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What Are the Best Copy Trading Apps?

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FX Secrets Pro offers the best freeforex signals around. Professional traders around the globe use it on a daily basis. This signal generator also works for small scale traders who don't want to waste their time and money on an indicator-based system. Expert Advisors spot opportunities throughout the day and allow you to trade using profitable forex signals generated by the experts. 

There are a plethora of android apps for Forex Signals available. Before you choose, be certain that they offer a free trial offer. If you are not completely satisfied, you may end up losing more money. As far as the forex signals and analysis go, this forex alerts app has some great features and a very solid trading platform. The free version allows you to see the signals for a one-day only period. 

After the one-day period, if you wish to continue receiving the signals, you must pay for the subscription again. This copy trading platform from Avatrade has been around for quite some time. Avatrade is owned by its founder Charlie Scholes and offers its own trading platform. You can trade from three different positions: Buy, Sell and Currencies. 

The platform itself has a few drawbacks, but other than that, the platform functions smoothly and has been quite reliable for many traders. In order to gain access to thetrading signals and analysis, you need to become a platinum member. The free version allows you to analyze the charts and place trades but not to create a trade. If you wish to create a trade, you need to become a trader with the unlimited version of the app. 

As soon as you become a platinum member, you will be able to use all the features of the platform including its forex alerts. You will also gain access to the tools offered by the platform as a part of the inbuilt tools. Another one of the most popular trading apps in the smartphone market today is the Forex Trading Pro. It is also developed by Avatrade and is available for free on the Android Market. 

This app was specifically designed to help the novices as well as the more experienced traders with the ability to monitor currency pairs and learn more about forex trading. Although the free version does offer the basic information about currency pairs, the paid version offers more detailed information. It also offers the most popular charts used by professional currency traders which are actually slightly modified versions of the same charts used by them. 

Another highly recommended app is the MT4 Forex Trading Robot. This is another android based trading platform that was developed by an expert in the field who is qualified to do so. The MT4 platform is easy to use and is very reliable when it comes to generating the best trading signals. You will be able to get the latest updates by installing the app on your smartphone. 

The currency trading project manager, or simply the PM, is another android-based app that is popular among traders. The trading project manager offers the feature of viewing the current market trends and analyzing the behavior of the market trend. This includes the ability to view the history of the particular currency pair as well as the current and real time quotes. Since this is an android app, it is available for free on the play store.

Another best forex trading software app is the FAP Turbo. This is also a forex trading software platform which can be directly downloaded from the play store. It is actually one of the most user-friendly trading software platforms that can be easily installed in minutes. It provides features such as the backup and restore option, signal generation, signal execution, analysis of the recent trends, and the news section. If you are into forex trading and wish to invest on the platform, the best choice would be the FAP Turbo

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