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Avoid These Three Common Trading Mistakes

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For me, the big question for cryptosport traders was whether or not I needed to learn signals? After all, after months of having an account, I had learned enough to know that I didn't need to keep up on the latest news or economic indicators. It was good enough for me. I did not want to get in over my head and lose money.

But, as I watched some other day traders make a fortune and then watch their accounts disappear the next day, I started to realize that I did need some Forex trading education. I didn't want to start throwing my money around like a piece of paper. I wanted to use a proven trading system that could help me become a consistently profitable trader. 

I also wanted a way to set and forget my orders so that if I lost a bunch of money, I could cut losses and recover without losing a ton of money. So, I started looking into some of the latest trading technology and what I found was quite impressive. First and foremost, it is necessary to have a regulated plan and a fairly simple rulebased approach when day trading. 

As with swing trading or position trading you're not going to invest every single day, and obviously you're not going to make money all day either. So, you want a simple, step by step plan that you can follow to protect your live account balance. Next, you'll want to add an indicator to your trading platform. This would be one of two things, either a etherium indicator or an eh pair like eGreece or eether. 

There are traders who are trading the USD/CHF pair as well as the EUR/CHF pair and it's a popular indicator in that area, but since most traders aren't trading the pair this shouldn't really be necessary. One other thing you may wish to consider is market psychology. There are two schools of thought on this, the first being that all market participants are spooked by price movement. 

This means that they are constantly looking for signs that a trend will reverse out of their favor, and they'll sell once they see it. The other school of thought is that market psychology is something that happens over time, that when you trade against an overbought or oversold asset you'll have enough time to recover before the asset retraces and that you'll still end up ahead. 

There are people who profit from these theories, however I believe that the vast majority of traders would be much better off staying away from this psychological approach and focusing instead on a reliable technical analysis. Finally, you'll need some trading signals. The problem with signals is that they are oftentimes useless in certain situations. 

For instance, some traders will use these signals to “get in early” or “get out late”. In other words, they're employed to exploit behavior and take advantage of it. I don't think this is a good strategy for beginners advanced traders and I'd advise anyone to avoid signals if at all possible. This is because the market will always move in some fashion and signals can be completely worthless in a trending environment.

Another trading strategy you want to avoid is the purchase of large chunks of one or several cryptos currencies. It's not a bad idea to play around with a few of them, but never to put all your eggs in one basket. Many good day traders will simply use multiple trading accounts to achieve decent profits. The reason is that you can analyze multiple currencies over time and make educated trades based on the varying trends. 

For instance, if you find a strong buy signal in the EUR/USD pair but the rest of the market is flat, your best move will likely be to short the EUR and take profit while the rest of the market continues to trend up. Of course there is much more to choosing good day trading strategies than just avoiding trading signals. A good strategy should help you identify profitable trends and exploit them. 

But if you're looking to pick up a couple of coins quickly, you may find that some of the more obscure trendreversal strategies are best. And when looking for a good strategy, you'll also want one that offers a tested track record. Look for traders with hundreds of successful trades under their belt and you should be able to find one that has a high success rate

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