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The Ultimate Guide to 3Commas TradingView Signals

Tradingview signals have become an increasingly popular tool among cryptocurrency traders looking to automate their strategies and take advantage of market opportunities.

3Commas is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that offers users the ability to utilize TradingView signals to execute trades automatically on supported exchanges. This guide will explore everything you need to know about 3Commas TradingView signals including:

Table of Contents

  • What are 3Commas TradingView Signals?
  • How Do 3Commas TradingView Signals Work?
  • The Benefits of Using 3Commas TradingView Signals
  • Types of 3Commas TradingView Signals
  • Simple Buy and Sell Signals
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss Signals
  • Composite Buy and Sell Signals
  • How to Create a 3Commas TradingView Signal
  • Configure Your TradingView Account
  • Create an Automated Trading Strategy
  • Set up Buy and Sell Conditions
  • Add Optional Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Backtest Your Strategy
  • Publish Your TradingView Signal
  • How to Connect TradingView Signals to 3Commas
  • Log in to Your 3Commas Account
  • Navigate to the Signals Page
  • Connect Your TradingView Account
  • Follow Your TradingView Signal
  • Configure Your Signal Settings
  • Tips for Effective 3Commas TradingView Signals
  • The Risks of Automated Trading With Signals
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3Commas TradingView Signals?

3Commas TradingView signals allow traders to utilize custom automated trading strategies created in TradingView and execute the buy/sell signals on supported exchanges via 3Commas.

TradingView is a leading charting and trading platform where traders can create and backtest custom trading strategies and indicators. Once created, these strategies can be published as “TradingView Signals” which external services like 3Commas can pick up and use for automated trading.

By connecting to TradingView signals, 3Commas users can benefit from thousands of different automated strategies without having to develop their own algorithms and technical analysis.

How Do 3Commas TradingView Signals Work?

Here is an overview of how 3Commas integrates with TradingView signals:

  • A trader creates an automated trading strategy with buy/sell conditions in TradingView and publishes it as a “TradingView signal”
  • The trader connects their 3Commas account to TradingView and follows the signal
  • When the buy/sell conditions are met, TradingView sends a signal to 3Commas
  • 3Commas automatically executes the buy/sell order on the connected exchange account
  • The trader's positions are managed according to the strategy rules
  • Take profit, stop loss and close conditions are handled automatically

By allowing TradingView signals to directly trigger trades on connected exchanges, 3Commas provides seamless integration between analysis/signals and order execution.

The Benefits of Using 3Commas TradingView Signals

Here are some of the major benefits of using TradingView signals with 3Commas:

  • Access proven strategies – Follow signals created by experienced traders with proven track records. No coding required.
  • Automated trading – Signals trigger buy/sell orders automatically 24/7. Never miss an opportunity.
  • Time savings – No need to manually watch charts and look for trades yourself.
  • Customize strategies – Follow signals tailored to your goals whether that is scalping, trend following, etc.
  • Risk management – Built-in take profit and stop loss conditions protect your capital.
  • Backtesting – TradingView allows backtesting strategies before going live.
  • Diversify strategies – Follow multiple signals across various assets and strategies at once.

Types of 3Commas TradingView Signals

TradingView allows traders to create customized automated strategies with various types of buy and sell conditions and triggers. Here are some of the most common signal types that can be used with 3Commas:

Simple Buy and Sell Signals

These are the most straightforward signals that trigger a buy or sell order when specific conditions are met.

For example:

  • Sell when RSI > 70

The trader sets the buy/sell logic and the signals tell 3Commas when to execute the orders.

Take Profit and Stop Loss Signals

In addition to entry signals, TradingView strategies can include take profit and stop loss conditions to effectively manage winning and losing trades.

For example:

  • Take profit when price increases by 3%
  • Stop loss if price drops by 5%

This allows trades to lock in profits and limit losses automatically based on the trader's risk preferences.

Composite Buy and Sell Signals

More advanced strategies can include composite signals that combine multiple technical indicators and factors to trigger buys/sells.

For example:

This combines momentum, trend direction, and breakout signals to look for high probability setups.

How to Create a 3Commas TradingView Signal

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your own TradingView strategy and publishing it as a signal for 3Commas:

1. Configure Your TradingView Account

If you don't already have one, sign up for a free or paid TradingView account. Paid plans unlock more features and customization options.

Enable the “Auto Trading” permission so TradingView can send signals to 3Commas automatically.

2. Create an Automated Trading Strategy

In the TradingView charting platform, use the pine script language to code your custom automated trading strategy with specific buy and sell logic.

You can start simple with basic conditions or create complex strategies with multiple indicators, filters, and logic.

3. Set up Buy and Sell Conditions

Define the specific rules and conditions that will trigger buy and sell signals for your strategy.

For example, you may buy when the RSI crosses below 30 and sell when it crosses above 70. Adjust the details to match your trading style.

4. Add Optional Stop Loss and Take Profit

To manage your trades, you can optionally add stop loss and take profit functionality.

Stop loss will exit positions after a certain loss % to limit downside. Take profit will exit at a target profit %.

5. Backtest Your Strategy

Thoroughly backtest your TradingView strategy over historical data to validate its performance before going live.

Tweak conditions until you optimize your strategy's risk-reward profile.

6. Publish Your TradingView Signal

When ready, publish your strategy as a “TradingView Signal” to make it available to Followers (i.e. 3Commas).

Double check your settings then click the “Publish” button to unleash your strategy.

How to Connect TradingView Signals to 3Commas

Once your TradingView signal is created and published, here is how to connect it to 3Commas for automated trading:

1. Log in to Your 3Commas Account

Access your 3Commas account at and log in with your credentials.

2. Navigate to the Signals Page

Go to the “Signals” page under the Auto Trading tab. This is where you can activate TradingView and other signals.

3. Connect Your TradingView Account

Click the “Connect TradingView account” button. Follow the prompts to securely link your TradingView and 3Commas accounts.

4. Follow Your TradingView Signal

Find your published TradingView signal and click the “Follow Signal” button to activate it in 3Commas.

5. Configure Your Signal Settings

Adjust the options for your signal – the bot that will trade it, amount per trade, take profit/stop loss, etc.

Once enabled, the signal will automatically execute trades on your connected 3Commas exchange account(s).

You're all set! Your TradingView strategy is now live and will run automated orders via 3Commas.

Tips for Effective 3Commas TradingView Signals

Here are some tips to optimize your automated trading results with 3Commas and TradingView signals:

  • Start small – Trade small sizes as you validate a new signal to limit risk exposure.
  • Use tight stops – Set tighter stop losses early to protect capital in untested strategies.
  • Diversify signals – Follow multiple uncorrelated signals/assets to smooth out performance.
  • Review regularly – Actively monitor your signals and disable underperformers quickly.
  • Optimize parameters – Continuously improve signal settings like stops, amounts, etc.
  • Stay disciplined – Don't override your system based on emotion. Trust the process.
  • Check transaction costs – Factor in exchange fees so over-trading doesn't eat up profits.

The Risks of Automated Trading With Signals

While TradingView signals offer many benefits, there are also unique risks to keep in mind including:

  • Untested strategies – New signals may look good historically but fail in live .
  • Over-optimization – Curve fit strategies may work for past data but not future.
  • Hidden flaws – Coding errors or logic gaps in strategies can lead to losses.
  • Signal decay – Strategies may work for limited period then degrade over time.
  • Lagging signals – Execution delays can result in slippage and missed entries.
  • Signal errors – Bugs or connection issues could trigger incorrect trades.
  • Provider disappearance – Developers may take signals offline without warning.

Due to these risks, proper management and rigorous monitoring of trading signals is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to use TradingView signals with 3Commas?

To use TradingView signals, you need active paid accounts on both TradingView and 3Commas along with connected exchange accounts on supported 3Commas exchanges.

What exchanges support 3Commas TradingView signals?

3Commas supports TradingView signals on exchanges like Binance, Binance US, Kucoin, Huobi Global, Okex, and HitBTC.

Can I use a free TradingView account for publishing signals?

You need at least a Pro account ($15/month) to publish TradingView signals. The higher tier Premium plan unlocks more customization features.

What is the cost to follow TradingView signals on 3Commas?

Following TradingView signals has no direct cost on 3Commas beyond your standard subscription fees. However, trading fees on your connected exchange account still apply.

What language are TradingView signals coded in?

TradingView uses its own Pine Script language for creating automated trading strategies and indicators.

What prevents signal providers from front running followers?

TradingView has protections against signal manipulation. Providers can only send public signals to followers with no opportunity for front running.

Can I create TradingView signals on 3Commas directly?

No, TradingView signals can only be created and published within the TradingView platform itself. 3Commas just consumes the signals.

How fast are signal trades executed on 3Commas?

Most TradingView signals trigger instant orders on 3Commas within seconds. However, exchange latency can sometimes delay executions slightly.

Can I use TradingView signals as a crypto trading bot?

Yes. When enabled, TradingView signals will automatically and continuously trade your account on 3Commas like an automated trading bot.


TradingView signals provide crypto traders with access to thousands of pre-built automated trading strategies without complex development. Connecting these strategies to 3Commas enables hands-free automated order execution 24/7.

However, prudent risk management is still a requirement for long-term success with any trading signals or bots. No strategy works forever, so active monitoring and optimization is advised. Used properly, TradingView integration makes an excellent addition to any crypto trader's arsenal on 3Commas.

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