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Hedge Fund Lists

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Hedge fund lists are a great source for investors who are looking to gain exposure to a variety of different funds. These lists are usually compiled from various sources, such as the Wall Street Journal, and can help you stay up-to-date on what your favorite funds are doing in the . These lists are also a great way to find new funds to add to your portfolio.

Tiger Global Management

In the 21 years since it launched, Tiger Global Management has grown from a small hedge fund to the world's biggest venture capital firm. Today, the company is on the cusp of raising a $10 billion fund. It also has a huge amount of assets and has a big footprint in private companies.

Tiger Global focuses on technology, internet, and financial technology. Its portfolio includes Robinhood, Roblox, Peloton, and Warby Parker. The company has been aggressive about investing in startups this year. It has invested in 118 companies so far. It has led or co-led 78 deals so far in the first quarter of 2019. Tiger Global Management has two strategies. It operates a long-only hedge fund and a venture capital fund. It is not to be confused with its sister company Tiger Technology, which is a public equity firm. It is based in New York.

The hedge fund has generated an impressive $10.6 billion in returns for its investors this year. It also has been one of the best performers on the industry's most widely tracked list.

The fund's portfolio is growing quickly. It has already invested in eight companies that have gone public this year. It is expected to invest in at least 69 companies in 2020. The hedge fund is also making bold bets on startups. It invested in Carvana (US:CAV) and Snowflake Computing (US:SFL) in the last few months. The stock has risen more than double in price since June.

D.E. Shaw

DE Shaw, a New York-based hedge fund management firm, has earned a reputation for successful investing. The company invests in a wide range of financial instruments, including equities, debt and commodities. It has offices in North America, Asia and Europe. It has completed more than 85 investments, including two strategic partnerships.

As a result of its success, the company has made a number of significant investments. The firm acquired Chroma Oil & Gas on May 28, 2008. In December, it partnered with First Solar, a renewable energy company. It also started a private equity fund, Voltaic. This fund is targeting a $500 million investment. While DE Shaw's investment portfolio has grown, it has moved into distressed debt. Its hedge funds closed to more money. But that did not stop the firm from posting double-digit returns for the year. For instance, the firm's Composite Fund saw its assets grow by 20.5% through August.

The Composite Fund is a macro-oriented, multi-strategy fund that uses quantitative bets across the firm's assets. For the period through October, the fund grew by 9.8%. It has a net return estimated at 15.4% in 2020.

While the firm has managed over 60 billion dollars in assets, it is known for its advanced mathematical modeling. In fact, the founder of the company is a computer scientist. He founded the firm in 1988. Originally, the office was situated above a book store, Revolution Books. It had a fresh coat of paint on the walls.


A hedge fund is a private investment firm that pools money from investors and uses aggressive strategies to earn returns. These strategies are aimed at mitigating the volatility of the markets. While they are popular with investors, the funds have been criticised for manipulating the markets. Historically, hedge funds have underperformed stock market indices. However, they have attracted billions of dollars from investors. These funds are similar to mutual funds. While mutual funds can hold thousands of at a time, hedge funds have the ability to invest in many different assets. They can use short selling and leverage to boost their returns. They can also invest in real estate and currency.

In the United Kingdom, the hedge fund industry is subject to strict regulatory measures. For example, hedge funds are required to report large foreign exchange transactions. This is to limit money laundering and capital controls. A hedge fund must have the assets, debts, and experience of accredited investors. There are no authoritative estimates of the size of the hedge fund industry. But some commercial services have begun to estimate the number of hedge funds. These estimates may include a hedge fund's assets, the size of its portfolio, and the size of its investor base.

Hedge fund data is hard to collect globally. This makes it difficult to determine if a hedge fund is profitable or a loser. A hedge fund's asset-to-debt ratio is a good indicator of its financial strength.

4X Capital Management

If you have heard of hedge funds, you may have also heard of 4X Capital Management. Founded in 2004, this fund uses proprietary risk management techniques to help achieve high absolute returns. The firm's management team has over three decades of experience in the credit markets. They are a global platform with 66 professionals across offices in New York and London. The firm offers a number of products, including its own funds. The fund boasts a market-proven track record for consistently generating competitive returns. They offer differentiated credit investment opportunities and customized portfolio solutions.

Their site also includes a comprehensive description of their investment strategy. The fund has access to venture capital and alternative assets. They have a partnership with fund administrators, accountants, and prime brokers. As a part of their marketing, they tout the use of non-correlated absolute returns to deliver after tax returns. In fact, the firm's home page features a feature called the ASA Home Page. This enables investors to view their portfolio's performance, thereby maximizing after tax returns.

In the last year, the firm added a third fund to its portfolio. They managed to raise $83 million to invest. Their latest fund is now the largest in the firm's history. They are listed on several lists, including Forbes' 30 under 30. The company was formed by Dave Fawcett and Tom Schenkel, former partners at Odey Asset Management

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