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The Best Day Trading Softwares

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As a day trader, you need to use the best softwares on the market to help you maximize your profits. But there are a lot of options out there, and choosing the right one can be tricky. Here's our list of the top day softwares out there.

Benzinga Pro

If you're looking for a reliable day trading software that can keep you informed about the latest market developments, Benzinga Pro may be right for you. It offers a wide array of features, including a squawk box, a customizable newsfeed, and real time stock scanning.

The Benzinga Pro newsfeed can be filtered to show the most relevant stories. You can also choose to only see news that is related to your watchlists. This feature allows you to quickly identify new investment opportunities.

Benzinga Pro's newsfeed is one of its major selling points. In addition to its traditional breaking news, it includes key stock stats, real-time scanning, audio squawk alerts, and sentiment indicators. You can even customize your newsfeed by color-coding it based on the industries you're most interested in.

The Movers feature is another feature that can help you track the largest gainers and losers in the market. Using the Movers filter, you can select a time frame and filter by stock price, sector, and session. These filters make it easy to determine which are moving quickly in the market.

Benzinga Pro provides a lot of information, but it can get overwhelming for beginners. For that reason, a free product demo is available. That way, prospective customers can get a sense of the features.

Benzinga Pro's customer support team understands the complexity of trading. They respond to inquiries quickly and offer a number of educational resources.

Benzinga Pro also has a chatroom, so you can interact with other members. You can also sign up for a free 14-day trial. After that, you'll have to pay a subscription. But for the first billing cycle, Benzinga will give you 50% off the membership fee.


A top contender among charting software, TC2000 offers an all-in-one solution for day traders. It comes with a variety of features, all of which can be used to maximize your profits. However, its many benefits aren't necessarily free. There are also fees associated with some of the platform's more advanced features, such as its options integration.

Using TC2000, users can access the latest financial news, watchlists and charts. They can also add personal notes to the charts and monitor changes in real time. These include indicators such as MACD, RSI and Aroon Oscillators.

TC2000's charts display a lot of data, including stock price history and a trade ticket. Users can also view multiple data points at a glance, such as the stock's price against a particular index. The charts are designed to mimic other popular trading platforms.

TC2000 comes with pre-built watch lists and a scanner called EasyScan. It also features a ranking system and alerts. You can add columns to your watch list, ranging from P&L tracking to technical indicators to the value of your account.

If you are considering using TC2000 for your day trading, you may be interested in checking out their free live seminars, which are held throughout the United States. Additionally, TC2000 offers a toll-free number for discount brokerage services, and they are known for their excellent support.

While TC2000 may not be for everyone, it is a solid option for experienced traders looking to take their trading game to the next level. For the right price, the platform is worth the investment.

TC2000 is a great choice for day traders, but it does lack some of the features and integrations available on more expensive charting software.


Tradervue is a powerful day trading software that offers a range of functionalities. It allows users to analyze their trading performance and share trades with the community.

Tradervue's features include the ability to upload data from over 70 brokers, including cTrader, E-Trade, Plus500, and Schwab. Additionally, Tradervue's social media platform enables users to communicate with other members.

TradeVue also features an automatic price chart. These charts can be used to review trade performance over a number of time frames. They are especially useful when trading intraday. The platform also includes an auto-import feature, which lets users import all of their trades at once.

TraderVue is compatible with many of the industry leaders, including TD Ameritrade, Plus500, cTrader, and EBAY. TraderVue also supports text files and exports information in Excel format.

TradeVue also features a dashboard, which offers a summary of the week. Users can choose to filter the trades they see by symbol, date range, and duration.

In addition, TraderVue users can invite coaches and mentors to view their accounts. However, you will need to purchase the Silver or Gold plan to receive this benefit. If you opt for this feature, you can invite your coach by sending them an email.

In addition to the features described above, TraderVue also has a journal. This provides users with the ability to write notes, compare trades, and track fees from trades. You can also print out a preview of your day's trades.

TraderVue's report and analysis tools save users time and effort. TraderVue's reports allow users to calculate results based on any metric. The reports are available in a variety of currencies, as well as in a report format.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is a top-rated broker, offering trading services and tools to help investors navigate the market. It also has a competitive fee structure and access to several trading platforms.

Investors can open an account through a web-based platform or by calling. The Interactive Brokers website offers an array of information, including a glossary, news services, and more.

Interactive Brokers offers two pricing plans. The standard plan requires a low minimum deposit and costs one-half cent per share for stock trades. However, a more robust plan is available for clients. In addition to the lower base commission, this plan also offers no transaction fees.

Interactive Brokers has a mobile application for Android and iOS users. This mobile app provides traders with access to over 150 around the world. Users can trade stocks in Europe, Asia, and North America. Some of the mobile features include scanners and advanced trading shortcuts.

The Interactive Brokers website has sections dedicated to its proprietary trading accounts, futures, , and brokerage accounts. There is also a section on the Impact Dashboard, a specialized tool that helps investors determine how an asset's performance will impact their social and environmental responsibility.

Traders can also get a variety of free educational materials and research. Customers can subscribe to premium news subscriptions, as well. Additionally, Interactive Brokers provides a robo-advisor service, called iBot, for customers to use when making investment decisions.

Unlike most brokers, Interactive Brokers does not charge closing or transfer fees. In addition, investors can subscribe to a digital security card for their account if the value is over $1 million.

Interactive Brokers focuses on active, sophisticated investors. Their platform is highly rated by professional traders.

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