Working Capital and Cash-Flow For Small Business Owners

Know How To Analyze, Forecast and Formulate Your Figures
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Be able to identify and work with the relevant financial items: (1) to optimize your Working Capital and also (2) stabilize your Cash Flow from bleeding.
Be able to calculate the Working Capital ratios, formula and cycles as applicable to your business.
Be able to analyze and make your own Cash flow projection or forecast.
You will understand the dynamics of inventory and Working Capital management
You will discover those influencing factors that could affect your figures.

Financial Stability…

This is what your business deserves.

Is your small business meeting its (financial) obligations as at when due?

Have you tied down much capital in your inventory and stock?

Are you under-stocked?
Is your business bleeding with so much money and you don’t even know how to stop it?
How do you manage your liquidity?

Big or small, any business can become financially distressed — even becoming bankrupt.
Regardless if the business is young or old; it doesn’t really matter.

Managing your Working Capital and the Cash Flow
are the most paramount issues in the stability of any business.

A well-managed small business can be financially attractive and stable.
A multinational of many years, may go under, for lack of cash as at when due.

That is not to say, scaling is not good.
But, can you manage your figures?
You should.

You don’t even need to be a CPA or an accountant.

This twin course, will show you how to manage your
Working Capital and the Cash Flow.

And it is a short course. Cut to what matters most.

At The End Of This Course;
You will be able to identify and work with the relevant financial items:

  • to optimize your Working Capital and also

  • stabilize your Cash Flow.

    Both as at when due. That would also give you peace of mind.
    The techniques are a “balancing act of sorts”.

    What Makes This Course Different?
    This is a mentoring course.
    It is based on my over 30 years’ experience as a small business owner in various industries;
    and sieved from MBA background (since 1991.)

    You get what have worked for me and others – as studied — in many parts of the world;
    in diverse industries.

    So you have the essential stuff. No fluff of unnecessary lecture hours.

    These lessons are shared here with the student, in a free-flowing manner.
    You get most of the answers in a free-flowing manner.

    They are skills you can apply once done with the course.

    Before you read on…

    This Course MIGHT NOT Be For You.

    *If you are a student, looking for accounting concepts, theories
    and paradigms (for an accounting degree.) This is not a course on accounting!

Some Of What You’ll Learn

1. You will understand the meaning of Working Capital management.

2. You will be able to calculate the Working Capital ratios, formula and cycles.

3. You will be able to analyze Working Capital from examples pulled from a balance sheet.
(Simply explained)

4. You will understand the meaning of Cash Flow management.

5. You will be able to analyze and make your own cash flow projection or forecast.

6. You will derive the Cash Flow formula and calculate cash flow ratios and equation.

7. You will handle and understand “money items” that matter,
so that you can play it safe in your business.

8. You will understand the dynamics of inventory and Working Capital management
– set for a financial period.

9. You will have an insight into what I have discovered as influencing factors.
These elude many CEOs and business owners.
Even some accountants may be uninterested or ignorant about this.

10. You will be able to set goals and policies that guide your decision;
managing Working Capital and Cash Flow issues.

11. And more…

Sections and Broad Topics Covered

1. Overview Working Capital & Cash-Flow Management.

2. Net Working-Capital Formula & Ratios.

3. Understanding Current Assets & Liabilities.

4. Cash Inflow & Outflow Channels.

5. Using Past Cash-Flow Examples.

6. How to Forecast Cash-Flow.

7. How to Analyze Cash-Flow.

8. Your Goal In Managing WCM and CFM.

9. The Influencing Factors.

10. Activities include quizzes and exercises to hone your skills.

11. Bonuses include all the audios (MP3) of the course.
For your devices, in your car or when commuting.
And more…

Some Of Your Reservations Are Addressed:

  • You wonder why this course is short.
    I know as a small business owner, you don’t have all that time.

    No fluff, as I have said earlier.
    We go straight to the pertinent issues.

  • You are wondering about dealing accounting figures?
    The course illustrates with the picture of a layman in mind.

  • If you wonder if it’s something that you can put to practice immediately.

    The answer is, Yes!

    The examples and illustrations demonstrates how you can do it.

  • You are wondering if the content can be relevant to your business, country or locale?
    The techniques are universal.

  • If you are bothered if the ideas here could derail your business,
    I can’t be sure of how you put them to practice.
    I don’t have any control over that.

    But be rest assured the content have worked for me
    and others I have observed over the years.
    (They have been painstakingly studied across the world.)

  • If you wonder about size and age of your business?
    Even if your business is doing well presently…

    Be assured you will pick a few additional ideas that could pleasantly surprise you.

    Successful and smart business owners strive to learn new nuances;
    across all industries and from other climes on a regular basis.

    I do.

    Aside from the course fee, additional knowledge is never a loss

  • “I can get all the information on the web and why would yours be better”,
    you say to yourself.

    But this course gives you an opportunity, to learn in a more organized and concise package.

    You are saved the sweat of going after disjointed resources, here and there.

  • What if you don’t enroll in this course now?
    It means you are happy with your current results.

    You are NOT desirous of additional knowledge.

    You never can tell; a few surprises that could save your business,
    thousands or millions, while keeping it financially stable!

    Quoting James Altucher,
    “Always ask for advice. Keep a beginner’s mind. Always, be curious,”
    I cannot but agree with him.

    That’s how smart people thrive.

    And the secret is, doing it forever.

    It is fun.

Enroll Now!

So what are you waiting for?

The course comes with a money back guarantee;
should you feel no single nugget of an idea has been discovered by you.

I’ll see you at the lectures.


(Muyiwa Osifuye)


Overview of Working Capital & Cash-Flow Management

Working Capital Management

Definition of Working Capital
Important Issues
Video for Activity Q
Activity 1
End Of Financial Year (From Balance Sheet)
Net Working-Capital Formula
Your Goal In Managing Working Capital
Net Working-Capital Ratio
Video for Activity 2
Activity 2

Cash Flow Management

Definition of Cash Flow
Cash Inflow Channels
Cash Outflow Channels
Using Past Cash-Flow Examples
Cash-Flow Projection and Forecast
Know Your Money Figures
Video for Activity 3
Activity 3

Influencing Factors

The 7 Influencers
The Role of Business Goals
Video for Activity 4
Activity 4


Overall Recap
BONUS Lecture
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