checklist should look like about now

Putting it all together

Elastic Ip's

Elastic IP's are fixed ip addresses that you can assign to your new wordpress on AWS instance. This will make your domain management a lot easier in the future

Create elastic IP
How to point your custom domain name

Matt shows you how to set up the custom domain for use with your wordpress on amazon aws installation using Fasthosts control panel

Setting up Key Pairs

Key pairs add a level of security to your interaction with your wordpress on aws installation . In this section matt shows you how to set up and configure key pairs to use with your install project

Changing the .PEM file to a .PPK file

the .PEM file that amazon produces when you create a key pair is not compatible with some of the software we will be using, So Matt introduces puTTY gen to enable you to format the .PEM file in a way that makes it useful

Using the Bitnami Wordpress image

The secret tool for speeding up and simplifying the process of installing wordpress on AWS . Matt introduces you o the bitnami stack available from the amazon aws marketplace

Retrieving the initial password

When the wordpress instance is deployed an initial password is automatically assigned. You will need this to access your site. In this lecture matt shows you how to navigate the system logs to locate the auto generated password.

How to assign an Elastic IP

When the Wordpress instance is first deployed on amazon aws it has a dynamic IP address . By assigning an elastic IP to the instance you save a lot of hassle in the future. In this lecture Matt shows you how to achieve this

Hooray !

Congratulations ! your site is live! and operational ! totally free of charge ! crack open the champagne !

Final Tidy up of your install

Copy the scripts you will need

These are some scripts that you will rn in the terminal console to tidy p the wordpress installation on amazon AWS

Changing the site default URL

When the wordpress instance is first deployed on AWS it can pick up the amazon url and not your custom url. By running this script you ensure that there is a consstent naming of your instance in teh database and across files.

Remove the Bitnami corner image

Matt describes the code required to remove the somewhat annoying bitnami corner banner from your new installation

Loggin into your wordPress Site

Now that your site on Amazon AWS is set up you will need to get into the admin area to make changes create pages and generally administer your site. Matt shows you how to get a hold of your password and how to login to your site


Make your site more secure and FAST

Matt walks you through setting the name servers and a records on cloudflare

Which will speed up and secure your wordpress installation on Amazon AWS

Connecting to your new Wordpress site with File Zilla
How to get your MySQL Database credentials
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