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Yoga asanas and eye yoga for daily life

Release daily tension and increase wellbeing through well-thought-out tantra yoga programmes targeting the body and eye
Irma Y
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Gain a state of increased wellbeing through profoundly effective and carefully thought through yoga poses
Learn to build alertness and more energy
Discover what it means to rest in yourself

Yoga is about being able to return to balance in today’s life, a balance between the tension and relaxation, between activity and rest.

Unfortunately, yoga asanas are often viewed as a form of gymnastics. But, in essence, asanas meant to be carried out quite consciously, under full awareness of body and mind as opposed to gymnastics. Whilst correctly performed, asanas can influence the body (inner organs, muscles, heart, blood circulation and pressure as well as glands) in various ways depending on which pose you are in and for how long.

This course is divided into yoga programmes designed for all levels, beginners to yoga as well as advanced students who have practiced it for many years.  By arranging yoga poses in a certain degree of difficulty and a certain order, the video-practices aim to give students the most out of each practice. Some poses are dynamic, whilst the rest are less dynamic or even motionless to achieve a greater effect.

The yoga programmes are based on teachings offered by the Haa Retreat Centre, which is internationally recognized center for the in-depth and comprehensive yoga and meditation training. Based on the knowledge acquired during one of such retreats, Irma has gained invaluable knowledge and experience and sharing them as part of this online course.  Therefore, this course provides access to authentic yoga within the tantric tradition with video instructions in yoga, targeting both body and eyes,  open resources for more in-depth information that people pay 1000 EURO to gain knowledge during intensive yoga and meditation retreats.  

Generall introduction to the course

Warm Welcome video from Irma and quick browse of the cirriculum
HOW TO BEGIN: quick guide to the yoga programmes
A contract with yourself


Release the tension through simple yoga exercises (beginner's level)

This a programme specially designed for beginners, for elderly and those recovering from illness. Moreover, the programme also prepares one for more advanced, next yoga programme (advanced level)

Stimulate your body from head to toe (Advanced level)

This a programme specially designed for those, who wish to experience stimulating effects of deep-reaching yoga asanas

Train your eyes and see well

This programme shows how to train and relax your eye muscles. Especially people, who are working long hours in front on computer, in stressful environment will benefit greatly from demonstrated exercises


LAST but not LEAST

I want to say my congratulations! great job! :)
I hope after body and eye yoga programmes, you are more in tune with your body and feel a little pull of curiosity and will to continue further.
This course may not have transformed you from the inside out right now. It’s not simply a little training that’s important. The transformation of who one is, that one knows oneself, is something one achieves through continuous work with oneself . So it’s very critical  you can maintain all the work you’ve done and create a balanced regular habit of it.  In this sense, the contract with yourself will help keep you motivated to reach your end goal, whether it is a healthy/perfect body, to increase your productivity and quality of life and to feel good about yourself, etc. Keep it in mind everyday and work towards your goal. Choose to practice that programme, which suits your needs. Along the way you build more on everything you’ve learned.
I will be very happy to hear your success stories)

As a new instructor I would like to improve my course....therefore it will be awesome to receive your review in order for me to understand my audience better.  Things that you are happy to share. Things worry you. Things you have learned and worked on. Here is the place. Your comments, suggestions, feedback and of course, the rating of the course is important to me:))))) Let me know what's in your head. I am listening.

Supplementary materials

Yogic breathing
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