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The Best Free Stock Trading Apps For Your iPhone

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Having access to the best free stock apps will make your life easier and ensure that you are more successful in your stock market trades. These apps have been specifically developed for your iPhone so that you can maximize your trading experience. You can choose from several different ones, depending on your preferences and the amount of time you want to invest.


Webull is a brokerage firm that offers no-fee stock and options trading. It has developed a user-friendly app that allows traders to perform real-time trades while on the go. The mobile app includes real-time charts and news feeds. You can also set up alerts.

Webull offers a large variety of assets to choose from, including , ETFs, and . You can buy fractional shares of stocks at no charge. The Webull platform offers a clean, intuitive layout that is easy to navigate. You can create a customized dashboard that includes your favorite indicators. Also, you can add hotkeys for easier navigation.

Despite its free offering, Webull has some downsides. First, you have to provide your personal and financial information. If you don't provide enough information, it may be difficult to verify your account. Second, you have to submit a photo ID. And, third, it can be confusing to find out how to open an account.

Webull offers some useful trading features, including a screener that allows you to track and analyze stocks. You can also set smart alerts. However, the platform doesn't offer backtesting or automated portfolio rebalancing. Webull also offers a news feed that includes reports from Reuters. In addition, you can sign up for a free 3-month subscription to Webull's Level 2 Advance, which includes IPO and halt crosses.

For active traders, you can receive one share of a stock worth up to $1,000. While the rebates are not as high as other brokers, they do add up over time. Traders can also place orders from their email address. Another useful feature is Webull's paper trading feature, which allows users to practice on virtual portfolios.


Robinhood is a free stock trading app that's available on smartphones. The application allows you to trade stocks at anytime, anywhere. You can also track market data in real time. Using the Robinhood app is a great way to get your feet wet in the stock market.

The app makes the process of buying and selling stocks easy. The app has day and night modes, so you can watch stocks move during the day and evening. And it's compatible with Android Wear smartwatches. This will allow you to see your portfolio and any other pertinent account information.

The app boasts a few features that make it stand out from other apps. It can monitor stock prices in real time, and it lets you check your portfolio's performance. If you have an Android wear smartwatch, you can use the app to check your balance, watch your portfolio's performance, or even receive notifications about your account.

One of the more unique features of the Robinhood app is its referral program. You can earn a free share of stock for referring friends. In addition, the app features an ‘in-app' calculator to let you see how much you can expect to make from each trade you make.

There's also a slew of other cool features, including a cash management account. With this account, you can earn up to 1.80 percent interest on your money. You can also take advantage of the app's free ATM withdrawal feature. The best part is that you don't have to be a big-time investor to get started. Robinhood is a good way to learn the ropes and build a passive income.

M1 Finance

If you're looking for a free stock trading app, you might want to check out M1 Finance. This American company offers an automated portfolio management system for free. The benefits of using this service include no fees, no minimum balance, and a large selection of stocks and ETFs.

Although M1 Finance claims to offer zero fees, you'll be charged a $20 inactivity fee if you do not keep your account active for at least 20 days. Also, if you do not maintain a minimum balance, you will be prevented from auto-investing. However, there are no commissions to pay, and you can build your own portfolio. The app comes with over 6,000 stocks, and you can add additional securities through the use of an ETF or mutual fund. It is also possible to borrow against your investment.

M1 Finance also offers a free owner's rewards credit card. You'll get a 1.5% cash back reward on purchases made at select retailers. Additionally, you can invest your credit card rewards into an M1 Invest account.

One of the best features of the M1 Finance app is its automated rebalancing. Every time you buy shares or make a transfer, it automatically adjusts your investments based on your target allocations. This will ensure that your portfolio is balanced. Another cool feature is the ability to link your bank accounts. This allows you to receive dividends from your investment and reinvest them.

M1 Finance also gives you the ability to view performance metrics for each bond or stock in your portfolio. These metrics are displayed in the activity tab. There is also an AI-powered chat box on the bottom of the site.


Fidelity is one of the best stock trading apps for investors, thanks to its wide range of software features and a seamless user interface. The app offers access to mutual funds, ETFs, and options, along with note-taking and a custom feed. Fidelity's mobile platform is optimized for both veterans and beginners. Users can choose their own watchlists and organize tabs by importance. This makes the app ideal for active traders.

Fidelity also focuses on long-term investment. Investors can view all accounts in a single location, and can set up retirement savings. Its robo-advisory product is one of the best. Fidelity offers a variety of services at low costs. These include a free online trading account, a low-cost stock watchlist, and automated bill pay. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive portfolio management solution.

Fidelity's robo-advisory platform is consistently ranked among the best by financial press. It also has a friendly user interface, and no commission fees on online equities or ETFs.

The Fidelity app allows users to receive instant stock price updates. Users can also set up alerts. Another great feature is the ability to link an Amazon Echo voice response gadget to the app.

Fidelity is one of the few stock trading apps that offer ETFs. You can choose a variety of ETFs to trade, such as the Vanguard HDV fund. An excellent fund for growth, the fund has a low fee.

The Fidelity app also has a feature called “Stocks Nearby.” The app allows you to see what others have bought recently. When you are looking to invest, the idea of being near other people with similar investing ideas can be a big help.

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